Kitchen Island Makeover – (the easy way!!!)

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Painting your island can really add a fun design element to any kitchen. I’m sharing this kitchen island makeover that did just that!

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Awhile back I posted about painting my kitchen island ….again.

I was a little unsure since I had only recently painted it black.

But as you can see…I went for it…and painted it with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint! ;)
Surely you are not surprised, right? (and if you follow me on Instagram you know I did this awhile ago now…most things get there long before they get written about here)

And so…. I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.


Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

….even I, who loves color and is not afraid of color, was a little afraid of this color, on this island.
I almost painted over it immediately which would not be unusual for me.
But I let it grow on me (thanks to some well timed intervention — from my hubby and awesome sister in law)…and it did, quickly.

I love, love, love it.

I have to say I truly did like the black but I wanted a splash of color in this room…and a big one.

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

So, just a recap, it was built by my husband and myself when we reno’d our kitchen some years ago.  (walls out and all that)
This was originally an eat in kitchen and we had a small table in that back corner.
We removed a full wall on that side and a half wall on the opposite side (see the full kitchen reveal >>>here) and put the island in.
EDITED TO ADD (2018): We are giving the kitchen, this island and the whole downstairs, a brand new makeover.
Stay tuned for another kitchen island makeover and the full kitchen/home reveal coming soon.

The island was made from 3 pre-made cabinets at Lowe’s.
I will have a post on how we did it and how we re-worked the middle cabinet to accommodate the microwave at a later date.

Kitchen Island Makeover

Here it is in its original finish –

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture


And I have to show you the kitchen before the island and before the wall removal….

Basically same view (back corner) in all photos in the collage below…what a difference, right??

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

And how about that BEFORE, before?……..(as in days after moving in and already tearing the kitchen apart )

Yea, plaid, lots of plaid…and it was SO DARK.

Plus dark wood cabinets, dark wood trim, dark wood doors, dark wood paneling.
Makes for a very dark house!

This house has gone through MAJOR changes and I can’t wait to share all the before/afters. (want to see a few more photos of this wall removal/kitchen demo?
Look at this post —> here.)

But first…back to the kitchen island makeover.

Since we made the island out of ‘ready to go’ cabinets from Lowe’s they were unfinished on the back.
So we decided to put paint grade bead board up and I would stain it to match.

And nope, I could not get a good match…so I came up with the idea to just paint it black like the granite we used on top.

I think it worked out pretty well.
Not ideal, of course, but putting the island together this way saved us a bunch.
See the smaller picture below of “before” when the sides & front were Cherry stained and the back was black.
Then below that -after I painted it all black. (Sherwin Williams 6258 -Tricorn Black)

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

When I decided to paint the island in the Duck Egg, I thought it would be best to put bead board on the smooth sides to have continuity with the back.
Plus I like detail and thought the flat panels on the sides would look boring/plain.

We did a quick spray with black spray paint (they were white primered) so once painted with Duck Egg they would distress the same with the black showing through.

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

But here’s the dilemma.
The back bead board was some sort of paint grade and the wood was not nice and smooth like the new we had just bought.
It was rough-ish in the groves and looked terrible once painted a lighter color.
Soooo….we covered it up with the same new panels we used on the sides.
(they come white but we did another quick spray of black on these two before installing)
I know it looks exactly the same in the picture…but TRUST me when I say, in no way were the these finishes the same.

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

So much better.

Nailed & glued in place, painted and distressed.

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Here’s a fun little surprise….when I used the wet sponge to distress on this Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint I got a “washed” effect.

I LOVE it.

And I love fun surprises like that.

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Is that not totally cool?

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Oh, and those are the rest of my kitchen cabinets in the photo above. I painted them in a blend of Pure White/Old White Chalk Paint.
And yes, I painted them twice in one week…because my mix had too much Old White (too yellow) first go round.

Yep, painted, sealed, repainted, resealed.

But I knew it would drive me crazy so the only thing to do was jump right back on it and get it done. So I did.

