DIY Coastal Beach Prints – Reuse What You Have!

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Hey Friends!
Today I’m sharing some DIY Coastal Beach Prints that I created using what I already had.

It’s something I do and mention here quite often on the blog.

Here’s a few examples of some other things I’ve pulled out of storage (or repurposed from the thrift store) and gave new life to:

Coastal Wall Art

Old Frame Turned Tiled Tray

Flatware Box to Beach Box

“Faux” Weathered Finish Wall Prints

Old Prints Repurposed

So let’s talk about these….

I bought these printed frames about 15 or so years ago. Maybe longer.
But they had this print in them originally….

Really pretty and went nicely with my decor at the time.

But when I changed my decor, instead of buying new, I just bought new prints to go in the frames/mats instead.
These butterfly prints (about 6 years ago)…..

They no longer really match my very coastal, casual home so I’ve been wanting to re-do them for awhile.
I finally go around to it. :)

I wanted to try to use the same mats because those things are expensive to have cut!
But the photos that I wanted to use in them were ones I took with my cell phone.
Nice pictures but only sized to about 6.5 inches wide so new mats would have to be cut.
So I had them printed out at Kinko’s and then hopped over to Michael’s to get mats cut.

She gave me the price of $40 and I about choked. ;) I’m thrifty girl, after all!
So, in trying to get the cost down (“be cheap” lol) I told her to make them smaller and I would ‘double’ mat it.
Perfect!! $26…better.

But as I was walking out with my newly cut mats, it hit me.
Duh, those are too small now. I am not sure at all what I was thinking??
But I can tell you this, those mats were NOT going to go to waste.
I just had no clue how I was going to make it work.

I threw around a few different ideas but in the end decided to run up to the Dollar Store and pick up some foam board.

I used the cardboard from inside the frame as a guide to cut the foam board.
I’ll include affiliate links for you, when possible. See disclosure, here.

And used my handy x-acto knife to cut it out.
You can find it, here.

Once they were cut, I painted them and the mats with chalk style paint so everything would match. (by the way, I left the mats unsealed)
You can find the paint, here.

I then took the way too small mats I had cut … ha!…and lined them up on the new “mat” I made with the foam board.

Once the photos I took were inside the mat (using double sided tape), I attached them, also with double sided tape, to the foam board mat.
You can find the tape, here.

They looked pretty nice like this and actually very similar to what I originally envisioned. (minus the outline of the small mat)

But…I went a step further and decided to add a bit of rope around that outline.
Partly to camouflage it and partly to give it a little something extra, a coastal beachy touch.

To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about this decision at this point.

But I continued on and painted the frames the same color I painted the foam board and mat.

I used 2 coats and then went back over with a damp cloth and removed a bit from the edges….

This gives it a bit of a worn, casual look.

I sealed them up with my fave top coat.
You can find it, here.

I put them in the frames and stapled to secure.

I was fighting with my staple gun. I think this one has seen it’s last day! ;)

Here they are, all finished!

And all put together, I’m so glad I added the rope.
It would have been too much white and I think the small rope adds some nice dimension and contrast.

Plus I think these look so much better with my current decor.

Looking the other way….

This is a small little, narrow walkway, so it’s hard to get good photos here.

Here’s the photos (and frames) up close….

Want to know where these lovelies were taken?
They were taken on the beach in Nags Head…the Outer Banks of NC.
Which is what I called the entire area growing up, Nags Head. It has since been more often referred to as the “outer banks”.
One of my absolute favorite places.
I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (approx 2+ hours away) and have visited the OBX many, many times growing up til now.
I feel like it’s a second home.
And it will be soon! That is part of our long term plan in selling our home here and downsizing.
Once we get that all squared away, then we will hopefully find the perfect “beach box” in the OBX to also call home(second home). (and most likely in need of a big makeover/reno so stay tuned! ;) )
Hoping it all falls into place like I envision it in my head. Well, we know how that goes sometimes! ;)
Anyway, that’s the plan.

Oh! And more specifically, if you are curious, the above photo is of Jennette’s Pier.

You can see my diffuser going over on the table.
I love them and use them all the time. They make the house smell so good and they are healthy!
Unlike most of the artificially fragranced things out there.
You can find another one I have (and love), here.

Want to know more about scenting your home naturally?
I have an entire post devoted to it right here, “Healthy Ways to Scent Your Home Naturally

So here is today’s “lesson”  … re-use what you have!
Look around your home, don’t love something anymore? Have something stored away?
Pull it out and change it, paint it, repurpose it, etc.
I’ve changed up these framed prints 2 times now and they’ve been used in 3 totally different ways in my decor since I first purchased them.

So if you want to change your decor, or if you have something that just doesn’t really match your decor anymore, don’t throw it out!
Give it a mini makeover instead.

PIN this Coastal Beach Print Makeover for later!

