Twin Headboard & Footboard Makeover

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Give your old bed a fun new look like this twin headboard footboard makeover with a gorgeous furniture transfer!

Hello friends!

I’ve got a brand new makeover for you today. This twin headboard/footboard makeover.
I’ve had it for quite some time and think I paid $10 for it.

Isn’t it amazing how a little paint and a pretty furniture transfer can change do?!

Twin Headboard & Footboard Makeover

bed frame before

Here is how it started.
You can find these all day long at the thrift stores, by the way.

I began by cleaning it up well and lightly sanding it.
Then I gave it two coats of Casement.
You can find that in my shop, right here >>> Artsy Chicks Rule Shop

Next, I pulled out a furniture transfer I bought a long time back. I don’t actually have this one in my shop because it’s out of stock.
But I do have some other really pretty ones right now. I hope to be able to get this one in the shop for you soon.
In the meantime, check out this section of my shop to see other decor transfers >>> Decor Transfers

These large transfers come in pieces like this. I started by laying them out to see what the best arrangement would be for this headboard.
I had it all planned out and then…

messed up floral transfer

Oops. I pulled the white back off and moved the transfer. It rolled up on itself and pulled the transfer with it!
Dang!  (see that blank spot above and the flower to the left?)

Here it is the other way. You can see the flower that is supposed to be in that blank section on the right side there underneath.

transfer with flowers missing

So back to square one.

I had a bit of a time trying to make it work and look good … and fit right with that other piece now gone.

laying out transfers to attach

But I managed to make it work by cutting up several pieces.

cutout pieces of transfer on headboard

pieces of furniture transfer on headboard

Once I put these pieces together, I had to add some script in that blank area above the flowers.

furniture transfer laying on bed

furniture transfer with transfer stick

I did something similar on the footboard.

applying the transfer to the footboard

I cut out extra pieces for the sides from the leftovers that I cut for the headboard.

Once they were done, I gave the whole thing one coat of >>> this matte topcoat.

bed set with floral transfer on both against white wall

I am just thrilled with how it turned out.

It was a bit of a challenge to get it to work out since I lost that one piece but I managed to do it!

white headboard with gold mirror on wall

How sweet is this transfer? (it’s called Rose Celebration)

I hadn’t planned to put anything on the footboard but so glad I did.

white footboard with rose colored flowers

It really it just the right touch.

white twin headboard and footboard with white wall and gold mirror

Up close.

up close of floral furniture transfer

side view of twin headboard and footboard

colorful flower white headboard and footboard

Are you loving these decor transfers too?
They sure do make things fun!

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Give your old bed a fun new look like this twin headboard footboard makeover and gorgeous furniture transfer!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed fall weekend! I’ll see you back here next week with this!

UPDATE!! See it now here!!



  1. Oh Nancy, this is amazing! You had some hiccups and still made this stunning! I love it!
    Thanks and you have a wonderful and blessed fall weekend also!! (Give Ryder some lovins for me!)

  2. I used this same transfer on a single bed as well! Mine came out gorgeous too!
    I hope your online shop is blooming!

  3. Thank you for showing us that you can have a mishap or make a mistake and it’s not the end of the world! It makes me more confident to blaze on and try my ideas. And, y the way, this bed is gorgeous!

  4. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I never would have noticed, Nancy. It looks marvelous! Adding that little touch on the footboard makes it look complete. I have a similar bed that’s been crying out for a makeover – this might be the look 😊

  5. Soooooo pretty. I see a young girl just Loving 🥰 this bed. It won’t be in your shop very long. You did it yet again. Keep inspiring us.

  6. Hi Nan y! Rose Celebration is one of my all time favorites. Anything I have used it on sold very quickly. I still have 1 in my stash just waiting for the perfect piece. It came out beautiful.

  7. This is just the cutest thing! I could see this in a little girl’s room, a feminine guest room or at your beach place. Just adorable!

  8. That is just gorgeous. I have done transfers before and (yes you have to be very slow at taking the paper off.) I have never seen one this big and beautiful. I you rocked it even after the oops. Great job. Love it.

  9. Adorable! I love the rose transfer. Perfect look! The white makes the transfer pop and gives this sad piece a beautiful update! So pretty and would look fabulous in any decor! Thanks for sharing. BTW I stopped by your shop today and you have some lovely pieces and a nice variety. I look forward to visiting again soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Can you imagine a teenager who wants a beautiful bedroom makeover, Makes we almost wish I have my daughter as a teenager again: Almost! Or Option B, No husband so I could make this my own! Nah, he wouldn’t care if our bed looked like this or was just a mattress on the floor. He’s that kind of a guy. As long as I am their next to him, he is happy! Found me a good one; this time. LOL
    But it has given me some ideas for the bed I do have!
    You guys keep making me more projects. Truly a beautiful transformation! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Nancy, I absolutely love this bed. It would be perfect in a little girl’s room. It is so fresh and new.. You did an amazing job!

  12. Just adorable! What are you planning to use the bed for? It would be darling for a little girl. My mom did something similar, but with oil paint when I was very little.

  13. This is amazing. I love how you fixed your oops, can’t even tell. I love your makeovers and am so glad I found you online. I have a headboard to make over, this may work. as it has 4 arched panels w/caning in them. I was going to put drop cloth inserts in each, but maybe I can put a decal on the tops of the arches….HMMM

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Kris! I am so glad you are here. :) And yes, that sounds like it would be really pretty! xo

  14. Nancy,
    I think this is the most beautiful makeover of any headboard/footboard I’ve seen. It is stunning.I’d love to have that in my guest room, or would love it for myself! What a wonderful job you have done!

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