Treasures Box (with transfers)

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This sweet treasures box is made even sweeter with pretty furniture transfers. So simple to add such beauty!

This sweet treasures box is made even sweeter with pretty furniture transfers. So simple to add such beauty!

Hello friends! I have a super fun project to share today. It’s definitely one of those “transformation” projects. Which is just perfect for Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday, right?!

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Treasures Box (with furniture transfers)

gold mirror, on dresser with white keepsake box

Here is how this one began…

before photo of thrifted treasures box

I tend to find lots of old trays and these boxes that have that darker Tuscan-ish style finish.
I like to take them and brighten them up and make them happy.

I think I made this one very happy.

Yes, yes, it’s definitely a happy box now.

white treasures box with rose floral pattern on front with gold mirror behind

Don’t you think so?

sideview of white treasures box with bird and branch

I got my crafty craft on with this one and it was so enjoyable. I had a lot of fun transforming this one and playing with these furniture transfers.
I just LOVE transfers. They really add so much beauty to everything you put them on.

But let’s begin with the paint.

I used this paint…

holding can of white colorshot sugarcoat spray paint

They sent me some paint a while back and I finally gave it a try. I really liked it!
You can find it at The Home Depot.

So that was the base for this project.
Once that was dry I started applying all of my furniture transfers.

I pieced them together from multiple transfer sets. And even used some small leftover pieces from other projects.
I’ll link everything below…


Edited…I forgot to add this photo…

sideview with holes where handles were filled with wood filler

…to show what I did with the side broken handles. (both sides were missing) I simply removed them and filled the holes with wood filler.
It’s like they were never there! And they didn’t really need to be.

pink floral furniture transfer

I cut out and used the pink rose area from this transfer for the front of the box…

attaching the pink rose transfer to the white box

I gently bent the plastic with the transfer attached to transfer around the corners, etc. (as seen above at the bottom)

You can see below that I even applied the transfer over the metal hardware as it would naturally lay also.

showing the attached pink rose transfer over raised areas and bends in box

These transfers are so very thin they work perfectly like this.

Then I used this small section from the same transfer.

attaching the top piece of the transfer to box

I cut some of it out to fit.

photo showing second transfer attached above flowers

SO easy but wow, what an effect.

And how fun to bunch these all up on one project?
But wait, there’s more! ;)

Remember the rose tray (<< see it here) I did recently?

scroll frame piece cut in sections

Well, this scrolly “frame” and wording above were a part of it.
I saved it well, l because I save all the things. haha
And so glad too because it’s perfect for this treasures box.

But this was all I had. (Plus a few small pieces of the frame section)

scrolled transfer attached to the top of the white box

So I fudged it and placed a small piece of frame transfer to fill in that gap on the left.
It’s not a perfect fit/match but hey, it works just fine for me!

filling in the scroll transfer that was blank with a small extra piece

Then I had that big white gap without any lettering to deal with. Boo.
If I had thought that out a little better, I’d have cut and separated the lines of text and spread them out.

But I didn’t.

So, I pulled out pieces from another transfer set. (they are all linked above in the “materials box”)
And I used this part for the big white blank area.

filling in a blank white area of the top transfer with small lettering

So much better!

the finished top with all pieces in place

Then I was on a roll and decided to add some bling to the sides too.

These are from the same set number #2.

the side with bird in flight and branch with small pine conesssssss


the other side with butterfly and branch with small pine cones

That is all. I decided that was enough and I was very happy with it.
I sealed it up with a quick coat of matte poly and done!

Oh, not done. I forgot about the inside.
It was in great shape just dust and stuff inside. I pulled out a lint roller, ripped off a few sheets, and got it all out.

showing the red color felt interior with lint paper to remove dust

These are so great for this.

red felt interior all cleaned

finished white keepsake box with butterfly and branch

up close of white painted hardware on box

I really like the spray paint and look forward to trying it on something else soon.

close up of front of white box with pretty floral transfer on front

I just love how this one turned out.

front shot of rose and leaf transfer

Oh and for the transfers that are wide like this rose one, I just simply wrapped that transfer right around the sides.

sideview of bird and branch on white box

There’s a little surprise everywhere you look.

whitewashed dresser with white keepsake box and gold mirror

Whatcha think? Do you love these furniture transfers too?
Have you tried any of them yet?

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This sweet treasures box is made even sweeter with pretty furniture transfers. So simple to add such beauty!

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This sweet treasures box is made even sweeter with pretty furniture transfers. So simple to add such beauty!

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Are you ready to get busy with some pretty furniture transfers??
I love them!
I’ll see you all back here on Thursday with a makeover I did for the beach condo. See you then!

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  1. Nancy this is a joyful little box!!! Beautiful job!! How did you get those “nubbies” off the side? Love how you placed all the transfer pieces! Again, beautiful transformation!!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Christina!! And oops!! I forgot that photo. I have edited. I took them off and filled the holes with wood filler. Like they were never there! :) xo

  2. That transformed box is absolutely stunning. Wow. I think it is one of the prettiest I have ever seen, Nancy. It gorgeous! And it will hold so much, too.

    Very well done. I cannot believe it is the same box!

  3. So pretty! I need two of those please!! (one for each granddaughter :) ) Well, maybe three…so I can keep one too…

  4. Very elegant! Is that paint glossy? It looks like the latch has a shine but the box does not. Love the look:) How did you fill the holes where the things were on the sides? I can’t even tell anything was there! I love that transfer and have used it on several pieces too; thanks for the tips for piecing the transfers.

    1. Thanks! Well, it has a bit of shine but I wouldn’t say very. And yes, I forgot that photo (I’ve edited the post to include it), I removed them and filled the holes with wood filler. Yep, like they were never there! :) xoxo

  5. Ohmygosh, Nancy, this is the happiest, prettiest box ever! And the way you pieced those transfers together is just perfect. I’ve never used transfers before but I’m certainly planning to. I bought one a year or so ago to use on my mailbox but it turned out to be huge … I think I’m going to have to find a house to refinish in order to use it! Meanwhile, I have a couple of ideas … ;)

  6. Nancy, Love it! I just bought some transfers to try. Your makeover is amazing! The transfers look fun to do, I can’t wait to use mine!😊

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