Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)

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Hey everyone!

It’s themed furniture day and the theme is ANIMAL. 

Themed Furniture Makeover Day

Every month my friends and I get together and do a furniture makeover with a theme.
I love a challenge and furniture makeovers! 
You can see the whole gallery of our themed makeovers here –> Themed Makeover Furniture Posts.

So….animal prints are not really my thing and I was a little stumped on this one to be honest.
I had considered doing a piece of furniture and lining the drawers with some zebra, or such, paper but then I came across this chair…..

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - BEFORE - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

…..for $5 at the Restore.
I couldn’t pass it up. It was in great shape too!

I then thought to myself, “hmm, now I just need to find a zebra sheet, shirt or something at the thrift store for the seat“.
Out of all the animal prints I could think of, zebra was calling to me. 

So can y’all guess what I found as I entered the very next thrift store not even ten minutes later?

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - $2 thrift store pillow cases - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

You got it. 
Zebra pillow cases (in great shape!) for $1.98.
I LOVE when that happens, don’t you?

A thrifty makeover for $7, can’t beat that!

I washed the cases and then cut one to fit the seat.
Then I got to covering it…..

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - Covering the seat - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

SOOO easy. 

Then I lightly sanded the shiny finish of the wood and cleaned it well.
As you may (or may not) remember, I am NOT a fan of painting chairs ….with a brush.
(read this post here about some other chairs I started painting with a brush but finished with spray paint)

So I spray painted with (*affiliate linkRust Oleum: Blk Hammered Spray Paint instead. 
It’s the way to go, I tell ya!


I let that dry for a day and then screwed the seat back onto the chair…..and voila!
Zebra Chair Makeover

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - EASY makeover! - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Super simple makeover.

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - Spray paint and thrift store pillowcases - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - up close seat - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - Up close legs - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Since the theme was “animal” I thought I’d take a photo with my Ragdoll cat, Beau, on the seat.
I had envisioned him sprawled out (like he is 99.9% of the time) on the seat but he would just not cooperate!! haha

Oh well….. he’s a cutie anyway. (and the sweetest cat I’ve ever known!)

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - My Ragdoll cat likes it - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Looking for his exit…. little booger.

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - My cat likes it! - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

I was snapping these fast….because he was not having any of it! ;)
Except for the .00002 split second he finally laid like this. (blurry photo!)
Looking like the king he is, no less.

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - Beau Kitty Ragdoll cat - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Anyway, apparently he does not like my animal chair. ;)

I added a little coral in for this shot….

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - touch of coral - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

I love the black, white and coral color! So pretty.

This was probably one of THE easiest makeovers I’ve done.
It’d be perfect in a teen girl’s room, maybe at a desk or even in a bedroom corner for clothes to pile up on! ;)

Zebra Chair Makeover (Animal Theme)  - BEFORE and AFTER - $5 dollar thrifty makeover - artsychicksrule

Be sure to check out what kind of animal fun my friends had with their makeovers this month too! (below)

I’ll be back next week with a coastal bookcase makeover and Part 2 of our vacation photos. :)

See you then!


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  1. Love what you’ve done with the chair, the colour, the style, the zebra fabric and of course not forgetting your beautiful cat and the coral cushion – love coral – and it actually goes really well with quite a few other colours, so it is quite a versatile colour isn’t it? :)

    1. Haha! Yes, he’s a character. :) I know, this was an amazing find to me! I love the super duper thrifty ones like this.

  2. Love seeing your stuff. I am always inspired. I have several projects I am working on in my home now — painting furniture and making some window treatments.
    Anyway, I had a question. In my family room, I have three tables that I am considering painting. They are french provincial with light beige marble tops. They’ve been in my family for years. I just feel like they really need an update and I think they would look good with a distressed light gray finish. However, I also have a black wood entertainment center and a dark brown coffee table. The legs of one chair are dark brown wood and the legs of another an antiqued beige. If I do these three tables in the light gray is that too much mixing of wood finishes in one room? If so, maybe I will attempt the antiqued beige on them, which would also look good. I just have not done that yet and am a little nervous about it. If you want, I can send pictures. Just would love your advice.

    1. Aw thanks so much Terry! :)
      Hmmm, I think that might be a bit much of mixing of wood tones. (although I’m also not a fan of matchy matchy either) But I’m thinking the black, dark brown and gray will be nice. However, the legs on the chairs are a consideration. Why don’t you paint those? Or stain them darker to match the coffee table shade? That might be an easier fix. I love the idea of the distressed gray although the antiqued beige could also be nice!
      It’s hard to make a definitive choice without seeing the room and components. So pictures would help. You can send them to artsychicksrule (@) gmail (dot) com. :)

  3. Ack! So absolutely thrifty and gorgeous! Yes, it would be perfect most anywhere for usre. Great job, Nancy!

  4. What a beautiful job on that chair! Who would have thought the entire “new” chair and its facelift were fashioned for such minimal expense. The zebra print is perfect and I like Rustoleum’s Black Hammered spray paint for so many things. I have used it on drawer pulls and light fixtures to name a couple of ways I’ve put it to work.

  5. So adorable Nancy! Your cat just gave me a blast from the past. We had a Himalayan/Persian named Bruno who looked just like yours! He is so cute – oh my!!!! Hugs, Jayne

  6. What a fun & funky chair! It would be a perfect accent piece to any room! Designers always say every room needs one piece with animal print on it. My favorite part is the satin pillowcase you found. Perfection!

  7. The serendipity of finding the satin pillowcase amazed me. The hammered black finish looks great with the fabric. I have not seen a chair in good condition for $5 in our thrift stores, but will continue to look. Your finished chair looks especially dressy with the fluffy cat resting comfortably on it!

    1. Oh I know, it was such a surreal feeling when I saw it! Perfect! :) I think prices are all over the place these days!

  8. Nancy, I love this! I’m not usually a fan of animal prints either but this chair with the hammered texture and zebra print pillow case cover is stunning. Specially with Beau! It was a project that was meant to be!

    1. Thanks Jeanette! I’m not usually a fan of animal prints but I do like zebra (even if I have nowhere for it to go in my house! ;) )

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