Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover (Trash to Treasure)

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Old thrift store lamps can really save you some money! This coastal lamp makeover was done on a budget that saved me a ton.

It’s TRASH to TREASURE Tuesday! Yay! ;)

Well, it’s always trash to treasure, any day of the week,  around here.  That’s kind of my motto.

But my friends and I are getting together every month and sharing what we’ve found and made pretty.

I made these $5 dollar glass lamps pretty…..

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - BEFORE - artsychicksrule

And they were kind of funky to begin with. :(

BUT they were only $5 EACH. That’s a steal.

And very easily cleaned…well sort of.

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - BEFORE - Clean and Paint - artsychicksrule

Somebody had some sticky, gooey splatter and spillage….and it looks like years worth.

But a little cleaning and they were all good to go.

And ready for paint.

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - Tape everything off and spray paint - artsychicksrule

I taped up the cords so the spray paint wouldn’t get on them (after unscrewing the base to loosen them up).
I then laid an old towel over the glass lamp area so the spray wouldn’t get on them.
Worked like a charm!

I didn’t take photos of spraying the “pole” inside that holds the cord.
I basically pulled it completely outside of the jar and painted it as well.
Once you unscrew that base most of it comes apart.

And of course I added ….SEASHELLS.

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - BEFORE - $10 lamps !!artsychicksrule

The bases were already gold colored….as in very brassy gold colored. (as you can see above)
I like the look of this gold better.
It’s Krylon, Metallic Gold. (does not look like the cap oddly enough…it’s more of a matte looking gold shade)

Easy DIY Gold Dipped Jars - Gold Spray Paint - Thrift Store for 3.50 (compared to retail of 50) - #diy #golddipped artsychicksrule

You might remember my most recent post about my “Master Bedroom Makeover Plans & Mood Board“.
I shared a mood board and showed how I was going very coastal (surprise! ;) ) in there.
These lamps were the PERFECT find for my “new” room.
So they are keepers.

I’m so happy!

Lamps are so expensive.
Especially lamps like this…..

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - BIG Savings!! - New Shades and Shells - artsychicksrule

I’ve seen similar for anywhere from $89-$249 each….EMPTY!

Loving my thrifty coastal lamp makeover. :)

The breakdown on these is as follows:
Lamp – $5
Shells – $6.99 (TJ Maxx and I didn’t use them all because I didn’t want them all the way full)
New Shade – 12.97 (Target)

So….less than $25 for EACH lamp.
You can’t beat that!

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - Filled with Seashells -artsychicksrule

I considered painting all the shells white but I decided to leave them that pretty coral color.

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - Filled Lamps with Seashells -artsychicksrule

I’m planning on using some “coral” colors in the room so thought they’d be a nice pop of color in my more neutral room.

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - Added Sea Shells -artsychicksrule

These could have easily been passed over at the thrift store.
Yucky, brassy, dirty…..but look what they have become. :)

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - AFTER - New Shades and Shells -artsychicksrule

Ahhhmazing. Love that!

Sorry I don’t have any pretty decor photos with them….yet.
I’ll share them on the night stands in the bedroom soon. (still looking for new night stands…it’s been all “miss” so far!)

Thrifty Coastal Lamp Makeover - $10 for the PAIR - HUGE Savings !! -artsychicksrule

Be sure to take a peek at my friends’ makeovers below too.
I know I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with their “trash to treasures” this month!


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  1. Awesome score and genius makeover, Nancy! I love the natural element that they add to your room. :)

  2. I had lamps just like those over 17 yrs ago. My mom and mother-in-law each bought me one for Christmas upon my request. At the time they were about $15.99 each. I wanted them for living room light (they ended up being to short-but I used them anyway). Mine never had anything spilt on them though.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think the shells are the perfect color as an accent! (the main color is neutral and teal…I’ve already picked some fabric for pillows/curtains..yay!)

  3. Love the lamps! I would’ve probably seen them and passed up! I love all your projects.
    PS: you could get shells just like these for $1 in Dollar Tree. I bought the pricier ones and the $1 ones, no difference..just sharing so you could save even more :)

    1. Thanks Rupa! :)
      Oh I didn’t know the shells were available at Dollar Tree. Will have to remember that! Thanks for the tip, very good to know!:)

  4. I fell in love with lamps just like these in Florida. Purchased them and lugged them on the plane all the way back to California. Put shells in them that I’d spent years collecting. Beautiful. Then I saw the same lamps in a California store for half the price. Thirty years later…still love my lamps.

  5. I collect sea glass and find lamps like these at thrift stores and fill them with some of my sea glass!! I have seen them recently at Walmart and Hobby Lobby for around $20.00 each. I like thrifting to find them for $3 ?

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