Coastal Dining Room Reveal

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A room that has been transformed more than once, finally landing on this coastal dining room design!

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

Okay, before we get started on this post, let me just say THANK YOU again for being so awesome! Love you all!!
My 6 year giveaway contest was a hit and I’m so thrilled to announce the winner…Karen P!! Congrats to you.  (she’s already been notified and the package is on it’s way!) This was so much fun that I think I’m going to have to do it more often….so stay tuned!
I have plans to give something completely different away next time (decor item) and I may even start doing giveaways on some of the things I create for the blog here. That would be fun, what do you think?


Alright, I should be sharing holiday decor and ideas but instead I’m wrapping up our home remodel instead!
We’re trying so hard to get these finished up so I can share them all with you (and so we don’t lose our minds completely! haha) and so we can prepare for the holiday season that is upon us. (we are hosting Christmas dinner at our house this year)

So today it’s all about our coastal dining room. I’m so excited to share this room with you guys today.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

Coastal Dining Room Reveal

I can not tell you how thrilled I am to have such a large table to host guests. SO thrilled!

We haven’t bought a dining room table since 1997. That one just kept getting makeovers and makeovers.
But it was time to let it go. So we did! lol

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

(that DIY centerpiece can be found, HERE)

This room is PERFECT for a dining room. It’s large and was mostly wasted space as a study.
You can see it as a study, HERE.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

As a matter of fact, even though this room was meant to be a formal living room…..

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

(this was on our walk-through before we bought our house, the previous owners used it as a formal living room…we never did)

We made it a dining room when we first moved here….. (this photo is literally right after moving in)

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

That door leaning there is the door you saw as you walked into the foyer from the front door.
There was a DOOR in the small opening from the foyer to the kitchen… just imagine that.
We both thought that was so odd and so confining….we knew it was coming off first thing!

For visual…I’m speaking of this doorway here… (old photo, old paint, etc)

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

And later…still a dining room (with new paint…in my maroon and gold phase)

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

And then turned it into a study and moved our dining room….to the dining room.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

The study also evolved as my style changed…..

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

The “dining room” is now the “morning room“.
And the old “formal living room/study/dining room” is now a dining room again.

Did I lose you there? haha I know, I’ve changed it a lot!
But we have been in this house going on 15 years.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

My pretty Aubusson Blue dresser stayed through a lot of it though!

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

You can find the mirror, HERE.

Now I can seat 8 and really 10 if I squeeze ’em in!  And by the way, I’m not really loving the puddled curtains on the floor.
I hemmed the ones I have in the family room, the same as these, and thought I’d just let these be. Well, I’m thinking they will get hemmed because they are kind of driving me crazy.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

You might notice that the table has extensions on each end.
Let me tell you the story about that. ;)
I had been eyeing this table at Pier One. But then found out that this larger table was clearance priced in the store (they were trying to make room for summer items at the time). So I snatched it up for almost half the price of the smaller table I had been eyeing. $400…sold!!
It’s a solid, well-built, beautiful table that looks like it was at least double that, if not more.

I hadn’t planned to use it with the extensions but my husband and I both loved the larger table WITH them, so keep them in all the time.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember me asking in one of my stories what you guys thought about this wood (of the table) with the wood on my floors.
I can’t remember the exact stats now, but a lot of you said “no”, it doesn’t match. I kind of wasn’t so sure either.
But when that table went on clearance, I said, what the heck, I’m going for it!
So glad I did.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

The chairs are also from Pier One and can be found HERE. (I got them on sale, and they are as I type this too)

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

That pretty rug came from HERE. I thought it looked perfect in my coastal dining room with my blue dresser.

Oh, and you can read all about those pretty wood floors, HERE.

And let’s keep it real.
My newly revealed coastal dining room….and the mess, or some of it you can see. lol

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

My foyer is full of things (and so is the morning room) that I had to move out of here so I could take these photos.
We are still “under construction” on the last few things so it’s all getting cleared out soon!

You’ll notice I have my Chalk Painted secretary over there in the corner. I’m keeping that there.
I emptied out all the “stuff” I had in it because it was mostly just storage (and junk!) So now I’m using it for real.
Organized and have things I use pretty regularly in it. It’s so handy, love it!
I do plan to put something on the wall over top of it, some artwork or something. Not sure what just yet.
To the left of the opening, on the blank wall by the blue dresser, we are making a coat rack to hang up there. I sold our old hall tree that used to be where the secretary is so we need a place for guests to hang coats, bags, purses, etc.

And yes, I did take down my “verdigris” chandelier.
I did have the electrician put it up here when we had them come out and wire this ceiling for a light fixture. (there was none previously)
But I was not really loving it with everything else, it looked “heavy” AND it blocked the bookcases which I didn’t like.
This fixture is open and airy and you can see through it so it looks much nicer to me.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

If you like it, you can find the chandelier, HERE.

