Anna Maria Island (Florida Vacation)

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Hey Y’all!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather has just been mild and gorgeous around here.
So loving it.
And truly not ready for Fall to come just yet….but I know many of you are!

So….I thought I’d share a bit of our vacation in June to Anna Maria Island in Florida.
It’s an amazing place that we’ve enjoyed visiting many times!

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - Photos of this Magical Paradise - artsychicksrule

I’m going to have to share in 2 parts because I took a million photos (well, ok, about 500! ;) ) and I had to narrow it way down for you all.
But still a bit much for one posting.
The “part 2” will have photos from Savannah GA, Beaufort SC, Charleston and Mount Pleasant SC and Gainesville FL.
We hit most cities on the way up and down the coast. :)

I should mention that most of these shots were taken with the camera on my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge).
Most of my vacation photos end up on my cell phone. It’s just so much easier!
A very few were taken with my nice camera (Canon 60D) The sunset beach photos were taken with it.

Hello beautiful……

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - photo ops everywhere - artsychicksrule

How amazing is that water??

Pretty amazing. 

And just take a look at it here in the “deep end”. ;)

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - Rod and Reel Pier - artsychicksrule

Look at those guys darting for fish! So fun to watch.
You can see a video I made of them over on my Instagram.
If you have Instagram, you can follow along as I usually post things in “real time” over there.
LOVE Instagram for that!
For those of you that do have (and love) Instagram like I do…you may have seen quite a few of these photos already as they happened.
The photo above was at the tip of Anna Maria Island at the Rod and Reel Pier (and restaurant).
We went there the first night for dinner.

The wood planks of the dock had donor/sponsor names I am guessing….


Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - Rod and Reel Pier Restaurant - artsychicksrule

Had to share… “Crazy Aunt Janie”. Haha…I love it.

Our sweet little rental was directly across the street from the beach.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - our rental right across the street from the beach - artsychicksrule


Loved this unique coastal styled mirror in the bath….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - cool coastal mirror in our rental - artsychicksrule

How neat is that?

And it was so amazing how different the water looked depending on the time of day I took the photos.

Take a look…. early morning….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - wildlife - artsychicksrule

Lots of great photo ops….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - such beauty - artsychicksrule

And again… but in action…

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - action shot - artsychicksrule

Lots of wildlife.
I loved it!

Like this lil fella….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - hi Mr Crab - artsychicksrule

He was watching me….very closely. haha

And this pretty shell I found….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - found a pretty shell but it was still inhabited - artsychicksrule

….that was still inhabited. Darn.

This is late afternoon/early evening….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - so much to love - artsychicksrule

How incredibly beautiful.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - so beautiful - artsychicksrule

The sunsets are amazing.

The sky just before…..

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - the sky just before sunset - artsychicksrule

Gathering with everyone on the beach for the sunset.

Have to share this shot I took of my cute, sweet husband.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - my hunky husband - artsychicksrule

He’s gonna kill me, lol.

This little guy came to watch the sunset too.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - he wanted to check out the sunset too - artsychicksrule

And here is the sky just before the sun is starting to set….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - such beautiful skies - artsychicksrule

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - Beginning sunset - artsychicksrule

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - sunset a little further - artsychicksrule

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - sunset almost - artsychicksrule

…and done.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - sunset - artsychicksrule

I live on the East Coast so seeing the sun set over the water was magical.

This island is great for walking.
There is even a trolley that travels up and down the island that makes it easy to hop on and off at each destination.
We drove a bit and walked a bit.

Loved this house…. (fun colors)

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - Love this house - artsychicksrule

…and all the pretty palm trees and tropical plants.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - love the trees and plants - artsychicksrule

And visited quite a few of the eateries.

Here we are at one…. Island Time Bar & Grill. (Bridge Street and Gulf Drive)
It was a short walking distance from our place.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - my love and I - artsychicksrule

And my boys….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - my boys - artsychicksrule

This trip happened to coincide with our 24th wedding anniversary also.
These photos were taken on that day.
Next year is the big 25 and I have some exciting plans rolling around in my head for it!

