Thrifty Butterfly Tray Makeover

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This thrifty makeover was so fun and SO easy! (and quick too!) Decor Transfers make it simple!

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a party and celebrated our son’s recent graduation from college. He graduated from Randolph Macon College in Ashland, VA. Such a great school!
So it was a very fun weekend with family and friends. Love this time of year when can all gather together and enjoy these amazing temps outside.

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Today I am sharing the first one from my latest little haul.

thrift store finds before

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This tray…

brown tray before

Not my style but no worries, it soon will be! ;)

I lightly sanded the whole thing and then cleaned it up with some TSP Alternative.
Then I used a Satin finish white spray paint, several thin coats.

Once it was dry (I let it sit for a day or so) I applied this sweet butterfly transfer.

Rubbing the transfer to transfer to the tray

I pulled this one from my store. I just adore it! It can be used as one large design or you can use it for smaller ones like I did here.


decor transfer on white tray

After I finished attaching the Butterfly Dance Decor Transfer, I sprayed it with the Triple Thick Glaze finish. I did two coats, drying in between.

And that’s it!! DONE!

finished white tray with butterflies

I love all the colors in this one. So pretty!

white tray with colorful butterflies

white tray with butterflies on wood dresser

Lots of things you could use a pretty tray like this. So sweet.

Perfect for someone who loves butterflies!

butterflies on white tray on dresser top view

And it was SO simple to do.

What a difference, huh?

PIN it to save it!!

This thrifty makeover was so fun and SO easy! (and quick too!) Decor Transfers make it simple!

If you haven’t used decor transfers yet, hop on over to my shop to see some of them.
You can find them, here.
I’ll be adding some new ones to the shop soon! Lots of pretty new designs are coming out.

Oh! And I’ll be sharing this one next!

UPDATE!! It’s a cutie now!! See it here!

I hope you have a wonderful week!



  1. That is very cool. Who doesn’t love butterflies! When we first bought our ten acres in the tress the monarchs would come through in the spring and they were so thick you dare not open your! Sadly those no longer come directly across our path and I really miss them. Seeing your tray reminded me of a great memory and that is true art.

      1. Aww, haha, no worries! And wow, 10 acres, I could only dream of that! But so sad the butterflies are gone. :( I would miss them too!! I’m so very glad my little tray invoked such a wonderful memory for you though! xo

  2. Hi Nancy! You can’t go wrong with butterflies!! I have this transfer so whenever I want to add a butterfly I have one. Maybe I will just make a butterfly tray too. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Oh, that’s perfect! Isn’t this transfer the best? There are SO many beautiful butterflies. Can do many projects with it! Happy weekend to you, Cheryl! xo

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