Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…. It’s Not Just For Furniture (paint all the things!)

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It’s true, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is not just for furniture. That’s one of the great things about it! It’s great for use on so many things besides furniture.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Nope, it’s not.
My house is covered in it. Really.
I can’t look around without seeing it on something. I love it and use it all the time on furniture.

BUT I also use it on all kinds of other things too.

Come take a look…..because Annie Sloan Chalk Paint really is not just for furniture!

This thrifty tray was the perfect find for Chalk Paint….

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

I even created the chalkboard out of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
You can read all about this makeover, here.

Have lamps you don’t love?
Like these that looked a bit “flat” to me…..

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

I added a little dry brush and just look at the difference.
See all the details on this mini makeover, here.

Is a kitchen island considered furniture?
I’m not sure so I included it…because it is also painted with Chalk Paint! ;)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Get all the details, here.

And since I threw in the island, here’s more…..

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Kitchen cabinets painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I did! You can read all about it, here.
Or read about how they’ve held up, 4 years later, here.

Nothing is safe, I tell ya! ;)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

I turned those old prints/frames into brand new artwork with the help of a little paint….

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

See the full tutorial and details, here.

This little cutie got Chalk Paint…and jewels. :)


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Get the makeover details, here.

I’d had these old framed prints for years. I pulled them out of a box and gave them new life….with Chalk Paint, of course! ;)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Get all the details on this easy to do, “faux” weathered finish, here.

How about old flatware boxes?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Chalk Paint makes everything easy to make over.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Get the details on this project, here.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Porch pillows??? Yep!!
See this fun project, here.

Old bi-fold doors? All they need is a little Chalk Paint.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

See the project and where (and how) I used these, here.

Old bottles? Don’t throw them out…pull out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, instead!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

See the project, here.

Another bottle makeover.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Lampshades, yep!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

And another one….

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

…got a little paint with a similar chalky paint.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

More details, here.

Metal? Yep sure can.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Here’s another one….it used to be a rust color and is now Antoinette Pink.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

And this one….

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

It used to be dark bronze colored but is not Provence.

And this one, in Scandinavian Pink.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

How about this lovely?? It came from HomeGoods..and started out GREEN.
I mean really green.
I really liked the design & detail…and knew it would get painted.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Ok…and a cool effect I didn’t plan on but love. I sprayed it with white primer first.
Then applied the chalk paint while it was still a bit sticky and it gave it a crackle finish!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

How cool. I love little surprises like that!
This one got Aubusson Blue with a dry brush of Old White.

Want to see a VIDEO on exactly how to dry brush? All the ins and outs, here >>> “How To Dry Brush – Video

Mirror frames…..

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

Okay, and lastly, let me share this.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - It's Not Just For Furniture - You can use for almost anything! - #chalkpaint #ascp #anniesloan #anniesloanchalkpaint #chalkpaintforfurniture #chalkpaintforeverything

I know that technically it is furniture but would you ever think of upholstered furniture being painted?
Yep, you can do that, too! And I did, twice. ;)
See this one, here.

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture


Clearly I love to paint. :)
But I also love how easily it is to paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

This paint is durable and beautiful. It comes in some of the most gorgeous shades and the possibilities with it are endless!

Have I given you some ideas? I hope so!

Be sure to check in later this week to see what I did with this old thrifty find! 

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!

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  1. First of all, Nancy!!! I love the new site. I’m super excited for you and it came out great as well as your first post on it. Love, Love, Love how clean and clear you pics are now. I love all the crafts you have done with the chalk paint. Now you have my creative mind spinning out of control.

    This is a lot of “love”….lol!!!

    1. Thanks Denyse! So glad you like it!! And thanks so much for all the love!!! lol
      Yea, our heads are spinning in more ways than one these days ….but yes, you can paint just about anything with my beloved Chalk Paint! ;)

      1. where do you get the chalk paint? I live in Maine and I have never heard of that paint but its been a while since I have gone looking for paint… hope can get it at a local store… love you work…

        1. Hi Joan,
          You may be able to find it at a local store. I purchase mine from Robyn Story Design online because I have no one close to me that sells it. You can look at to see if someone near you sells it.
          Thanks so much for stopping by an taking the time to comment! :)
          Hope you have a great Sunday!

