Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (gorgeous coastal “neutral”!)

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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a gorgeous color. I know, I have it in several rooms in my home! It’s the perfect coastal “neutral” color.

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. We’ve been away on a little vacation to the Outer Banks to maybe find our beach getaway this week!
Eek! Anyway, we are looking and that’s the fun part anyway, right??

So today I thought I’d share one of my favorite wall colors, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. When we finally find our little beach getaway it will most definitely get something painted that color!

The color is best described as a soft, pale greenish, blueish, grayish shade.

And it’s a bit of a chameleon. ;)

In some rooms/lighting it looks more greenish (but not GREEN if that makes sense). In others it’s more blue. Both with that hint of a soft gray tone. I’d note here that I see more blue overall in my home. All rooms included.

It’s always best to test any paint color in your home and lighting before committing though.

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors
You all should know it pretty well. I have it in 3 rooms in this house here.
It’s one I get asked about most often, here in emails and on Instagram when I post photos of rooms with it.
I almost feel like it’s a universally loved color. (ha, I’m sure that’s just my thinking but still…)

I have to say that I also love (very much) the pretty white, not white, neutral I have in my other rooms too. But that’s going to be a post for another day I suppose. ;)

**Below my photos, I’m going to list the items in the photos with links below to each corresponding post/project. I usually get asked about things that are sometimes in the pictures so thought this would be helpful!

So first let me share some of my pretty rooms painted in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt…

Our guest bathroom

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Here are a few of the things in this room we’ve done:

A few shots of Sea Salt in our family room…

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

And our foyer…

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

I think Sea Salt looks especially good with darker floors and white-white trim. (or I may just be biased ;) )

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Want to see even more Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in other peoples’ houses?

I’ve got more for ya!
Be sure to hop over to each blog I’m sharing to see even more of the room. (and more of the blog too!)

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Isn’t this coastal bathroom just gorgeous??
You can see the rest of this pretty space here >>> Sand Dollar Lane

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Kim’s entire home is just beautiful! She uses Sea Salt in her family room here just beautifully.
Hop on over to see more (and look around because you MUST see her gorgeous kitchen too!)
See more here >>> Sand & Sisal

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Brittany gave her living room a beautiful new makeover with Sea Salt as the perfect backdrop.
See the rest here >>> Pretty Handy Girl

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

Remember when I said I love Sea Salt with the dark flooring?? This is the same look and I just love it!
It goes so well with so much. See more here >>> Tag and Tibby

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

You can see how even red goes wonderfully with this color. Just about anything you put with it will work.
And can you believe this is painted wallpaper?? See more here >>> Create and Find

I hope you enjoyed seeing more rooms and homes with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt today.
I get asked about it so much that I thought it was time to dedicate a post to it. It’s truly one of my favorite colors.
So much so that I even painted our kitchen island off of the same color chip…Oyster Bay. Similar to Sea Salt but just a touch darker.
Love it too! You can’t go wrong with either.

PIN it to save this gorgeous color for later!

Sherwin Williams SEA SALT - The perfect NEUTRAL color! #seasalt #sherwinwilliamsseasalt #bestcoastalpaintcolor #bluepaint #coastalpaintcolors

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. On my computer screen, Sea Salt looks like a very pale green. Is this correct? Your home is lovely, I always enjoy reading about your projects and upgrades :)

    1. Yes, it can sometimes come across as green. I have updated my post to include a description. (I totally forgot to include that originally! Oops! Thank you for the reminder to do that!) The color is described as a pale, greenish/blueish-gray. I will say that it does look somewhat different in my rooms depending on the lighting but it looks mostly blue everywhere in my house.
      And thank you, I am so glad you enjoy seeing all of it! :) xoxo

      1. Hi! I am going to paint my walls this color. I LOVE your house!! Do you mind telling me the name of the color of your cabinets?

        1. Hi Jessica! Aw, thanks so much!! The cabinets are not “painted” so I don’t have a color I can tell you. They came that way from the kitchen design place we ordered them from. Sorry!

  2. Nancy, just bought a 1 bedroom condo in March and had the whole thing painted in Sea Salt. I’m loving the color so much. It takes on different shades depending on the room and time of day! Hope you are enjoying your vacation in the OBX…no place better to relax and refresh.

    1. How fun, Shelia! Isn’t it such a beautiful color?? It just goes with everything! Bet your place is looking great, congrats on that! Yes, OBX is always a good time. :) xoxo

  3. Like the above comment by Mother Deer, sea salt looks like a pale green on my screen, also. I notice that you have some blue accents in the rooms and that is going to be an accent for me too. I am looking for a soft color to paint one wall in our master bedroom. If sea salt is indeed green that is not for me. It is a lovely serene color, however.