After dinner we walked over and played miniature golf ….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - family fun - artsychicksrule

My husband is serious about his sports….(not kidding) …and he won, of course! ;)

I’m so in love with Anna Maria Island and can’t wait to visit again.

The beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, wildlife, atmosphere of the island (not too touristy…no high rises) and the overall laid back feel.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - amazing white sand beaches and crystal blue water - artsychicksrule

Not to mention those gorgeous skies….here’s another sunset.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - amazing skies - artsychicksrule

And a few midday shots…..look at that water.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - wildlife galore - artsychicksrule

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - beach is amazing - artsychicksrule

I love seagulls…until they see food.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - please don't feed the seagulls y'all - artsychicksrule

Rule number one of beach going….please don’t feed the seagulls, y’all.
OR….leave food out they can get to. ;)
I have been poo’ed on twice in my life. It’s not fun. lol

Love the shadow on this one….

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - beautiful photo ops - artsychicksrule

My coastal bedroom makeover is going to be featuring one of the shots I took while in Florida.
It’s very similar to the one above. I can’t wait to share it and the process with you!
It’s going right over our bed and will be perfect for our coastal theme.

And I’ll leave y’all with this cute towel I saw while in AMI.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation - SOUNDS PERFECT - artsychicksrule

Sounds like my kinda place. (no snow, no cold weather..yes!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of our trip.
I know many of you live all over the country and world, and may not ever be able to visit, so I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a new “themed” furniture makeover with you all.
The theme this month is “animal”.
And here’s >>> Part 2 of the trip photos. :)

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  1. Thank you for photos of beaches I’ve never seen. The Venturato Santa Barbara beaches are nothing like this. More dirty looking for there’s no white sand nor clear blue water! We enjoy the central coast where one small area actually has black sand!! And it’s all very rocky. I love and appreciate going to all the beaches from So Cal to San Francisco area but none look like this! It’s enjoyable to see the USA vicariously through your lens. And yes those gulls have dropped their gift on my husband more than once!! No food around!!

    1. Hi Gwen!
      Your beaches (water,sand) sound like ours here in Coastal Virginia where I live. Ours here look nothing like Anna Maria’s sadly! But I am thankful, as it sounds you are also, to live by the ocean no matter! I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos.
      And yes, those gulls can make a mess! lol

  2. Hi Nancy! Love the photos you took of Anna Maria Island. Isn’t it just so quaint. I lived there about 30 years ago but now live in Sarasota. The water looks beautiful. Love the egrets… so many kinds. This is
    why, after a while in Ohio, I moved back to Sarasota. Thanks for all the beautiful photos… not just of the surroundings but of you and your wonderful family. :)

    1. Hi Christina!
      Thank you! It really is quaint. We just love it. I don’t blame you a bit for moving back! We would love the opportunity to live in the area. :)

  3. Thank you for posting your photos – they are lovely. Must also be a great camera you have? Lovely to see you and your lovely family. Look forward to the next ‘session’ and of course your ‘animal’ makeover Have fun :)

    1. Thank you Denise! I shot most of these photos with my cell phone. It’s just so much easier! The sunset photos were shot with my good one because I brought it out that evening to catch it.
      I always think I will pull the good one out more but never do! ;)

  4. I live just south of there in Sarasota County and have for 33 years. I take for granted how beautiful it is. I don’t remember the last time I went to the beach! I mean it has probably been 15 years and we live about two miles from the gulf! The bay comes up about a block from our house and we walk our dog down there frequently, at least! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and reminding me how lucky I am!

    1. Oh how neat Debbi and I can totally relate. We live in a nice coastal and historical area (although different from that gorgeous coast there!) and just visited (for the first time) the historic shops/Capitol/Governer’s Mansion etc in Colonial Williamsburg just a few weekends ago. Both of us have lived here most of our lives and have not done many of the things available to us here in this area. I think that is just the way it goes sometimes. However, we have made it our goal to get out and see more of it! :)

  5. Wow! Love all the gorgeous pictures! The sunset brings a whole new color scheme too – love the brown tone.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Michelle! Yes, it really does. It’s amazing how different everything looks. So magical really. :)

  6. I am new to your blog. You look so young, I was shocked to see you are married 24 years and a young man for a son! I’m excited to see all the things you do!