          1. I live in Virginia Beach, Va. There is a store called Delighful Digs at 1777 London Bridge Rd
            In Va Beach. It’s at the intersection of Damneck and London bridge. they sell Annie Sloan Paint. Don’t know if this is close to you living in Hampton Roads Nancy, but thought you might like to know.
            Love to see all the things you posted.

          2. Hi Gin!
            Thank you! Nice to “meet” someone local. And Thanks so much for the info. :)

        2. Hi Joan,
          I also live in Maine and had the same question! I searched online and it should be available at Blessings in Brunswick. I’d give them a phone call first to verify – but local! YES!

    1. Thank you so much Lorraine :) Yes, I am! lol…my husband always jokes I’ll paint anything that sits still too long…so it’s totally hilarious that you said that! And yes, of course, Aubusson Blue, how did you guess? ;)

  2. Loving all the transformations Nancy! I especially love the last one from your mama!
    You’re so talented and inspire me ;)

  3. Hi, Love all the great painting projects!! I was just recently introduced to chalk paint and am thinking of painting my oak kitchen cabinets with it. Have you ever painted cabinets with chalk paint, and do you think that chalk paint would be a good choice for kitchen cabinets? We want to use paint that will cover the grain in the wood and I was told that chalk paint would do the trick.


    1. Hi Melissa!
      I’ve painted pretty much everything with it but not kitchen cabinets. I am actually getting ready to paint mine though! I’ve done a few test runs and have figured out exactly how I’m going to do it and finish it, etc. I will definitely be posting about it so keep a lookout for it. It is the next project I’ll be working on. I honestly wouldn’t suggest kitchen cabinets as a first try with chalk paint. It is a big different to work with and I think you maybe should try something smaller to get a feel for it first, see how you like the finish, etc. :)

  4. Oh I am loving these ideas Nancy!!! WOW! You have inspired me to get my paint out and get rocking! And I am so glad to see you up and running! The new site is fantastic! Nicole

    1. Hey Nicole!
      Thanks so much!! :) Haha…I just love to paint! ;) When I see something, anything, everything, all I can think is hmmm what color should I paint that?? lol
      Yes, thanks, me too! Still a few bugs and kinks to work out but it’s getting there! (one is email and comments, so forgive me that you can’t respond back to me through email, if you wanted to! ;), …I’m working on that!!)

  5. I love your new look on word press! Very nicely done! I also love all of your painting upgrades. You definitely have a knack for that.

    We are having a link party over at my blog. I would love to have you come link up.


    ps. Thanks for linking up last week! :0)

    1. Hi Melissa!
      Thanks so much!! I am loving it…just having to get it all down! ;)
      Thanks for the compliment too! I just love to paint. I love changing things and seems a great way to do it!
      I will hop over, thanks for the invite!

    1. Thanks Kim! :) That is so good to hear!! I almost started on WP in the beginning but was overwhelmed by it all and just took the easy route…Blogger. So, I think I sort of always knew I would switch if I stayed with it. I like the look and layouts, as well as all the things you can do, with WP better. I’m still learning though! ;) How hard was it?…well, I had someone design and switch me over….I have added some plugins and moved things around and such though. (it’s a little…lot…nerve wracking process though!! ) ;)

      1. Have you ever tried Amy Howard paints? What/why do you feel AS’s paints are better? I’ve watched and watch AND watched Amy Howard’s YouTube videos – her paints seem amazing and for basically the same cost.

    1. Thanks Sonya! :) I’m happy it’s all almost behind me! (the move)
      Haha…yep, it’s addicting…I always want to paint everything!! ;)

  6. Love your ideas!! I recently painted a piano with chalk paint and can’t wait to do more!! I would love to paint an old set of dishes…have you ever done this? Can I still eat off of them and wash them or even put them in the dishwasher? I”m guessing not, but man it would be nice if I could!!

    1. Hi Michelle :)
      Thanks so much!!
      A decorative dish, that won’t be used for food, etc, yes, I would. For decorative purposes only. But for eating dishes, no, I wouldn’t recommend that.
      OH I bet your piano is beautiful…if I had one I’d paint it too! ;)

    1. Aww thanks Kelly! Yes, I am thinking you are. lol You need to get with it! ;)
      Once you start…nothing in your house will be safe!

