Thrifty Makeovers Repurposed (Swap it Like it’s Hot!)

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Hey y’all!!

Today is the first day of the “Swap it Like it’s Hot” Challenge. I’m so excited to be participating in this fun week of thrifty makeovers with 33 bloggers in total.
Today you’ll be seeing makeovers from these fabulous ladies here…

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap it like it's Hot Day 1 - Artsy Chicks Rule

If you’ve been around awhile or have read any of my posts here on the blog, you know thrifting is my thing.

I love it. 

There are treasures galore out there and it’s the best budget friendly way to decorate your home.  You just never know what you’re going to come across either.
That’s the really fun part, the “treasure hunting”.

Sadly, the thing is, most of these great items are easily overlooked. I totally get that.
BUT I’m hoping that once you’ve finished seeing everyone’s makeovers this week, you will look a little deeper at the things you come across out there.
Look past how they appear sitting on the shelf and see what they can be.
They are diamonds in the rough, I tell ya!

Plus paint and a little imagination can completely transform just about anything. :)

Like these items that Rachel from Like a Saturday sent me.

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - Before Thrifty Items - Artsy Chicks Rule

What to do with that??
Vintage 70’s love right there.

I had considered spray painting the juice glasses and using them for my makeup brushes.
Or pens/pencils or paint brushes. 

Thrifty Makeovers - Gold Spray Painted Juice Glasses - Artsy Chicks Rule

But I instead decided to go a bit further than that.

And I created this….

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - Thrifty Three Tiered Tray - Artsy Chicks Rule

A pretty three tiered tray. Perfect spot for my jewelry!
Aren’t those glasses pretty in the gold? Yes, they are.
I used this gold spray paint for those.

I had some old plastic plates that were perfect for the tiers.

Thrifty Makeovers - Repurposed into Jewelry Tray BEFORE- Artsy Chicks Rule

I sprayed them with primer…

Thrifty Makeovers - Primered - Before Thrifty Items - Artsy Chicks Rule

(and the mail organizer tray too)

Then I painted the plates with Provence Chalk Paint (love this color!!).

Thrifty Makeovers - Provence Chalk Paint - Artsy Chicks Rule
After that was dry I applied a sealer. (Pearl Coat Spray Paint, it’s SO pretty)

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - E6000 for adhesion - Artsy Chicks Rule

Can you see the shimmer in the top coat over the paint? It made them look spectacular!
I glued the glasses to the center using E6000 adhesive. (as you can see around the rim of the glass above)

Thrifty Makeovers - E6000 Adhesive - Artsy Chicks Rule
That stuff is SOLID but strong, as in chemical strong.
Be sure to use it outside or in the garage so you won’t be breathing the fumes.

Thrifty Makeovers - Old Juice Glasses and Plates turned Jewelry Tiered Tray - Artsy Chicks Rule

And once that was done and dry I loaded it up!

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - Jewelry Tray DIY - Old plastic plates and juice glasses repurposed into a 3 tiered jewelry tray!...Easy!!! #repurposed #diy

How fun.
And who would ever guess those gold pretties were old green glasses before?
What a great design they have too.

Thrifty Makeovers - Repurposed Plates and Glasses - Artsy Chicks Rule

I thought the glasses looked best upside down so glued them that way.

Thrifty Makeovers - Repurposed Thrifty Items turned Jewelry Tray - Artsy Chicks Rule

It’s my favorite of the two makeovers. :)

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - DIY Repurposed Jewelry Teired Tray - Old plastic plates and juice glasses repurposed into a 3 tiered jewelry tray! Dated mail organizer..updated...Easy!!! #repurposed #diy

And how about the little organizer tray?

Thrifty Makeovers - Decoupage with Mod Podge - Artsy Chicks Rule

I decided to Mod Podge some paper onto the insides of the back.
I originally thought I’d paint the front pieces black and leave the rest white.
But as I was painting those front pieces black, all I could thing was “cow”. Heh heh

Not the look I was going for. ;)

So I just sprayed the entire thing in a flat black spray paint and added sweet little glittery letters on the front.

Thrifty Makeover- Swap It Challenge - Dated mail organizer..updated...Easy!!! #repurposed #diy

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - Mail Tray Makeover - Artsy Chicks Rule

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - In and Out Tray Makeover - Artsy Chicks Rule

Thrifty Makeovers - Swap It Challenge - Mail Tray - Artsy Chicks Rule


Completely different look…and oh so easy!

Thrifty Finds Repurposed - Old plastic plates and juice glasses repurposed into a 3 tiered jewelry tray! Dated mail organizer..updated...Easy!!! #repurposed #diy

So that’s what I did with my swapped thrifty finds. I loved the challenge!
Now it’s your turn to go out and find some treasures you can recreate and repurpose too.

But first, be sure to visit Tania over at –> Run to Radiance to see what she did with the thrifty goodness I sent her!

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And check back later in the week to visit the rest of the bloggers below to see what they’ve done with theirs!

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  1. Good morning — I may have missed it in the article but did you mention what kind of paint you used to paint the glasses? Thanks.

  2. Hi Nancy~
    First I can’t believe those are the same glasses – What a great idea –
    And the little in & out box is adorable.