Happy Weekend to you!
Look around your house and give something a mini makeover!
See you all back here next week!



  1. Your new artwork is perfect for your coastal home. I’m super excited to read your news that you are looking for property on the OBX. I think that I’ve been there at least once a year since I was ten years old. Living there would be fun, especially on the off season.

    1. Thank you Paula! So funny, I still catch myself saying Nags Head often, even though OBX has sort of gotten stuck in my mind now too. ;) We are going to buy something as a second home there and visit throughout the whole year, even the off season. I love it there during the off season, so peaceful. xo

  2. Hello Nancy! My mother follows your blog and loves it! I’m a Realtor on the Outer Banks. This is my 11th year full time as a Broker.. We too called the area “Nags Head” when growing up in Hampton Roads. My parents moved me here when I was 13 in 1988, so I’m very familiar with the area. I would absolutely love to assist you in finding a home here. You can read my reviews here on Zillow

    Feel free to contact me anytime!

    Catherine Brown Strachan
    Associate Broker, Realtor
    Outer Banks Realty Group
    3712 B N Croatan Hwy
    Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
    Cell: 252-489-9540

    1. Hi Catherine!
      Thank you so much for the info. We are probably not looking until about this time next year though. We have a bit to do to our house here before we list.
      Then we’ll need to find another home here before we start looking down there. But will keep your info handy! :)

  3. I really like what you did with these, Nancy! I will remember your foam core tip. The rope is such a great touch that echoes the beachy vibe of your photos. It just proves, be careful what you throw out because it could find a new purpose down the road.

  4. The rope is the perfect touch!! Both, because it adds to the beach theme, and makes them tie in so nicely with your wall color!! Good job, love it!!

  5. So interesting how our tastes change over the years. Glad we have been given the gift of creativity and that we can use it to experience ‘tastes of Heaven’. :-) Good job, Nancy!

    1. Isn’t it Julie? Sometimes I just sit back and think of how it’s evolved over the last 25 years! Funny how things come and go. Thank you Julie! :)

  6. Love the photos you used, your ingenious way of using the matts you had cut and the addition of the rope. I also like your refinished gold frames but not sure I like those frames with the beach photos. They seem fussy for the subject matter. Perhaps a whitewashed drift wood looking wider frame would be better? Just another idea…

    1. Thanks Joan! Yep, you are probably right about that but hoping the paint makes them a little less fussy. I do think a whitewashed driftwood style frame would look amazing with these though. :)

  7. Love all these ideas for changing what you have into new decor. Did you know the original pictures were Cheri Blum’s? She was a truly outstanding artist and some of her work is still around. She committed suicide in her early 30’s – can you imagine doing that with a talent such as hers?

  8. I really loved how you repurposed your frames and mats for your wall. They turned out really well. Don’t you just love redoing items and even the process of coming up with how you will do it. It’s infectious and I love it. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and by the way, I enjoyed hearing the outer banks referred to Nags Head. It had been a long time since I heard it. My goodness, I hadn’t realized how long it had been.

    1. Hi Joanne! Yes, I really do love and I so agree, infectious! (in a good way! ;) ) And yes, even though “the outer banks” has somewhat caught on with me now, I still catch myself saying Nags Head quite often! Old habits! :) Have a great day!! xoxo

  9. Hi Nancy, I just had a feeling that I was familiar with the area you were referring to. I was born and raised in Hampton, and I still refer to it as “home.” In fact, if I can swing it, I’m planning to return in August to attend another High School Reunion! I still say “Nags Head” also, and probably always will!!

    1. Oh fun!!! Yes, not too far from me! I actually lived in Hampton when I was very young. (Foxhill then off Todd’s Lane near the old mall…which was new back then…and still a mall ;) ) Enjoy your visit home! xoxo

      1. I know where you’re talking about. Did you ever know any kids named Hughes? I had nieces and nephews living in your area.

        1. Hmm, not that I can recall. But it’s been many years ago now! ;) I do have an old yearbook from the school I went to for a couple of years. (Tucker-Capps Elementary). Well, it’s at my parent’s house. If I come across it, I will have to see if anyone by that name is in there. :) xo

  10. Nicely done Nancy! They look great and the jute was a great idea!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Thank you, Christina! There’s just something special about having “artwork” on the wall that has meaning to it! Happy week to you! xoxo

  11. Love the picture redo’s – you’re right, the rope does add a certain dimension to it.

    I’ve done similar things. I call it “Change-up Shopping”. lol

    And easy thing I just did to redo my bathroom (house built in 1939 with original pink [ugh] tile that is not my favorite color at all) is found a color compatible fabric, cut out squares of it, and glue it around pictures that came with frames I already had. Inexpensive and easy!

  12. Nancy, Great little makeover for a big change and a good lesson to reuse/repurpose things you already have 🙂

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