And now they are…perfect. :)

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

I decided to use a poly to seal this island (and my other kitchen cabinets) since they are in the kitchen and will get a lot of use.
We refinished our wood floors last year and the poly I used to seal the floors is fantastic.
I have used it several more times since on various projects. It is HARD and hard wearing.

Varathane Floor Finish….Water Based. It’s really good stuff.

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture #sealer #varathane

So there ya have it! I did it. I painted my island and I know that not everyone will love it this color…but I do.
It feels so happy, bright and cheerful in this kitchen.

Especially so, compared to when we moved in. (huge understatement)

….and the Chalk Paint really did make it a breeze to do!

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

What a difference a little paint & color can make…oh and new hardware too.
(this hardware is similar)
Isn’t that Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint beautiful? One of my favorite colors!

PIN this to save it for later!!

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

Kitchen Island Makeover - The EASY Way!! - #chalkpaint #duckeggblue #kitchenmakeover #kitchenisland #islandideas #paintedislands #paintedfurniture

What do you all think? Do you like the black better?
Or maybe the Cherry colored wood?

..nah……this is definitely a keeper…for now. ;)

Want to know how this island (and my kitchen cabinets) held up with Chalk Paint….4 years later??

Check out this post here >>> My Chalk Painted Cabinets – 4 Years Later!

Be sure to check back in to see how I gave this old chest a much needed update! 

UPDATE!! See it now, here!!

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  1. I’m a sucker for black furniture, but I LOVE it in the duck egg!! I bought a small jar of that color, but have yet to paint anything with it yet. I’ll find something though. :)


    1. Andi,
      I do love black furniture too and really liked the island black…but I agree, it was overpowering! I hadn’t thought of it like that but you are right. The Duck Egg is so cheerful and brightens up the space so much. It’s a really great color anyway. I’ve used it on a bunch of things! I’m sure you’ve got something you can paint with it!! ;)

  2. LOVE your island Nancy – that colour is fabulous. I have dreamed of a blue island for a few years now… we don’t actually even have an island. But think I might be painting my lowers blue soon and the uppers white… was thinking chalk paint too and sealing with Varathane. Glad to read your post about it!

    1. Thanks Krista! Oh that will be a great look. The Varathane is fabulous. I have been thrilled with it on our floors and it’s been wonderful so far on the cabinets and island. Can’t wait to see your kitchen!

  3. Hi. I love everything you did. Question: the clear coat you put on island and cabinets, did you wax the chalk paint first? Did you brush or roll it on and did it look really shiny once done?

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. :)
      No, I didn’t wax at all. I only used the Varathane to seal. I used a brush (good quality bristle brush- Purdy) and no, not too shiny. I used Semi-Gloss because that was what we had left over from the floors. I usually like to use Satin but the Semi-Gloss is perfect (in my opinion) for cabinetry.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi just curious how the finish is holding up these days since its been almost a year? I am considering doing a similar thing.

        1. Hi Hannah!
          Both the kitchen cabinets and the island are holding up great!! I plan to do a full kitchen reveal post in the near future. (once I have finally finished changing out all appliances, farm sink is in now, new faucet still to come etc) I will talk a bit about them in that post. :)


      2. I understand you didn’t do the wax after the chalk paint. I already put wax on and didn’t feel like it gave it any depth or shine. Do I have to paint again or can I put the Varathate right over the wax? I did the wax on wax off thing the store said to do . I don’t want to mess up , my island is black and it is very dull. I appreciate any help I can get

          1. I feel silly but I don’t know what you mean to answer me over there. I went to the link but didn’t see an answer. Sorry for my confusion

          2. Oh! I sent you a response to your email (I know all of these come to you as emails, but you commented here which when I respond goes to your email and here, and you also sent an actual email to which I responded)
            No need to feel silly, I know it can be confusing! :)
            I will look for it in my sent box and resend to you. :) Be on the lookout for it!

    1. Thanks so much Christy! :) Yes, the rest of my kitchen is also Chalk Painted….and if we ever get around to replacing the counter tops and installing my farmhouse sink, I may get to do a full reveal. ;) (always too many projects going at once!)