    You are so clever –
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you Rachel! It was fun!! And yes, they sure do look like pineapples!! I hadn’t even noticed that. ;)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Yes, I did..I had only planned to do the tray and then decided to mess with that little mail organizer too! ;)

    1. Oh yes, it’s such a rich, beautiful color! :) Thanks you!
      And so happy to be participating this time!! Thanks!! xo

  3. we had the exact same glasses and the exact same letter holder that hung by the kitchen door forever gave me the chills to see them but i love what you did xx

    1. Oh how funny Chris! And oh yes, I totally get that. I do the same when I come across things sometimes. I came across a very unique wood/iron shelf a few weeks ago that I had when I was first married. (24 years ago) and I would swear it’s the same one. But who knows! I sure did get a rush of emotion when I saw it though!

    1. Thanks so much Heather! Oh yes, it’s fabulous stuff. I’ve used it on a bunch of things here on the blog. Sadly, I picked it up in the clearance bin at Michaels awhile back so I’m not sure if that means it’s discontinued or not made anymore. I do love it!

    1. AW thank you Marie!! I like the way your mind works too because I always love all of your projects! :)

  4. Ok, Just shut the back door!!!! So stinkin cute… both your projects. I just love rescuing thrift store finds. I am going to be all over this challenge… definately will follow. Great job, Nancy.

    1. Hi Mary!
      Thanks! :) It was so much fun to do….and really pushed me to think outside of the box. Love that!

  5. I love the tiered jewelry tray that you created! (And I spent a good while admiring your bling! :) )

    I have a set of footed glasses very similar to the ones that you painted that I use nearly every night. I like them so much that I also have 12 of the same glasses in amber. (All picked up at antique shops.) You came up with a great way to repurpose these!

    Your in and out box is great for organizing mail.

    I’m looking forward to browsing all of the projects this week.

    1. Please don’t paint yours. They are antique, either Depression glass or Fostoria and I am suspecting the Fostoria. Mfr has been around for ages and it can be pricey. It’s really cute but I about had another heart attack when I saw those painted.

  6. Nancy, love both projects!! Would love to make one of the tiered trays! And both items should be easy to find! I love the mail organizer, too, but I would have to chance upon one of them! I don’t have much luck finding good stuff in my city!

    Nice job! xo

    1. Hey Karen! :)

      Thanks so much! The tiered tray was fun to create! I might make more for gifts next year!

    1. Thank you Karen!! Oh, I’ve painted everything with it!! I even have a post that I wrote a couple years ago about all of the things you can paint with Chalk Paint. :)


  7. I love both projects, I think anything that allows you to see your jewellery is great, I tend to forget what I have if I can’t see it easily. And the mail sorter – what a transformation! Very chic.

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank you! You are so right about that! I do forget what I have when it’s “out of sight, out of mind”! ;)


  8. Nancy, just found your blog and love, love, love it! What a fabulous idea with the glasses. I love the gold and blue. That was really creative.

  9. Wow! I saw the before and couldn’t guess what you were working on. I would never have guessed those were those cheap plastic plates! It looks gorgeous, like an expensive jewelery holder. Great work!

    1. Thanks Karen! It’s amazing what that ole paint can do, huh??!! As you know well with your gorgeous creations! :)

    1. Thank you Lorraine! :) Oh yes, it just gives it such a nice touch! I do so hope I can find it again when I run out.

  10. Nancy,

    How creative you were with your swap items! I love the blue and gold together on the jewelry display/organizer.

    Thank you so much for linking up and linking back to My Repurposed Life’s Catch as Catch Can! Catching you this week!

      1. Very cute, but OMG I thi k the juice glasses are Fostoria pattern…Depression glaases..and a set of 4…..

        1. Thanks Susan! I think you are right. :) They were sent to me to makeover and I didn’t look them up…but have since.

  11. Hi for the plates what sealant did you use? Can you tell me exact brand bc I love the finishing. Its so seamless. Also, how did you paint the plates because it looks so seamless

    1. I used FolkArt Pearlcote Pearl Glaze to seal. I’m not sure it’s available any longer since I bought it on clearance at Michael’s and haven’t been able to find it again.
      Rustoleum has one that is similar. I think it is called Pearl Mist.
      I used it in this post….
      and this one… if you want to see what it looks like.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Thanks so much for the quick reply, Nancy. Every time I attempt to paint, my projects come out terrible. Paint bumps, strokes, lines are not smooth with spray or brush paint. Any tips on how to achieve the smooth finishing like in your trays/glass? I want to make this but afraid the painting will be terrible :(

    1. You are welcome!
      What kind of brush are you using? I like Purdy brushes best. Try those.
      Also, try to keep a light hand as you are creating the paint strokes. Both of those things should help.
      If you find that you still have some lines you can lightly sand with some very fine sandpaper before you apply your sealant.
      For spray painting, long, even, light strokes are best. Don’t be too close to the project or you’ll get unevenness and runs.
      Don’t try to cover all in one shot. It usually takes several coats, drying in between, for me.
      Hope that helps! :)

  13. I love, love, love the jewelry tray!!!! I liked that you used chalk board paint, but if you use the sealant over it, it would no longer be able to be used that way right?

    1. Hi Rachell,

      What do you mean? It can be used as a jewelry tray, yes. I wouldn’t recommend food, if that’s what you are referring to.
      OH and thank you!:)

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