Flatware Box Update

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This flatware box update is made beautiful with paint, a gold transfer, and pretty peel-and-stick wallpaper! 

Hello friends!

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I am sharing a brand-new one today. One of the ones from my most recent thrift-shopping adventure! You can see that in this post here if you missed it.

This was a really fun one using paint, a transfer, and peel & stick wallpaper. That’s a combo, huh?? ha!

Flatware Box Update

Here is is “before”

flatware box before inside and out

Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to get the insides out of this one! They are usually a bear.

inside wood flatware box

Came right out!

I did have to do a bit of scraping to get all the cardboard out though.

inside flatware box

Once that was done, I cleaned it up and applied one coat of Ultra Grip to the inside. I just wanted to give the peel & stick wallpaper a little extra grip.


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And I fixed this little corner where it looked like something had chewed. Eek!

wood filler to fill scratches

I lightly sanded over the whole thing to smooth it out a bit.

Then I used one of our newer colors, Cambridge, to paint the outside (and the sides of the inside).

small jar cambridge paint

It’s a very sophisticated dark blue shade!

I had this gold transfer left over from this project and decided to use it.

gold transfer on blue box

But I didn’t like how close together it was so I cut it in two. (I also cut those two sides out where there were some random words)

That’s better!

gold transfer cut in two on box and puppy feet

See those feet there?? lol

The gold looks just amazing on this Cambridge blue color.

gold transfer halfway applied on blue box

Once I had the transfer on the top, I measured to cut the peel-and-stick wallpaper.

measuring inside of box

I used my cutting mat to do this so the edges would be perfectly straight.

using cutting mat to cut paper

pretty peel and stick wallpaper in side box

Lastly, I decided to use one of the sides I cut out of the transfer. It had two words on it.

small gold transfer piece

I cut them in two and used them as a little surprise on the inside.

soap inside box with small gold word on inside rim

gold word on inside back

Fun, fun!

I covered the inside (sides only) and the outside with one coat of Tough Coat Top Coat.

And done!

gold mirror on wall with blue flatware box, pink flowers and gold colored perfumes

Isn’t that a beautiful blue shade?

blue flatware box with gold design on top

I just love it especially so with the gold.

I adore the pretty peel-and-stick wallpaper too! I purchased it a while back only because I thought it was so pretty. Had no plans for it! But knew I’d find some. haha! Love it in the box.

blue flatware box with floral paper inside

Just like the front of the box says….perfume…

half of the box view with perfumes

…and soap!

inside box with bars of soap

So lovely.

top of blue box with gold design on top

front view of open box with soaps inside

A fun little touch of gold inside.

up close side view

side view on dresser with perfumes and pink flowers

top view blue flatware box

These old flatware boxes are so great for updating/repurposing. So many things you can do with them.
This one would be so pretty in a bathroom to hold soaps or other small toiletries for guests, etc.
I love the shape of this one too.

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This flatware box update is made beautiful with paint, a gold transfer, and pretty peel-and-stick wallpaper!  artsychicksrule.com

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  1. Hello Miss Nancy, This silverware box transformation is absolutely the loveliest item I have seen in a very long time. The blue is just too beautiful. I purchased the elderberry you used on a cabinet and now I’m going to order this wonderful blue. I have two china cabinets to paint. I have been trying to find a shade of navy I like but I might just have to use this new blue. I must paint something with for sure. Fantastic job young lady. Always look forward to Tuesday and Thursdays to see what you and Christy James have to share with us. You both are awesome.

    1. Hi Sue! Wow, thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you to say! And oh yes, Elderberry, it’s a gorgeous shade. Can’t go wrong with that one! This Cambridge is a very elegant, “grown up” blue. I just love it and think it would be amazing on a larger piece. So many beautiful colors, never enough time (or furniture) in a day! ;) xoxo

  2. I always love whatever you do, Nancy, but this flatware box has to be the nicest one of them all! Love that transfer too. Wow, oh wow!

  3. Oh so beautiful! I would display the box under a similar mirror and I bet both would sell. Those boxes look so beautiful after you get done with them.

    Another GRAND SLAM!

  4. I love seeing these old boxes get repurposed and this one is just lovely, Nancy! That is a fabulous blue and the gold is striking as an accent. I especially like the little touch of gold on the inside, against the floral.

    1. Thank you, Marcie, you and me both! I found a really cool one today that has a drawer on the bottom. Can’t wait to get to it! And yes, I think that little touch of gold is actually my favorite part. xoxo

  5. You are Right !!
    That Cambridge blue is gorgeous. It would be stunning on a larger piece for sure.
    And adding the gold leaf makes it so elegant.
    The shape of that box is sweet, and the surpise paper inside is so happy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Nancy! I’m trying to catch up on my emails. I am a little behind. I love upcycling silverware boxes. Yours. Ame out beautiful!

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