  7. All gorgeousness! You have me convinced that I MUST try chalk paint and that I can start with little pieces and have a big impact. Hey, did you change to wordpress? Your site looks beautiful! :)

    1. Aww thank you Sharon :) Yes, I’m gonna get everyone on board eventually! ;)
      Yes, I sure did! It’s been a little bumpy but I love it so much better. Thanks so much!

  8. Have you ever used DIY chalk paint? I make mine by buying mis- matched gallons of latex paint for 3 bucks at my local hardware store. They also sell 1 quart bottles of tint, usually 3 bucks. Then I buy my plaster of paris in large boxes of about 4 pounds for 5 bucks. I buy used tupperware containers at goodwill. Then I mix mix mix 2 cups of paint, 2 TBL water and 7 TBL of plaster. I mix my water and plaster until very smooth then add it to the paint. I add the tint, small amounts until I get my desired color. and Ive got just the prettiest chalk paint! The tupperware containers keep it fresh and I can mix the used chalk paint with others for new colors. Ive kept it for as long as 2 months so far in the containers. Its super easy and costs around 1.00 per pint. Just wondering if you have tried it! Your projects are beautiful!

    1. Hi Patty,
      You know, I have actually. I really wanted to love it for obvious reasons but I just didn’t come across a formula that worked as well as the ASCP. I used the grout and whiting versions and didn’t get the results I’d hoped for. May have to try your recipe there with the POP and see what I think since you speak so highly of it! ;) I actually bought some POP awhile back to try but after the first two failures I just put in on the back burner. I do really love ASCP but I’m always open to trying new products and new things, so I may give it a whirl just to see how it measures up. Thanks! :)

  9. Hi, I’m painting a glass/wood cabinet and it has a mirrored back, which I was going to cover with material or wallpaper. Can I paint it with Annie Sloan paint or will it chip off? Kind regards, Julie Mc

    1. Hi Julie :) Yes, you sure can paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It will take a couple of coats to cover it well though. But it definitely works! Here are two links to posts that I did this on. One is a glass in a framed picture and one is an actual mirror that went to a dresser. (Keep in mind that I made “chalkboards” on those two items with the ASCP and did not seal it. And I could have used any color and then sealed it to finish it off. So for example, if I was painting a cabinet cream and wanted the back (mirror) to be cream also I would just paint the entire thing and then seal it as normal.)

  10. All your projects look great! Please tell me how you painted the lamp shades. I am tackling my living room this summer. Right now it’s all brown. Brown furniture, wood floors, brown tables, etc..very boring. I can’t do anything with the sofas, so I plan on painting the lamps, tables, etc. I had no idea Annie Sloan can be used on lamp shades!
    Thanks for any tips!

    1. Thanks Deb :) Nothing special on painting the lamp shades….you could mix the paint with a little water if you want to go with a light coat first. Other than that, just paint as usual (I used a brush). But be sure to let it dry and leave it. Don’t put wax or anything over it. It may or may not be okay because of the heat from the light bulb…but I personally wouldn’t do it. Both of mine I painted with the chalk paint and left without any kind of seal/top coat and they are great. Hope that helps!

  11. I recently purchased a dresser that has chalk paint and my daughter wants to change the color to black; what’s the best way to do that?

    I have never used chalk paint.

    1. Hi Kay,
      If it has chalk paint and wax now you can purchase the color “Graphite” (a soft black color) in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and paint right over it and re wax it. If you want to paint with Latex paint you will need to sand it down below the wax layer so the paint will adhere. Hope that helps :)

  12. thank you so much for this! it took me a while (once I came across this paint on a dif blog) to figure out if I could use the paint on an already painted piece (a painted dresser from a thrift store). your blog provided the answer, as I would imagine a few of the items you mentioned were not originally just wood/varnish but painted (like the frame that was black) which btw, looked so good once you were done with it! thank you!!

    1. You are so welcome. :) Yes you can paint right over regular paint with chalk paint. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

      1. Thank you, Nancy!:D Btw, your blog is lovely! I will stop back and comment if I end up getting&using the ASCP–I’m on a budget and would have to drive about an hr each way to a specialty shop to get it, but I just might do it anyway. Thanks again! :D

  13. I am using DIY chalk paint to paint a metal bed…..I had done some research and read that chalk paint is great on metal. I just put 3 coats of chalk paint on the bed and the paint seems to just scratch right off. Is this normal? Does the wax make it more durable. Nervous I have done something wrong and wanted to find that out before I start waxing. This is my first time using chalk paint so feeling anxious I have messed up!