  4. Hi sweet friend! You know I totally love the blue island, it’s my favorite out of all the colors its been. :) Looks SO beautiful and I love it with the dark granite! Hope you are well. xoxo, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon! :) Aw thanks! I am really enjoying it this color….and so glad I just went for it. (no surprise there really ;) )
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Love that washed effect! And also admire how brave you are to make so many changes :) The effect really lightens up the kitchen and makes it look amazing!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  6. Love the duck egg! The black was too much with the black countertop. I love your kitchen with the the wainscoting and wall and your cabinet color! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Mary! :) It seems that a lot of people think the black was overpowering…and I think I agree! :) This color looks (and feels) so much better in the space.

  7. Hi! I just painted my island with a chalk paint.. But when I try to antique it, every stain or glaze I use makes it look a dirty and greenish yuck color :( help! Yours looks amazing!

    1. Hi,
      I didn’t use any kind of antiquing or glaze on my island. I didn’t even use the dark wax. I wanted to see that crisp, clean, blueish(slight green) of the Duck Egg. I will tell you that most antiquing and glazes will have a yellowish hue to them so that is why you are picking up the greenish color afterwards. It’s turning the blue of the Duck Egg green. To “antique” mine, I just sanded the black (the previous color) through with a sanding block. Giving it an aged look without glaze or dark wax. :)
      And thank you by the way!! :)


  8. I really want to paint my Pantry Doors this color with a distressed look. What’s your advice on painting them and distressing them, not sure about Glaze to make the distress look pop.

  9. I want to paint my Pantry doors this color and distress them. Not sure if I should use Glaze to the distressed areas. What’s your advice?? I never have done this but my husband has.

    1. Yes, that will be lovely! If using Chalk Paint, you could distress them and then “glaze” them with the Dark wax. You could do it several different ways. Using it as a wax and rubbing it on (after applying clear wax first) and wiping away excess. Or you could mix it with mineral spirits and apply more like a typical glaze in the areas you want it to be (corners, details, etc) OR you could use a product like I used for this, the Varathane poly, and then apply a typical glaze (like found at Lowe’s) over top of that. You can distress with sandpaper to rub away some paint (as I did) or you can just do the glaze technique, or both! So many variations can be done it just depends on the look you are after. :)
      I know that’s a lot of different techniques but I hope it helped and maybe gave you an idea or two!
      Happy New Year!

  10. Hey! I was just web-crawling for ideas on my up-coming kitchen cabinet make-over and ran across your blog! Your cabinets and island look great! I was wondering about the varathane sealer. Did you use a sponge brush or a regular brush to apply it? How long did it take to cure? I’m excited about getting started, but want to make sure that I do it correctly since my husband won’t be as forgiving if I want to turn around and paint it again the next week or even the next 5 years… hahaha
    I have been using ASCP for several years now, but have only felt confident enough to start tackling the kitchen! I’m a wimp! ha
    Any advice on this matter would be appreciated!!

    1. Hi Holly,
      Thanks so much!
      For the Varathane, I used a Purdy bristle brush. One coat. As far as cure, I can’t really say for sure. I always like to be super gentle with anything I paint like that for about 30 days. They dried fairly quickly and were put back together, doors etc, the next day.
      You could use a roller to apply or brush to apply the paint/finish. I wouldn’t use the little foam ‘brushes’ though. :)
      If you’ve been using ASCP for a few years than I am confident your cabinets will turn out beautifully!! Good luck!!