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much! That made me smile…I am 48. :) I also have a daughter who is 22 but she didn’t come on the vacation with us this time. She is busy with her own life these days! ;)
      It’s hard to believe my kids are mostly grown now! Time sure does fly.
      Thank you again for the sweet words!

  7. i lived in manatee county most of my life both of my kids were born there and have been to anna marie a gazillion times, living in tn makes me so homesick for the beach and your photos wow you took the best of the best love them sunsets there are so gorgeous and the food foody chick must be in heaven…. and you do look so young and pretty nancy xx ps and hunky hubs looks good too

    1. Oh how wonderful Chris! I think I remember you mentioning that before. I would bet TN is great but I understand how you can miss this place.
      Oh we LOVE to try all the places to eat…it’s a favorite thing to do when we go out of town! This foodie chick was happy for sure! ;)
      Thank you Chris…muah!!! And yes, he’s a cutie and a real keeper too!

  8. Beautiful Nancy! I live in Southwest Florida….I think we take the beauty of the beaches for granted. I have loads of Ibis (that white bird with the hooked bill and blue eyes) that come into my yard and forage. Where in the world do flocks of Ibis come to forage in your yard?! I love that! God bless you and yours, Jayne

    1. Thank you Jayne!! Oh I think that is how it is for all of us at times (taking for granted where we live). How neat that you have the Ibis come right into your yard! I love that too!! Amazing. So much beauty in this world of ours. :) I love where you live and can’t wait to visit that way again.
      Blessings to you!!

  9. Beautiful, Nancy! I have a good friend and co-worker who goes to Anna Maria nearly every summer. It is just gorgeous and she and her family love their time there. It is quite a change from our hot, humid summers in Kansas! Congrats to you and your hubby on 24 years!

    1. Thank you Lynda! I would love that to be me! ;) We hope to go again in April actually. Hoping it works out! Thank you for the congrats!

  10. Beautiful photos. Anna Maria Island is such an “Old Florida” kind of place. I loved the quiet and laid back feel.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Joan!
      Oh yes, that is the perfect way to describe it I think.
      We can’t wait to visit again. :)

    1. Oh yes Christy!! It’s like a tropical vacation without having to leave the states. It’s just amazing. We love it there! Yep, I have plans for a large one over the bed and a few smaller ones. Like minds and all!! ;)

  11. Super pictures Nancy, such a cute one of you and your husband, you look terrific. That is one part of Florida we have not been to, but it looks like somewhere we should visit. Do you stay in a hotel or rent a house or condo while you are there? (if you don’t mind me asking). Love the towel, I am so fed up with snow every winter and salt ruining my winter boots :( I look forward to part 2.
    Have a great week,

    1. Thank you Julie! :)
      Oh yes, do visit! The first time we went we stayed in a townhouse right across the street from the beach. (called Bermuda Bay Club) This time we had a little rental house that actually happened to be right down from those. There are tons of rental homes there up and down the island. Take a look on VRBO . com .
      I am with you on the winter! I just saw something about it being a very cold and snowy one again this year. I hope that’s wrong! ugh…

  12. Stumbled across your blog. I have lived in Florida for 35 years & never been to Anna Maria Island. Your photos are so beautiful, so now I know I have to go visit.

    1. No, really??! You must go! It’s an amazing little island. We just love it…obviously! I have been all the way up and down the east side, all the way to Miami. Up the pan handle and down about as far as Long Boat Key on the west, just past AMI. I have to say, AMI is my favorite spot in all of Florida. (other lovely areas there too though)

  13. Love your photos! We have been spending every February in Panama City Beach Florida and have that same white sand and beautiful turquoise water. We get to see those amazing sunsets every evening. Coming from Wisconsin seems like a miracle! We were lucky to have celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary on Febr 4th here.

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