Old Prints Repurposed Into Coastal Wall Decor

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Old prints repurposed ….and turned into brand “new” coastal wall decor!

Hello Sweet Friends! :)

My Trash to Treasure friends and I are starting the new year out right. ;)
What better way to get this month (and year!) going than with our very first “Trash to Treasure Transformation” of 2017.

Today, I’m sharing…

“Old Prints Repurposed Into Coastal Decor”

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

These were old, gold-framed prints I used to have hanging in my “botanically themed” master bedroom some years back.
I painted the frames a cream color a few years ago.
They, along with a bunch of other stuff, were stored in my spare bedroom.
And since we got dumped on with the most snow we’ve seen here in years, and since I was not on the ball as I’d hoped I’d be, I had to go rummaging through the room for some old “trash”. ;) (I was housebound because of the crazy snow)

Plan A for these was to remove the glass and print, paint the frames, add a wood backing, and “galvanized” letters that spell… E A T.
I needed a couple of things from Michael’s to complete Plan A, however. I was stranded until Sunday and so off we went.
Unfortunately, having not been out, I had no clue how bad the roads still were and how s-l-o-w we were having to drive over very snow-packed highways.
Thank goodness for 4 wheel drives!
We sure aren’t used to this around here.
Thankfully we arrived safely, but sadly we didn’t make it to Micheal’s before they closed. :( (they closed early)

So, Plan B was…

Switching gears, I decided to paint the frames in Duck Egg Blue (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)… (here’s a >> similar color I also use and love)

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

As you can see, the top frame in the photo is painted and the bottom is painted and also lightly whitewashed.
I wanted to bring out a bit of that detail so I took a dry paintbrush (chip brush, to be exact) and dabbed a small amount of paint on the bristles, wiped most of it away on a paper plate and brushed over the details there.
I just love how whitewashing brings out the details and takes it from flat and boring to fabulous.

New to dry brushing?? Let me show you how in this video here >>> How To Dry Brush

Next, my husband measured and cut some old wood flooring we had stored in the garage.
This is the flooring that was leftover from our family room floor makeover.
I also used it on my coffee table top here >>> “Coffee Table Makeover with Driftwood Finish”

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

You can see the finished side and the unfinished side here.
I wanted to use the unfinished, rough, side for this project. (like I did with the coffee table above)
And since it is flooring, the pieces just snap right together.

They fit nice and snugly into the back of the frame but I put a thin line of wood glue all the way around before popping them in.

I started out dry brushing Pure White Chalk Paint (like described above) but it wasn’t giving me the color I wanted. (too much wood color showing through)
So I ended up adding a bit of water to a cup, dipping the bristle in the paint and then in the water, and painting.
No real rhyme or reason, just very wet paint. This way the paint would cover more of the wood but because I added water, it won’t look thick or too white.
I like Chalk Paint for this effect.

(here’s an alternative to that white paint that I use all the time now >>> Linen White)

And once done, the wood look and texture shines on through. (as you can see below)

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

See how the paint is a bit opaque? Adding the water made it that way.
You can still see the texture and a bit of the color of the wood.

I’d love to have had a larger sand dollar but had to use what I had on hand. (snowy roads and early closings! )
But it’ll do for now.

Here’s all 3 transformed…..

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

The seashell was pink and orange so I very lightly painted it white too, to match.
Then I went back over it with a cloth and wiped a bit of the paint away so it wouldn’t look painted.
Which, by the way, per my husband, is upside down. haha
He really messed me up with that one! ;) It was finished and on the wall when he told me that.
But clearly I liked the look of it “upside-down” because that was how I applied it.
I did do a quick search online to see how others are though….and I found that they were positioned both ways in the artwork I saw.
So there! The other side up reminds me of all that shell motif favored 80’s decor anyway.

By the way, I left the frames and the wood backing unsealed.
I liked the flat, dry look and thought they’d be okay since they are on the wall.

Completely Transformed! Thrifty decor with old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

You might remember the 3 other photos I had here before….. (and the old yellow paint )

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

I created those from old thrifty prints too.
The photos are actually taken of real seashells…with my camera phone…and edited with a watercolor app.
This was a simple project but really looks like something you would buy in a store.
You can see the full tutorial here >>> “Simple & Thrifty DIY Coastal Wall Art”

I haven’t decided if these will stay here or not but I’m really liking them here. (update 2020…they stayed!)
I didn’t think I would because they are blue and so is the wall but they look so soft and serene.
And I think it’s because they are both blue.

What do you think? Should they stay?

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

What I do know is changing, is the dresser/mirror I have here.
I will either paint it a whiter shade or color or remove it altogether.
I haven’t decided just yet but I do have another piece (waiting on a very fun makeover!) that I would really love to put there instead.
We’ll see!  (Update 2020…want to see what’s here now? Check out this post >>> here)

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Decor - artsychicksrule.com

Old dressers like this are great for storage though. I use every single inch.
As a matter of fact, I’ve even done a post about all the dressers I use in our home (and peeks inside them) in this post >>> here.

So that’s my very first “Trash to Treasure Transformation” for 2017.

PIN it to save it!

Old Prints Repurposed into Coastal Wall Art! So Easy! artsychicksrule.com
And go grab that ole junk you are hiding away in a spare bedroom and make it over too!
Maybe you might find some old prints to repurpose too.
Have fun creating “brand new” decor out of all those old goodies.

Now let’s see what my friends transformed this month…

Clockwise from top left …..