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      Honestly your problem is most likely the DIY paint not anything you’ve done. I tested some of the DIY formulas last year and none compared to Annie Sloan’s at all. It’s just not the same. Adding ingredients to latex paint may change the way it applies a bit….but it’s still latex and still has latex properties. Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® is different and has different properties than latex paint. I have painted many metal (and glass) things with Annie’s paints, waxed and/or poly’d them without a problem. Do you have access to her paint? If you don’t have a shop close by that sells it you can order it online. That would be what I would suggest. :) You could try waxing over what you have but honestly I think you will probably be disappointed. Sorry! (and no I don’t work for Annie Sloan and I am not a stockist….I am just someone who paints furniture and loves the product! ;) )
      Hope that helps some!! :)

  14. I love the bottle you made! Did it peel on the glass? I had a go at using home made chalk paint on a similar surface and it peeled, so did you need to seal it?

    1. Hi, thank you! No the paint has not peeled on the glass. And yes, I sealed it with wax. I will say I have tried the home made chalk paint before for testing purposes and it is not the same as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It is still latex and latex will peel like that. That is my experience anyway. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Kari, I just take a very fine grit sandpaper and lightly rub the edges where natural wear would have taken place. You can do this before or after waxing. Also, with chalk paint (before waxing) you can use a damp rag to wipe away to distress also. Nancy

  15. Just wondering what you use to seal the metal pieces you’ve painted? I recently painted an old metal container and had thought I’d use it as an umbrella holder but I’m not sure how to seal it so the wet umbrellas dont rub the chalk paint off?!!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I have used regular poly, polycrylic and wax to seal metal pieces. Most of the time I use wax on those but all have worked well for me. :)

  16. Hi there!
    I love your work!!! I am new to re-vamping old finds. I still do not know how to properly “distress” something and make it look antique. Can you give me some pointers? I am currently wanting to distress 2 ceramic plates and 2 glass candlestick holders.
    Much thanks!

    1. Hi Amber,
      Thanks so much!
      There are several different ways to distress. You can distress with a very (very) fine grit sandpaper before waxing/sealing…and you can distress after. Just lightly rub around the edges. Anywhere there would be natural type of wear over the years is where you want to focus on. If using Chalk Paint, you can also do a damp rag to distress. I did this on a few of my projects here on the blog. Just lightly wipe away in those same areas. Another way to distress is with a wet sanding sponge. All of these will give you the distressed look…all a tiny bit different from each other. Best to maybe take an old piece of wood or furniture and practice on to see which you like best.
      Hope that helps!

  17. Wow, you have really inspired me to want to scrounge my house and repaint stuff!!! I’d love it if you guest blogged a redo like one of those sometime on my blog! I really think my readers would love your creations!

  18. After painting my lampshade with Annie Sloan paint, it was awesome until I turned the lamp on. You could see light spots all over the place! What do I do?

    1. Hi Renia,
      Yes, that can happen, especially with the darker colors. I would just paint a few more light, even coats over the shade to even it up!


  19. A great blog post with some amazing transformations. We’re a stockist of ASCP in the UK and just love to see how others use this brilliant paint. It is so versatile and we also use it on everything! :)

    1. Aw, thanks so much! :) I love painting anything and everything and ASCP makes it easy! :)
      Have a great weekend!

  20. Can you use chalk paint on plastic? If you can, does it last? I need to repaint some plastic rockers that I have outside. The spray paint that was for plastic is peeling off. I’m looking for a permanent solution to this problem. The chairs are super comfortable, so I would like to save them somehow. thanks.

    1. Oh that is a good question! I’m not sure I have ever tried it on plastic. I’m not sure how well that would work, especially if they are outside. And if they already have spray paint that is peeling you would want to remove that before painting again (it will most likely continue to peel even with another layer of other paint on top) But if you love them and want to keep them, I would probably try to sand them to remove loose paint and then spray with a primer (made for plastic) and try a different brand of spray paint for plastic. If it was an inside piece..I’d say paint it with Chalk Paint! ;)
      Hope that helps!