  11. Hello! Beautiful kitchen. I painted my cabinets in annie sloan old ochre. It is too creamy and off white. I want to repaint them to be whiter. I have some pieces that are old white and I love them. What is your mixture of pure white and old white? What parts of what? Also, I have painted some furniture pieces in the past (a creamy white color) and we used wipe on poly and it turned them yellow in a matter of a few weeks. Has what you used turned yours yellow? And have you ever heard of that happening? I used the annie sloan clear wax on mine now, but I want them to be shinier and I think what you used would be the trick, just don’t want it to turn them yellow after a while. Also, if I distressed a little would I do it before or after the floor sealer? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi Molly,
      Thank you :) I am sorry, I don’t really have exact measurements. But I can tell you it is mostly Pure White with only a bit of Old White. (the first go around I did it more 1/2 and 1/2 and it was too yellow).
      Yes, oil based poly has a tendency to turn things yellow so it’s best to use that only on darker painted items. Water based polys are better for lighter colors since they don’t tend to yellow as much. The Varathane that I used has been great with no yellowing. I have had good luck with Minwax Polycrylic too.
      The only problem you have now is that you have applied wax. You can’t put the poly over the wax. You would need to remove the wax (sand down past it) and repaint then poly. You could try painting over the wax with Chalk Paint (it will adhere to the wax) and then putting poly over that but honestly I would be nervous about durability because of that under layer of wax.
      If you want them to be less yellow you could certainly paint them with a whiter mix and just re-wax them no problem.
      As far as distressing, I always do it before applying the finish product (wax or poly) But you can do it either way.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Nancy – I have been on your blog several times and just love it! I wish I could win the lottery or something and then I would pay for you to come re-do my home (I live in Texas). I love everything about your home. The colors, your decorating style etc. I’m wanting to redecorate my home so you have given me the inspiration to just jump in there and make the change. I am so tired of what I have. I WANT COLOR! :) Thanks for all your postings. You are doing a great job.

    1. Aw thanks so much Bonnie!! What a sweet comment!
      I would love to come help you, that would be fun! :) Yes, you do just have to jump right in. I was the same way about 2 years ago. I had tan walls (in varying shades) for the most part and maroons and golds. Blah! I needed a change. I completely changed the entire design and decor of my home over the last year or so. And I do mean completely! ;)
      But I also did it on the cheap. Most of everything that I re-decorated with came from a garage sale or thrift store, small decor items to large furniture. It can be done on a major budget! I am actually going to do a series of posts for each room pointing out what and how I redecorated each one on a budget. (I have a few decor things to finish before I do though!) But I am really excited to share that with my readers.
      Thanks again for the sweet words. I cannot tell you how they made my day!

  13. Your cabinets and island look beautiful!!! I’m in the process of chalk painting my kitchen cabinets too and I have a ton so I don’t want to wax them because it’s too labor intense and I don’t want rewax them every year. Did you have a problem with bubbling using the poly to seal your cabinets? Some people used lacquer so I’m curious about that as well. Any advice would be helpful!! :) thanks!

    1. Thank you Stacey! :) No way, I am totally with you on the wax. I didn’t have any bubbling at all. (I have heard of some people having bubbling problems with some laminates though…but I think that may be a coating or something on the “plastic” material and maybe not cleaned well prior) I have not tried AS laquer yet but hope to at some point just for comparisons sake. I’ve had good luck with Polycrylic and Varathane I used. (and wax on other pieces, of course!)
      Good luck and I hope this helps some! :)

  14. Love your island! We just bought an unfinished sink cabinet we are going to top with countertop and install on kitchen wall for more counter space. Can you use chalk paint on unfinished wood and get the same matte look? Thanks

    1. Thank you Michelle! That sounds like a great idea! Yes, you can use Chalk Paint on unfinished wood. It will be matte on any surface before it is sealed. (chalky finish) But it needs to be sealed with either wax or some sort of poly product. You can get a matte finished poly if you like that look. The wax is matte-ish in finish but still has a bit of shine to it. (I used Varathane poly in Semi-Gloss for this island)
      Hope that helps!

  15. Love your cabinets and island make-over. I am wanting to use ASCP on my kitchen table and am curious if this sealer is safe for that. I figured I needed something better than just wax. I have never used any ASCP so any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Leslie! From my experience, and all I’ve read, most polys are safe once cured— BUT I would check with the manufacturer to be sure. I used poly on my kitchen table redo (sanded/stained/poly’d)..and most tables, etc, are finished with it.
      Hope that helps!!

  16. Your cabinets look beautiful! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets too. How many quarts of ASAP did you use for the cabinets? I’m just trying to figure out how much I would need. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thanks so much! I used somewhere between 3/4 to 1 can but keep in mind that I didn’t repaint the insides of the cabinet this time. Plus it will also depend on how many cabinets you have. But it really does go a long way!
      Hope that helps!!

