A Decorating Challenge – Shop Your Home (Foyer Part 2)

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Have you guys been following along on the “Decorating Challenge”?

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I hope so!

In my last post, Part 1, I mentioned a Facebook Group my friends and I started so you guys could join in.

If you haven’t checked it out be sure to hop on over and join the group! It’s a fun place for you to share your projects with all of us and others in the group.
You can get feedback or just share your pretty things.  

Ok, so today is Part 2 (of 3) in the “shop your home” decorating challenge.

Decorating Challenge - Shop Your Home- Month 2

And here’s a reminder of how I decorated my Foyer table last month….

Shop Your Home - Decorating Challenge - First of Three #makeover #decor #decorating artsychicksrule.com (6)

And here’s how I changed it up this month.

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - Foyer -#homedecor #thriftydecor

I’ve given it a completely different look…all with things from in and around my home. 

Nothing is new. And most are thrifty finds at that!

I would have loved to had some fresh flowers but we’ve been snowed in and so I skipped those this month.
I do, however, have beautiful dried flowers. 

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - Full Shot - #homedecor #thriftydecor

The pink vase came from the thrift store a few years ago. I think it was around $3.
It was previously used in my dining room.
The dried flowers came from Michael’s. 

The lamp came from the Family Room (and before that, a garage sale). 
The book was a thrifty find a few years ago also.

I adore old books.
This one is no exception and it’s one of my favorites!

I’m always on the lookout for old books and snatch them up when I can.

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - Old Book -#homedecor #thriftydecor

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - 1891 Inscription Book Open -#homedecor #thriftydecor

Love finding writing inside.  It’s signed and dated 1891.
And it’s a treasure.

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - Old Book Book Open -#homedecor #thriftydecor

I took a few photos with the book open….

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - Up Close Book Open -#homedecor #thriftydecor

But decided to keep it closed on the table.
I usually have it on my little French Cabinet in the Family Room.

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - Up Close - #homedecor #thriftydecor

And my family…

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - My Family -#homedecor #thriftydecor
Myself, my husband and my two little ones.  I wish they were that little still.
One is 22 and the other is 16.
Where oh where does the time go?

The large frame is a thrift store find, by the way.
The small frame used to have a little quote of some sort in it. I repurposed it. :)

Decor Challenge - Shop Your Home - Part 2 - #homedecor #thriftydecor

Completely different look than last time, huh? 
I’ve got a fun idea for next month…and it’s completely different too! 
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Don’t forget to come share your amazing decorating tips, projects and/or ask advice in our forum over on Facebook.


And you can join in on the challenge and share your “One Space, Three Ways” as well!
Hope to see you there!


    1. Thank you Stacey!! And I’m so glad to hear that! It’s really made me think outside of the box for sure. I have done this some on my own …but having to come up with another each month has been a good exercise (in design and creativity) for me! :)
      I love to change things up but I can get caught up in the “put it one way, leave it for forever” mentality!
      Have a great weekend!! xo

    1. Thank you Christy! I used to have so many more family photos out but I’ve taken a bunch down. (too many! ;) ) BUT with the new bookcase built in I’m hoping to put a few back up!
      Have a great weekend friend!! xoxo

  1. Love love love the old book and the writing in it especially makes it a real treasure! Love this month’s look and look at your babies…when they were still babies. :) I need to remember that mine will grow up so fast too and to enjoy these moments. (Especially when we are on our 6th snow day in two weeks lol!)

    1. Thank you sweet friend! I know, my babies are not babies anymore!! Sad! I miss them that age.
      Yes, it does go way too fast…and faster and faster the older they get, it seems.

  2. Love your blog’s new look!

    I also love old books, especially if they have writing in them. They are great to use for decor. Your table looks really pretty. It’s a snow day here, too….hoping to get out soon!

    1. Thank you so much Paula!! I’m excited it’s done and really happy with it! :)

      Oh, writing in old books is the best! I LOVE history and old things and imagining the stories they could tell.
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. first, you are so pretty!! can’t believe you have a 22 year old. Whenever I see an old piece of anything, I always find my mind going back so many years ago and imagine how life was like. People were such advid readers back in the days.

    1. Aw thank you my sweet friend!! :) And yes, I know, me either! I still feel 22. Well, not so much physically these days!! ;)
      OH you and me both on the old things. I am the same exact way. I love imagining the stories old, vintage things can tell.
      Have a great day Laura!! xo

  4. Wow! What an illustration of the difference accessories can make. I had to do a double take on that mirror above the table. That tall lamp makes it look really skinny and at first I though you had changed it out. Nicely done.

    1. Hi Cari!
      Yes, it is amazing how different things can look with a few different accessories..and lighting.
      Thank you for the kind words!
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. Thank you Marie! Me too, it’s pushed me to get my creativity in decorating going! I love that.
      And thank you!! :) I just finished that up and Lesley changed themes for me. It’s exciting!!

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