  21. Hi! Fun reading all about the things you have transformed with ASCP. I have a question – hope you can help. I have used ASCP to paint a lampshade. It was white, I used the cream color. I then added a couple of very cute stencils and it looks great….until I turn the light ON. That’s when the paintbrush marks are oh so obvious and ruin the look! Am I doing something wrong? Do you see paintbrush marks when you light up your lamps with painted shades? So frustrating. Any advice very much appreciated. Laura

    1. Hi Laura,
      I have some advice but it’s gonna be tough since you’ve already stenciled. Yes, the light coming through can occasionally show brush marks depending on the color used.
      You can used a bit watered down paint and do light, even strokes. Or, in this case, just add more coats to “fill in”.
      Some colors are worse than others. (but I’ve only done a handful of lamp shades)
      So, no, you didn’t do anything wrong, just needed an additional layer or so of paint.

    1. Hi there!
      Have you tried the Country Grey. That looks very similar to that color without any mixing needed. You can manipulate the color a bit with the dark wax (mixed with clear), as needed.
      Hope that helps! :)

  22. Hi! I tried painting a set of old clear glass canisters. I put one coat of AS, then when time for the 2nd coat some of the 1st coat would come off. I ended up washing all the paint off and spray painting them with brown primer/paint then put two coats of AS…worked AWESOME. BUT all things cannot be done like that!! What is the trick without primer, etc??? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Yep, I know exactly what you are referring too. The glass is so slick that the paint wants to come off when it gets wet again by the second coat. That was a smart idea to use the primer. :)
      But, what advice I can offer is this…. a light hand. A very light hand on the second and/or subsequent coats. Sort of like nail polish. ;) If you wipe the brush too many times over a spot on second or third coats of nail polish it will take away a bit of polish there and the nail will show through or it will be uneven. Kind of the same principal here. The underneath paint will get wet again and will react like a first coat.(because it is Chalk Paint and porous until it is sealed, unlike latex, etc) SO, a light hand and don’t go over too much. Lay the paint on lightly and move to the next area. I find the same thing with glass/mirrors and making a chalkboard. Light hand, don’t work it too much, and do several coats and you should be good! :)
      Hope that helps!!

  23. Love the blog! I have a chalk paint question. I have refinished several picture frames (mostly older, ornate wood frames) for various reasons using both acrylic and latex paints and so far haven’t had an issue. I always thought chalk paint was better on finished, glossy surfaces or those that would be used heavily (like furniture). Is there a benefit to chalk paint I may not be considering for these sorts of projects?



    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you!
      You can use CP on finished or unfinished wood etc. No benefit to using for those sort of projects really…just a matter of preference. :)

  24. I am just learning about chalk paint and am excited to try it on a garden stool that I have had for a couple of years. I have never been happy with the white color. I suppose it is ceramic and it has lots of cutwork on the sides. Will ASCP work on this type of surface? Will the steps be the same as with a wood project?

    1. Hi Mary,
      It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the piece. But as long as it’s not something that you use a lot, decorative only, than it should be fine.
      I’ve done metal and glass without an issue but they were decorative items.

  25. Hi,

    firstly I really like your site and you are truly amazing :-) Secondly I am new to ASCP and I was trying to paint mason jar, ok, it did pretty good but I can make a scratch and chip off the paint and I thought that it is impossible to do that. Dont you know what I am doing wrong??

    1. I clear the bottle (rubbing alcohol)
    2. painted first coat
    3. painted second coat after 30 minutes
    4. distressed it
    5. seal it

    Thank you so so much for your tips

    1. Hi Tina!

      Thank you so much. :)

      Ok, you are probably not doing anything wrong. :) I would not say it is impossible to scratch off, but very resistant. If I painted something like that and tried to scratch it, it may come off a bit. But I’d expect that with anything I paint, any type of paint. I would expect it to come off with normal usage though so…here are some thoughts:
      It will take a bit of time to cure, so I would be extra careful with it for at least a week.
      One thing also, when waxing, be sure to get the wax down into the paint well. You don’t have to use a lot, just be sure it saturates. Then wait an hour or two and buff well.
      The buffing I have found really helps durability too.