  17. I love your posts and am about to paint my light maple kitchen white (3/4 pure white and 1/4 old white like you did!). I have a great dark wood(ish) console table that I want to make beachy/chic for my living room and I wanted to explore the duck egg blue color. If I mix some duck egg with pure or old white, will I get a very light duck egg color? Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily,
      Yep, that’s right! It will. I adjust the colors all the time like that. Just play around until you get it the shade you like! (hint…remember that as you are mixing the color will dry darker than it looks wet)


  18. Quick question — I painted my cabinets with latex paint. I followed all the steps (deglosser, coverstain oil primer, and then the latex) It was been a chipping nightmare. I think I should have used a top coat like the one you mention here. It’s been two years since I painted the cabinets. I was hoping to fix the chips with the same latex paint and then put a poly on top. Can I do that or will it not stick because it’s been two years since I painted?

    I know that I will need to clean them well with dish soap and maybe deglosser?

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Hi Lori,

      I don’t think fixing the chips, applying more paint, and then applying poly will help. You will most likely continue to get chips since the issue is underneath. You will just be putting another coat over the problem. You really need to sand then down. Not sure how far you would need to sand without seeing them. But… I would sand, clean well, repaint and if you use latex you don’t really need poly on top. The Chalk Paint I used has to be “sealed” with either wax or poly. For my kitchen I just chose to go the poly route. (the first time I painted them with latex 10 years ago and did not do a poly top coat but I sanded them well. I had no chipping)
      I think the problem is probably the deglosser. I like to use that occasionally on furniture but I wouldn’t for something like cabinets that will get a lot of use. Sanding first is still the best option there, in my opinion.
      Hope that helps!! :)

      1. Hi Nancy,

        Thanks so much for your quick reply. I was afraid of that. There are so many blog posts that claim you can paint your kitchen without sanding your cabinets. I knew I shouldn’t have listened and taken the easy way out.

        Also, I was originally planning on painting my cabinets in oil paint, but I’ve heard it can yellow or time. I really like how well oil paints hold off and have such a hard finish. I am going to start with the island, sand it down, clean it up, paint on coverstain and then probably a few coats of oil, light sanding in between for “tooth.” Ugh! it’s so important to consider the source with these blogs and pinterest pins these days. Oh well, maybe my story can help others at least.

        Thanks again!

  19. LOVE the blue! Really liked the black too. The key to both colors in my opinion was your choice in the black granite countertop – super smart choice! I love the colors in your kitchen; the new cabinets, the wall color, etc. I love that you are daring and I feel a kinship because when I paint something like this blue, I question my choice, but always end up liking it in the end. My kids are going to remember this season of my life as the “black period” – I have painted so much black – hee!hee! I found your website by googling “annie sloan’s old white is yellow on my piece.” and you had a similar experience with your cabinets – I am going to get pure white now. Her website clearly says:
    Old White (Chalk)
    The colour of chalk and gesso, a cool soft white without pink or yellow in it. “

    1. Thank you so much Sue! :) You are right, the black is a good choice for most colors. (and I can change my mind a lot …which I tend to do! ;) )
      How funny about the description of the paint!! In my opinion, it definitely can have a slight warm, yellow-ish cast. Which is not necessarily a bad thing at all, just not what I want at times!

  20. I have been looking for the right yellow to paint my kitchen and I really like your wall color.. can you tell me what the name of your paint is ? thank you! I also bought the ascp duck blue egg thanks to you!

    1. Thank you, yes it is a fabulous color! It is Sherwin Williams, SW6127 (Ivoire)
      Enjoy!! (and enjoy the Duck Egg…it’s certainly a favorite of mine! ;) )


      1. thank you very much!!
        I want to paint my kitchen island a blue tone to match the white cabinets that I will paint mine inspired by yours …
        can you recommend a ascp color something a little brighter and maybe deeper tone than the duck blue egg?

        1. Hi there!

          Brighter and a bit deeper toned…I would try Provence. It’s a gorgeous color. It’s a bit richer and has a touch more teal/blue in it.
          If you are thinking even darker, you could try Aubusson Blue (my all time favorite color in the line). You could even try mixing shades (which I do all the time!) to come up with the PERFECT shade for you.
          Good luck!

