Flatware & Jewelry Box Makeovers

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Simple ideas and inspirations for old flatware or jewelry box makeovers! 

Simple ideas and inspirations for old flatware or jewelry box makeovers! artsychicksrule.com

Hello friends!

Since I am giving one away this month and I have done a bunch of these flatware and jewelry box makeovers, I thought I’d round them up into one post.
Easy to find and see all at once.

Old flatware boxes and jewelry boxes are abundant at thrift stores. (might be why I’ve made so many over! ;) ) And they are so much fun to recreate.
They also make the perfect gift once personalized or made over.

So, I hope these will help give you some inspiration for the next time you see one on your thrift store shelf! Or maybe even an old one that you already own.

Flatware & Jewelry Box Makeovers

I’m going to include a few other boxes that may not fall under “flatware or jewelry” but they are boxes so I thought it’d be fun to include them here.

Cigar Box

white box with French writing

This one is an OLDIE! Hop on over and see more here >>> Cigar Box with Waterslide Decal

Flatware Box

white box with French writing and blue vase

I always loved this one (and still have it)… see more about it here >>> French Paris Box

Flatware Box

blue box with seashells and beach quote

Another one I love! Kept it too. (gave it to my husband to keep his things in)
You can see more about this one here >>> Robin’s Egg Blue Beach Box

Jewelry Box

white box with rainbow and writing quote

I turned this old jewelry box into a “writing box” that holds note cards and pens, etc.
See more here >>> Jewelry Box Repurposed Into Writing Box

Flatware Box

blue box with pink flowers and Paris graphics

Remember this one?? Another French-style flatware box makeover.
See the rest of this makeover here >>> Flatware Box Turned Keepsake Box

Wine Box

white wine box with French fabric

This was a wine bottle box but I changed it up.
See how it looked before here >>> Wine Box Repurposed

Mini Chest

aged white box with pink and green florals

I created a vintage look on this one with that pretty transfer and aged look.
See the whole makeover here >>> Mini Treasure Chest Makeover

Jewelry Box

teal tissue paper covered box with pink flowers in vase

I love adding tissue paper to old jewelry boxes like this one. It really gives them a completely new look!
See more here >>> Decoupage With Tissue Paper Makeover

Flatware Box

butterflies and wildflowers fabric inside box

This “springy” flatware box is so much fun.
Hop on over to see what transfers I put on the top here >>> $4 Flatware Box Makeover For Spring

Decorative Box

purple box that says welcome

I turned this thrifted decorative box into a “guest room” box.
See more here >>> Guest Room Welcome Box

Keepsake Box

colorful Paris fabric covering box with black lid

A little decoupage with fabric on this one. What a difference!
See the full tutorial here >>> Decoupage with Fabric Paris Box

Keepsake Box

whitewashed wood with glass insets etched with quotes

I shared how to etch glass on this thrifted keepsake box.
Get the full tutorial here >>> How To Etch Glass

Keepsake Box

white keepsake box with floral transfers

And my most recent…and maybe my absolute favorite of the bunch.
Get all the details on the pretty transfers I used here >>> Treasures Box with Transfers

Jewelry Box

bird decoupage paper over jewelry box

And lastly, the “bird box” which is our current June giveaway. Missed that? Check it out here.
Get all the details on this makeover here >>> Bird Paper Jewelry Box Makeover

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these boxes again! (or maybe some for the first time)
Lots of ideas for making over those old boxes you may come across in the future.

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Simple ideas and inspirations for old flatware or jewelry box makeovers! artsychicksrule.com

I’ll be back next week with more from my latest haul! (and a little something for summer :) )



  1. Gosh, Nancy…..I LOVE all these boxes! Thank you for putting them all together. You really are quite creative and such an inspiration with your projects. Thank you for the opportunity to win that gorgeous bird box. Just stunning!

  2. Nancy, I love this compilation of boxes! I think my favorite is the jewelry box to writing box. So many beauties.

    1. LOVE these boxes! All of them are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I am going to have to go hunting for some to do myself!

    2. You are the box lady! Love them all and especially the etched glass one. Have a great weekend!

  3. Why are boxes so much fun? Maybe because they’re small enough to try out new techniques. Or because they’re a fast project (usually!). And, of course, because they can be used for so many things. So many to love, although the birds may be my all-time favorite.

  4. Hey! Beautiful boxes! Ever think of doing a Christmas box? It’s hot so I’m thinking of Winter already haha!

  5. Dang! You must really love doing those boxes! Do you actually sell these well? I’m not fond of all of them but for sure the majority, especially the floral ones! Nice job and I hope I have that much patience when I start on some of the projects I have!

  6. I cannot believe all the ingenuity and creativeness in one place!!! Good grief these boxes are showstoppers! I love them ALL.

  7. Thank you for sharing all the different styles of boxes. I will have to take the time to watch all the how to instructions. Your bird box reminds me of my mother. She loved birds. It was also the first show of yours that I watched. I’m a new year to your channel. I find your teaching style very easy to watch and learn from. Looking toward a long term relationship in learning techniques from you.
    Thank you

  8. You have such beautiful transfers. Where do you get them? I have a few boxes to makeover and would like to use something like you use.
    thanks for your inspiration. Such beautiful projects.

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