      I hope this helps some!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Yep, you sure can. You just want to make sure whatever you paint over is secure. (not peeling, etc)
      Have fun! :)

  26. I’ve been dying to try the chalk paint for too long now. But I’ve recently been reading that the wax finish isn’t great for “sticky, greasy fingers” that leave marks that you can’t get off. With three kids under the age of 8, that could present a problem. I have some dining room chairs I’d love to try it out on, but I’m a bit trigger shy after the bad rap rumors. Any thoughts?

  27. Nancy, I am somewhat new to painting with chalk paint but so far I’m loving it! I love all your projects & ideas! I’ve just painted a small metal watering can and would like to distress it. My hubby thinks I should use a fine steel wool but I’m afraid it will make it looked scratched. The paint is already dry. Would it have been better to do this while it was wet? My hubby & I are not sure we agree with each other on this. Lol…. thanks for your help & your awesome ideas!!

    1. Hi Kristi,

      I would use a damp (not wet) rag to wipe (gently) where you would like the “wear” to appear. You can also use a very fine sandpaper but you mentioned you don’t want it to look scratched.
      The damp rag should do the trick. If you painted several coats the paint may be slow coming off. If so, try very lightly sanding in the areas you want “worn” and then go back over with the damp rag to smooth the edges.
      Hope this helps! :)

  28. Love the website! I think I may be one of the few who have never used chalk paint.

    Is it possible to us ASCP to paint vinyl vertical blinds? I have vertical blinds in my living room that would be super expensive to replace, and because of the height of the windows and lighting issues, curtains etc are not an option. The blinds are in good condition, just a dated, blah color. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Christine!
      Thanks!! :)
      Yes, I think you absolutely could! Much cheaper to paint than replace. :)
      If they are fabric, it should be very easy. If they are vinyl, I would maybe lightly sand (by hand) first.
      Good luck!!

    1. Hi Phylis,

      No, I have not. I wouldn’t recommend painting inside shower will it will be getting wet often.

    1. Hi Gina,
      Yep! Just get some very fine grade sandpaper and rub lightly over everything that you want to give a worn look to. :)

  29. I just happened upon your post on Pinterest, and found your ideas refreshing…refreshing because my mind sometimes can’t think of any new ideas! LOL And I loved the ORB idea. I have a furniture space in New Jersey, down in Woodbine (Capt. Scraps) and am constantly trying to come up with new ideas. Plus, there are several other painters who also paint furniture – so I am challenged to present something NEW. I’ve been in the Faux Finishing biz for over ten years. Still, like yourself…anything could be painted. I don’t even show ALL the things I’ve done for lack of time. Sheesh, wish we could meet up for a cup of coffee! I’m sure we’d see how far we can push the envelope on Surfaces!! My latest venture included decoupaging shoes, upcycling hats, and playing with concrete. Juliana I’m on Facebook – The Faux Chateau

    1. Hi Juliana!!
      Oh I know what you mean!! :) Yes, how fun would that be!
      And yep, I totally agree, just about anything can be painted! Why not??! You sound like a very creative, creative! Will have to check out your site! :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  30. What kind of light is emitted when the shade is painted and light is on? Does the light show through changing the color of the shade?

    1. It all depends on the color you paint it. I’ve not noticed anything bold though. It’s subtle and looks just like any other dark or light lampshade (depending on which color you choose). :)

    1. Hi Sandy,

      You can repaint it with more Chalk Paint, yes. BUT you can’t repaint it with other paint or sealer as it won’t adhere. You’d have to remove the wax either by sanding or with something like mineral spirits first. Hope that helps!

  31. Being addicted to Annie Sloan’s paint I tried boots. 3 layers of pure white + wax. I haven’t tried them on yet as I very soon understood that I would have to display them on a shelf. Impossible to wear as the paint already crackles. So, if you know the recipe ???? My first big deception after being told that you can paint about anything. I wanted to try fabric, but think will have the same problem.

    1. I’m sorry that didn’t work out for you! You really can paint just about anything with it. However, it really depends on the material and how well the paint can “seep in” for things that have movement, like fabric, etc. I have painted several fabric items with it with good luck. But again, some worked better than others depending on the fabric of each. Those projects are all here on the blog if you’d like to take a look. :) (chairs, pillows, etc) For something like boots, they will bend and crack. Unless they are made of a fabric that the paint is allowed to seep into and actually incorporate itself into it. Any kind of paint that just lays on top, whether it’s latex or chalk style, will crack. Hope that helps!! :)

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