I love it. hee hee

But do you see what I mean about it being less fussy…and how it doesn’t block what’s behind it?

However, I did have to tweak it.
This is what the finish looked like when I got it. Um, a little too rustic for my tastes and my glam coastal style.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

So I pulled out my Gilder’s Paste wax and rubbed a bit on and…..

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

…voila!!! Magic, I tell ya.

I found these small rods, HERE. These little cafe rods are hard to find so I thought I’d share where I found them here.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

I sprayed them gold because they came only in bronze.
The curtains are HERE and I talked about them in this post here. (<<<—read that if you are thinking of buying!)

And I decided to put this DIY Gather sign back up in the dining room. I thought this was the perfect space for it especially since the old, long curtain rod that used to go across there, was now gone.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

And now you see why I needed to change the color of these baskets….. to match the new chairs.
I love how just dry brushing on some colors really changed them without covering up all the variations, etc.
You can find out more about them, HERE.

I also added a bit more greenery on the built-ins.

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

I think it’s the best yet! Definitely better than my earlier renditions.
I’m thrilled to have a large space to entertain and host dinners, too.

The next time you’ll see this room, it will be all decorated up for the holidays! And it may even have a tree in here somewhere.
I’m getting started on all of that this week.

PLUS, the kitchen reveal is soon, next week, I think! Stay tuned.
Then we are back to business as usual around here. Yippee! (that is until we get back to the DIYing after the holidays and get back to our master closet/bath reno …. )

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Coastal Dining Room REVEAL!!! - #coastaldecor #coastalstyle #coastaldiningroom #golddecor

Here are a few of the items I linked above all in one place, if you are interested in or want more info on any of them!

I’ll see you back here on Thursday with a few things I’ve found for your Black Friday shopping!
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!


  1. Way to mix it up beautifully Nancy! I adore your dining room and how you let it be what you need it to be at any given time. The table is beautiful and the rug really pulls things together. Way to go!!!
    By the way, I never did get the idea of “puddling” curtains. :)

    1. Thank you Christina! :) Yes on the puddling curtains! I do like them when I see them in photos of other homes but I just can’t seem to feel the same about them in my own. ;) xo

  2. What a wonderful transformation! Everything is so lovely and so very well thought out! Great job and an inspiration for me and others! Thanks so much for sharing all the before pictures!

  3. Nancy, your home is beautiful! I am glad to see you like the Pier 1 table because I have been looking at it for a long time. Did you get the natural stonewash or gray? I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations and more painted furniture. Love your blog! I hope Karen P. enjoys the gift box! I really wanted it! Maybe next giveaway!

    1. Thank you so much Cecilia! :) Oh yes, it’s a beauty, you will love it! I got the Stonewash. Karen was thrilled to receive it and a big yes to more giveaways!! I plan to do more! :) xo

    1. Thank you Lizzy!! I am so glad that everyone is describing it as light and/or airy! That is exactly the feel I was going for. :) And hee hee, yes, I am loving all those things too! ;) xoxo

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Your dining room and morning room are totally gorgeous and flow through so beautifully! You are doing an amazing job, I love getting your updates.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you so much Heather! :) I appreciate your kind comments more than you know! It’s been quite an undertaking but it was so worth it. So happy to be wrapping it all up finally! xo

  5. Such a pretty room! I don’t think it matters at all that the floor and table don’t match, the rug breaks up the space anyway, so they aren’t right next to each other, and even better, a $400 table! I have been eyeing the desk from Pier One online in the same collection, in the natural finish, but they don’t have it in stock so I would have to order it. Can you tell me more about the finish, is it more of a raw wood look or does it have a clear coat? I wish I could find one on clearance in the store like you did! Funny how we are more flexible on things when the price is right, but when we are paying more we stress over every little detail, or at least I do! I love the trestle urn style legs on this table, so unique.

    1. Thanks Vicki!! And yes, exactly!! I had planned a rug and had hoped it would do just that! :) And you are so right, I could NOT pass that up at that price. The desk is gorgeous! I have eyed it more than once in one of our local stores. The finish is not raw looking. It is, I suppose, a bit rustic because of the variation in color, but the wood is smooth and finished with a clear coat on it. And haha, that is so true!! Definitely stress over the pricier items, for sure! ;) Hope you have a wonderful holiday and weekend! xo

  6. I tried to find your dining room rug, but Boutique Rugs has over 7000 blue rugs! Can you please give me any more info you have? I’ve been searching for the right rug for several years! I think that might be THE one!
    Wish I’d found you sooner!
    A million thanks,

    1. I’m sorry, Sally, I don’t think they have this rug anymore. Here is the info I do have… Ephesians EPC-2330 Area Rug, good luck! :)

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