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See you next week with more! (and Wednesday over on the food blog … Foodie Chicks Rule… I’m sharing the best Shortbread Cookies ever! ;) )
Stop on by over there if you’d like to print the recipe and make some. :)
Or if cookies are a no-no right now for the new year, you might like this post instead. >>> “Green Smoothie Recipes” :)



Here are more old prints repurposed.
I’d been hoarding these for years (but not using) and transformed them into a brand new makeover…

….see what I did to them and how I’m using them here >>> “Weathered White Wash Finish”


  1. Good morning Nancy, I saw that you did get a lot of snow for your area. We got so much snow on Sunday as well.
    What a cute idea, it looks so pretty with your new paint color! It looks great with the board and batten, the whole look there is so pretty. :))

    1. Hi Sandra! :)
      Yep, we did, and pretty unusual around here. It was pretty and it was nice but I hope it all melts soon! ;)
      Thank you, I’m really liking them there. I had no intention on leaving them there (putting the others back up) but they are still there! So I’m thinking they will stay.

  2. These are wonderful, Nancy. I vote for staying. Funny, I looked at the photo and thought how lovely that dresser is! Maybe the color is different in person, but it certainly photographs beautifully.

    1. Thank you Marcie! :)
      And yes, I do love the dresser/mirror but the color just seems off to me now in this room. Not that everything needs to be white, but maybe it needs to be more yellow or less yellow. It almost looks dingy to me with all of the other white item in the room, in person. Thank you for the kind words though, I am so glad it looks nice in photos! :) Not sure yet what I’ll do about it! xoxo

    1. Thanks Christy! :) I am so surprised I like the blue against the blue too! I’m thinking they’ll stay! :) xoxo

  3. These are beautiful and have so much texture to them. I think they should stay. I also love the creamy colored mirror which goes great with the creamy chest. You’ve created a beautiful look with all of these pieces. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you Debbie :)
      I am really enjoying them there and think they are going to stay! And it’s really nice to hear other’s thoughts on the creamy dresser and mirror. To me it was looking a little too creamy for the room but it seems a “fresh” set of eyes says otherwise! (others have said the same) I might have to rethink that! :) Thanks!! xoxo

  4. Those a beautiful Nancy – definitely a keeper! I like them on that wall. How did you attach them to the wood…glue? Hugs!

    1. Thank you Jayne!! And oopsie, yes!!!! I’ll have to edit. They actually fit nice and tight but I did add a bit of wood glue just to be sure they were secure. Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention! ;) xoxo

  5. Love! And you’ve just given me an awesome idea for a vintage vanity set I’ve been mulling over. I was going to do shadow boxes, but I love the frame idea so much more! And I have plenty old ones to choose from. Thanks for the post and the great idea! <3

  6. I love the new wall color! And the frames look great there. Yes, they are both blue, but they are not the same shade of blue so they look awesome together!

    I can see where you would want to change up the dresser. It would be gorgeous in a more white color…. but you will keep the stained wood top, right? If you decide to change the dresser completely, knowing you, I’m sure it will look fabulous! xo

    1. Thanks Karen! :)
      Yep, that’s what I’m thinking, it needs to be a bit more white. Looks a bit dingy to me! OH yes, the top would stay stained. :) xoxo

  7. Oh my Nancy, I really like how you transformed your frames and they look so good where you hung them! Dang, could have saved yourself that hair-raising trip to Michaels after all. Great way to repurpose pieces of leftover flooring too. Pinned to share :)

  8. What a great idea to use flooring as a backing for your art. Giving the flooring a white wash makes it look perfect for your coastal decor. I think your new artwork definitely needs to stay.

  9. I LOVE THESE!! Perfect for my beachy vibe I am trying to attain up here in Northern California :)

  10. i love the coastal look frames in blue and they are perfect against the blue wall – subtle and soft and very appealing! I have a very dark Welsh dresser which I really do need to paint/upgrade – is there anyway I can whatsapp a picture to you for advice please? many thanks Jinx

  11. Believe it or not when I grew up (in your area) we seldom got snow, other than a few flakes, most of us wished for it to get a day home from school. Now I live in Florida (and really don’t miss the actual snow and cold weather) I still get a little bit envious when I see that there was snow on the Peninsula! Love the coastals, and am inspired by your talent. I plan to haul out some of my old frames and see what I can do.

    1. Oh yes, I remember hits and misses with snow growing up here. When we had it, we HAD it! Otherwise, nothing. Thank you, Michele! And yes, have fun with your old frames too! :) xo

  12. Them are gorgeous.
    Amazing what just a little paint & imagination can do. Wonderful inspiration. :}
    My daughter would absolutely flip over these framed sea shells.

  13. You did a great job upcycling these frames Ilike the white-washed gray much better and the way you designed the background using the old paneling is wonderful. Love the sea shells.

  14. Hi Nancy! I LOVE your blog….
    Problem…I ordered a sample of the Duck Egg Blue. But it turned out to be a pretty dark grey with only a hint of blue. Your photos were so beautifully blue…I was a bit disappointed when I saw the actual color. Is there anything you can do to darken your photos a bit?

    Hugs, cat

    1. Aw, thanks so much Cat. :)
      Is it by Annie Sloan? That’s so odd. It’s definitely more blue-ish than gray. My photos show the color how it is in real life. I’m not sure what happened to your paint but I can assure you, the color is indeed as you see it here. The only variation in shade you might see on my blog is because of the topcoat I used on each project. (some polys make it darker or even more greenish as polys can yellow somewhat) Can you send me a picture of what you were sent? (the paint and inside the can) I’m curious as to why your’s is gray. You can send it to nancy (at) artsychicksrule (dot) com

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