  21. Hi Nancy, I have been trying to find information on painting kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Trying to learn from others experiences so I don’t completely fail. I went out and purchased a package of Pine Ridge solid wood double-beaded Wainscot from Home Depot to put on the smooth sides of my island to give it a little more character than just the smooth laminate used by the builder. It is actually able to be stained. However, after reading what you posted on your experience, I wanted to check and see if you bought primered white wood beadboard or was it like the white plastic faux bead board. I hope I am able to send this to you and read a reply. If you do get this email, if you could also send the reply to my email address so I can make sure to receive it, that would help me so much. I am very technically challenged when it comes to computers and messages and such. Thanks so much! Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie,
      The first beadboard we put up was the stainable kind because I was originally planning to stain it. That didn’t look so nice painted to we went back and bought the smooth, primered board to paint.
      It wasn’t plastic board but it did have a very smooth finish. Hope this helps!

  22. I am about to paint my kitchen cabinets with Sloan chalk paint. I’ve been testing colors and decided I like a color with the dark wax over it. I would like to then seal it with a floor sealer like you did for durability. Once the wax cures, do you think it’s okay to put a sealer over it? I know this post is old, but I’m hoping you’ll still be able to answer. Thanks!

    1. Hi Addie,
      No, you actually can not put the poly over the wax, it will not adhere. You can either wax only. OR you can apply poly and then do a glaze type of finish over that to give a similar look the dark wax would give you.
      (or even apply the dark wax at that point, but I wouldn’t do that in the kitchen)
      Hope this helps!!

  23. I love the combination of colors and textures you’ve accomplished here.
    I have a similar kitchen with similar 14x 14 tiles, with same color now dirty grout which I hate.
    Do you have any ideas on doing something with the floor tiles, or grout color to update the floor ? Would you consider darkening or lightening the floor tile grout or even painting on the tile ?

    1. Thank you! :)
      No, but I have considered staining them dark (well, they are dark, but just cleaning them and then staining so they are uniform in color)
      I wouldn’t lighten them because I’d end up in the same place down the road. I also wouldn’t paint them.
      Hope that helps!

  24. You did an amazing job!
    I do have a question….what is the name of your black granite? Does it finger print or show dirty all the time? You may have already answered somewhere but I didn’t see it. :) Thanks!

    1. Hi Angela!
      Thank you!
      It is called Black Pearl. :)
      Um, it can look smear-y I guess, but easily cleaned! I use the granite cleaner/sealer and it works like a charm.

  25. Hi Nancy,

    I too love your island. Can you could tell me how you and your husband reworked the middle cabinet to house the microwave?



    1. Hi Deb,

      We removed the lower doors and moved the drawer that was at the top down to the bottom of the cabinet. My husband then created another drawer, ended up getting another drawer front for free from the store to make the front. (which worked out so nicely!) He then framed out the top area for the microwave and I painted the inside black. I had planned to do a post on it (as best I could since we did this project a few years before we started the blog) I will have to write something up and post soon. :)

  26. Hi, Nancy. Love the chalk paint technique you did. Quick question.
    Did you use the wax finish and then use the Varathane Floor Finish over the wax?

    1. Hi DeAnne,
      No, I used the Varathane in place of the wax. You cannot apply the poly product over wax, it won’t adhere.
      Hope that helps (and thank you!)! :)

      1. Hello there u have done a good job I want to know how much chalk pain required for two coats on this big kitchen island I also want to give anew look to my cupboards only problem is that I want to know the amount will b use on the cupboard my cub lord is as big as your island kindly guide me plz

        1. Hello! I’m sorry, it’s been quite a number of years since I painted this island so I don’t remember now. I’m getting ready to paint it again, so I can update this post then. I can tell you, with Chalk Paint, it wasn’t a lot of paint. I think it was less than 2 cans for the entire kitchen. :)

  27. Hi Nancy,
    First off, I love pretty much everything on your site! I’m just starting to explore the world of DIY and upcycling/refinishing furniture. I’ve tried using polyurethane, both water and oil based, on a couple different pieces, but I’m having a really hard time applying it smoothly (brushes always leave streak marks, rollers give me bubbles, etc). What is your trick for sealing things smoothly?

