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Hey Friends!

I think we are all in full swing with Fall now, don’t you?
Yes, around my parts of the world, it’s still sweltering but it is a bit cooler in the evenings.
However, we have had nothing but rain and gray skies going on 4 days now.
Ugh, I’m ready to see the sun, whether it’s colder weather or hot! ;)

So, in case y’all didn’t know, there’s been a Fall tour going on all week.
I’ve been sharing all the great ideas and decor over on my >>>Facebook page.
If you don’t follow along over there, I’d love if you did!
I share all kinds of things like home decor, beautiful homes, innovative ideas, furniture makeovers, diy, humor, projects, fun stuff and more. :)

If you didn’t catch the earlier days of the fun Fall tour, I’ll be sharing links at the bottom of this post for y’all.
But first, I’m going to share some totally FREE Fall printables I made for you.
I hope you like them. :)

(***Please note: my watermark only appears here, it will not appear on the downloadable copy)

FREE Fall Printables - Autumn Quote White - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes


FREE Fall Printables - Autumn Quote Orange - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes


FREE Fall Printables - Autumn Quote Black - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes


FREE Fall Printables - Hello Fall Quote - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes


As you can see, I did several so you have lots to choose from!

There’s so many things you can do with them.
You can print them and use these in frames….like this…..

FREE Fall Printables - Autumn Quote Decor - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes

FREE Fall Printables - Autumn Quote Framed - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes

Or maybe you like the “chalkboard” one better?

FREE Fall Printables - Autumn Quote Chalkboard - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes

I’m using the white one. I liked it best with my >>> Neutral Fall Decor.
I did include an orange, traditional colored printable for all of you who love that too. :)

Once you download these to your computer, you can print them in any size you like.

You can also print them using a program like blockposters (.) com to transfer to a chalkboard. (any size)
I did just that and created pages of the printable that I then taped together.

FREE Fall Printables - Transferring Image - #freeprintables

(this is the back side)
Once it’s taped together, I used a piece of chalk to rub over the entire back (where there was print on the other side).

Then just turn it over and align it correctly onto whatever  you are transferring to.
I was transferring to my large >>> Farmhouse Chalkboard in my kitchen.

FREE Fall Printables - Transferred Image for Chalkboard - #freeprintables

I taped it with painter’s tape and then used a pencil to trace the outer edge of each letter. (and leaves!)
All that’s left to do is “color in the lines” with the chalk to finish up.

FREE Fall Printables - Chalkboard Art - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes

I decided to use Fall colored chalk for the leaves to give it a bit of pop.
I also used the q-tip technique to create a “shadow” on the lettering.
The q-tip technique is simply a damp q-tip that is wiped along the right side of the letters.
If you are unsure of where to place it, just do a quick Google search for “shadow on letters”.

FREE Fall Printables - Chalkboard Art with Shadowing - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes

It’s very subtle but I love the dimension it gives the lettering.

FREE Fall Printables - Chalk Art - #freeprintables #fallquotes #autumnquotes

Pretty simple!

You can also print them on “iron transfer” paper and make pillows, tea towels and more!

I made these pillows with some other free fall printables I created for you guys recently.
You can find those free fall printables in this post here >>> DIY Fall Pillows & Printables

DIY Fall Pillows and Free Printables - Hello Autumn - artsychicksrule #freeprintables #fallpillow #fallsayings

DIY Fall Pillows and Free Printables - Happy Fall Y'all - artsychicksrule #freeprintables #fallpillow #fallsayings

PIN this for later so you can download and create lots of fun Fall stuff! :)


And now it’s time to go visit all the rest for even more Fall inspiration.


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Friday – Porches

Town and Country Living  |  My Creative Days
See you guys next week!
Hope you have blessed and wonderful weekend!
(and have fun decorating for Fall this weekend, if you haven’t already :) )
Even more inspiration… (affiliate links, disclosure here)


    1. Thanks Marie! Yes, you do! How fun, my sister and I always take turns and doing Christmas and Thanksgiving at our homes.:)

  1. Thanks for sharing your work Nancy. I hope the sun ☀ starts shining for you soon! I know how dreary rain can be! Living in Southern B.C. ☔ that’s my winter as we rarely get snow where I live ?

    1. Thank you Annie! :) Oh my gosh, your winter sounds like ours. Lots of dreary gray and rain…not much snow.
      We had so much rain for Spring, I was really looking forward to the nicer Fall weather. So far, it’s been a lot of rain just like Spring. Let’s hope for sun and mild temps to enjoy!! ;)

  2. You created such a pretty printable, Nancy! I’m going to be giving my printer a workout after today. :)

    Your area of VA is really hogging up the rain. It’s so, so dry here and my area needs some. I saw on FB last night that your area has had so much rain that there is flooding. Here’s to hoping that you get some sun and I get some rain! :)

    1. Thanks Paula!
      And yes, it’s been icky! And here I believed the weather forecast for the week, (all sun) silly me!…and it’s now looking like rain, rain, rain again! Boo. I would love to send it your way! ;)

  3. Your printables are adorable. I will simply have to prinat all of them. Thanks so much for sharing these with us. It’s been so great to tour with you this week. Susie from Chelsea Project

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