    1. Yes, I do see that it looks a bit green to me too. The color is described as a pale, greenish/blueish-gray. I will say that it does look somewhat different in my rooms depending on the lighting but it looks mostly blue everywhere I have it in my house. You might want to try a sample of it and paint it on the wall in the room you are thinking of painting, and seeing what color your room and lighting make it appear. You may be pleasantly surprised! :) xoxo

  4. I love Sea Salt! It is one of the contenders for the back hallway, guest room, and guest bath. I got a sample can and tested it back there. It’s the dark end of the house and looked too dark. Boooo! I had to got the something much lighter to brighten up “the cave.” I went with Valspar Soft Haze. I’m glad I have the Sea Salt sample pint. I’m going to make DIY chalk paint with it and use it on a thrifted dresser in my bedroom.

  5. Sea salt is just ok. Looks a bit blah to me. The rooms are pretty, though. Just not lovin the paint color.

  6. I painted my entire house SW’s Sea Salt 9 years ago long before it became popular. I have white trim and wainscoting. And everyone loves the color. I got lucky and picked a color that became all the rage!

  7. Your ladder looks beautiful, and perfect for the corner behind your chair. Smart, I’d say, to buy a few pieces of lumber from a retailer – new wood – than to spend $10-$12 at Dollar Tree on rolling pins, bamboo cutting boards, etc. Sometimes you can save money and get what you want at the lumber store. You’ve done a great job finishing that wood.

    1. It’s such a great color! I have it in quite a few rooms of ours. :) I always use Eggshell. I love how it is not shiny (I wouldn’t like that) but does have just enough sheen to help reflect some light back into the home.

  8. what color paint did you use on your wood stairs? Did you use the same color for your trim as well? I lobe this so much. My trim is not painted and I am trying to decide if I like the seasalt with the wood trim or paint the trim. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah!
      I used Extra White by Sherwin Williams on all of our trim. (in Eggshell finish) And thank you! :) Good luck! xo

  9. Hi I just found your site. I bought a resale and all of the bedrooms and bathrooms are painted in sea salt. I had a lot of blue accents from pillows to throws in my last house. Nothing seems to work with the sea salt other then white. Trying to find pillows and throws any suggestions? Have not been out due to virus as I am high risk. Would love to find something on line. Thank you.

    1. Hello!
      Oh my, I haven’t found that to be the case. I think so much goes with Sea Salt. What colors are you trying to put with it?? I would say brown, pink, coral, beige (among others) would all work. :)

  10. I am so in love with this color! We already have both our guest and master baths, master bedroom and our kitchen/family room all painted in Sea Salt. I love it so much I’m wanting to do the living room, hallway and den in it too. Thoughts on having the whole house the same color (just about, minus the kids rooms)? I feel like you said – it’s such a chameleon color that looks so different in different lighting that I’d be ok for whole house but I’d love to get your decorator opinion. As always, thanks for sharing such great inspiration pics!

    1. Oh, I think that would be totally fine. Of course, it’s a personal preference though, I wouldn’t mind it at all. It’s such a nice neutral and one of those colors that doesn’t jump out at you. It blends nicely into the background and goes with so much. :)

  11. We just bought another house on the Cape 5 blocks from the beach that we are renovating. I used Sea Salt in our last house in the master bedroom which had a lot of light. We received so many compliments on the color.. I did teal & lime green as accents.
    I would like to do a guest room in the new house with Sea Salt & extra white trim. However, this time I would like to incorporate a white & navy blue nautical bedspread that was a gift.Do you think this would go as this guest room has transom windows with less light & more green tones. Ty, Pam

    1. I love Sea Salt and Navy. I think it will go together just fine. You could always get a small sample and paint a section of the room to make sure first though.:)

  12. After seeing your post, I painted our bedroom in Sea Salt. I love love love it! It’s very relaxing and changes color depending on the lighting and who is looking at it. In natural light, it takes on a tealish (is that a color) shade, at night it more green/gray. And my daughter in law says it’s looks blue/gray to her. It’s beautiful and so happy I used this color choice. Keep the ideas coming!

    1. Oh that is so awesome, Sherry! I really love it too, it is probably my favorite color of all time. :) (and yes, I get the same variations fun!) xo

    1. I think any shade of white/off-white would be beautiful. For flooring, you could do several…gray tones, or beige/tan, brown. Go by the flooring stores (or big box stores) and pick up a few samples of different shades of flooring, paint the Sea Salt onto something to create a larger paint chip and then do the same with some varying whites for the cabinets and see which you like the best. :)

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