    1. Hi Robyn,
      Aw thanks so much! I really like Purdy brushes. A couple tips, be sure not to shake the poly in the can as it can add bubbles. When using a roller, try to go slowly. If applying with a brush (again, I recommend Purdy) be sure to use enough product and apply with a light hand. That should alleviate most of the brush mark issues. If you apply too thinly it can leave brush marks. Also, be sure to very lightly sand in between coats.
      Hope this helps! :)

  28. I just painted my lower kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. I am struggling with the waxing process. It is changing the color and looking splotchy. Did the sealer you put on make the color darker? Help!!!!
    By the way, LOVE what you have done!!!

    1. Hi Allison,
      Yes, the wax and/or the poly will make the paint look darker. It’s just the nature of Chalk Paint.
      If you are getting splotches, you are probably not apply enough wax to soak into the paint. The paint gets darker with sealer of any kind, so if you are not penetrating, it will be lighter in areas and darker in areas…hence splotchiness. Now that you’ve applied wax, you can not apply poly(it won’t adhere to the wax). You’ll have to continue with the wax. If you have trouble even after going back over with more wax, you can apply another coat of paint and start again or lightly sand and try to apply more wax. Hope this helps and thank you. :) xo

  29. You should feel proud of yourself. You put a lot of hard work and TLC in to your project, but it looks beautiful. You remind me of myself. I paid someone to take the doors off of one of my kitchen cabinets and paint the inside. After he left, I redid the whole project a completely different color. Very happy with the results, but if was tough getting it. I would love to do my island too. Need to think about a color and if I want to take on such a big task. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Arlene. :) I appreciate the kind comment. And yes, there is a nice sense of accomplishment in doing things yourself, as you know. And I think you should paint your island too! So many wonderful colors to choose from. Good luck and have fun! xoxo Nancy

  30. Hi Nancy, I also love the duck egg blue. It is one of my favorite colors. I have a number of pieces that will be painted in the duck egg. I also have a few others to do in another color that is similar to white, but cannot remember the name. I am going to ass some water to the paint and try to create a washed look on three pieces of Fruitwood that combine to make a wall unit. The pieces are country French, so I think it will look good. I will then finish with a polly. So the stuff you use is good and does not yellow? I follow another bloger who swears by Waterlox, I have heard good things about General Finishes. Have you used that at all? Always like to get opinions before I start a project. Thanks

    1. It is a great color! :) That will be so pretty! The Varathane has minimal yellowing but would have to say, so yes, it still yellowed even if only slightly. I do love GF and have good luck with them so far! I haven’t used Waterlox so couldn’t say on that one. :)

  31. So many paint manufacturers and so much money to buy it all not counting s&H. Something I don’t have after Humana got done taking my COLA at first of year and hiked up my premium which they take out of my SS. I used to get $906 a month but after they did their damage now get only $835.50 think they took a big enuf cut out of my only income? That’s besides what they were taking before first of year, don’t remember how much but plenty believe me. Humana is a big ripoff. We only get two choices here for Medicare provider supplements, Humana or Rocky Mtn .Health which is also very high. Grand Junction is very expensive place to live especially for seniors. Grand Junction is most expensive city in CO for medical expenses..Great. Sure takes my disposable income and has fun,not me. Luckily hubs has the VA which saves him a lot. Love your blog
    Would like to try Dixie Belle paint, seems several bloggers use and love their products.

    1. Aw, yes, I’m sorry to hear that! It does make it hard! I’m so glad you have your husband’s VA though! And thank you JaneEllen. :) I’m so glad you love the blog! Thank you for saying so! And yes, I do really like the Dixie Belle paint, what I’ve used of it so far. :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! xoxo

    1. Hi Katrina, thank you! No, unfortunately, not really. They do have wood grain fillers that you can try though. (check Amazon) It’s amazing how much better they look when you do! xo

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