12 Off White Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

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12 beautiful off white painted furniture makeovers plus a few of my favorite soft white furniture to buy!

Hello sweet friends! I have been going through old posts and “cleaning house” for the new year. I came across this post that I never finished. OOPS!
It was part of my “Color Series” I did a couple of years ago. I figured I’d go ahead and finish it up, send it on out, and add it to the list with those. (scroll all the way down for all the other colorways!)

I’ve really been loving more of an off white, soft white lately. There’s just a richness to it that I love. I don’t really use bright, bright white as often these days. It still has its place but just enjoying a softer side of white right now.

I hope you enjoy seeing these beauties! Some from my friends, some of mine, and a few I found online.


Off White Painted Furniture Makeover Ideas

off white dresser with artwork above

This dresser is a beauty in its beautiful off white shade.
Get all the details, here.

small night stand with book on top

I love the antiquing glaze Wendi used on this one!
Get all the details, here.

off white secretary with aqua interior

This is just gorgeous. And the perfect compromise if you don’t want to go bright white.
Get all the details, here.

off white bench with two pillows

Love this off white shade. And SO simple to paint…she sprayed it on, perfect!
Get all the details, here.

off white dresser with blue bottles on top

This one has a beautiful, understated off white shade in “buff”.
Get all the details, here.

A few of my favorite off white painted furniture makeovers…

off white table with blue and white tile on top

One of my latest makeovers is this beautiful blue and white tile table. I love the softness the off white shade of Cashmere gives it.
Get all the details, here.

soft white table with taupe top

This is an oldie but it was a fun one! Looks quite different than how it began.
Get all the details, here.

side table with wood stain on top and painted off white on base

A lovely shade, Cobblestone, for this one. The wood areas got a brand new look too.
Get all the details, here.

off white vintage rocker

This one truly needed an off white shade (Casement and Pebble) to compliment the vintage look!
Get all the details, here.

A few inspiring off white furniture pieces (ready to buy, no painting required! ;) )…

off white french country cabinet with gold legs

This beautiful French country piece is so elegant with the soft white and gold accents.
Find it here.

off white night stand with scroll pattern on front

How pretty is this one with that design in front?? Love it! (also comes in a larger, 3 drawer size)
Find it here.

off white bench

Pretty wood and soft, off white bench at Target!
Find it here.

Here are a few of my OFF WHITE paint picks:

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pretty makeovers and fun off white furniture finds.

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12 beautiful off white painted furniture makeovers plus a few of my favorite soft white furniture to buy! artsychicksrule

Want to see even more?

If you missed any of the other colors in the “color series” you can see them here:

Have a wonderful week!



  1. I absolutely love the off white- fantastic job on all of your furniture. Great inspirational piece. Thank you so much.

  2. I’m definitely a soft/off white girl. Pure bright white is just too harsh for my style that I would describe as vintage/rustic/traditional. We built a home a few years ago and I agonized so much over the perfect soft white for trim, doors, and kitchen cabinets that didn’t look too bright but also not yellow in certain lighting. I ended up with SW Greek Villa, but Alabaster was also a contender. I think softer whites work so well when you have a lot of stained wood elements and antique items in your home. These are lovely examples you shared, and I adore the little tiled table you shared recently! It hadn’t occurred to me to use different shapes of tiles to fill in smaller gaps instead of cutting tiles. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I do love a good, crisp white but so understand what you are saying! The soft whites get me too! I don’t know SW Greek Villa, will have to check that one out. I agree, wood is typically warm in nature so I too think a warmer white would work better. I bet it is lovely! And yes on the tile, I will do anything to not have to cut it!! haha!! Happy Wednesday to you! xo

  3. ❤️👍❤️Inspirational; Fearless. I often don’t feel like I have the energy to tackle a project. 🙃

    1. Love white, it just is so classic! I think I paint most of mine in the range of whites too! I do try to venture out with color to shake it up a little though! lol But I prefer the whites and neutrals these days. xo

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