New Lighting (Dining & Laundry Rooms)

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New lighting. Who doesn’t love new lighting?
We have basically redone everything in this house in the last ten years, including lighting.
But one room that hadn’t gotten a new and updated light fixture yet was the dining room.
I decided it was time for something new and fun. New Lighting - #ad #lighting

I went through the online catalog over at and picked one I thought would be perfect for the room.
You can read more about, the company,  here.

I chose this one….


Woodbridge Lighting 13715CSV

I had also been dreaming of a drum shade/chandelier style light for my laundry. We replaced the 1978 original when we moved in with a basic builder ceiling mount.
It was fine for the last ten years but I was ready for a nice, high quality upgrade. is known for it’s customer service, and their on-site resources, for people looking to improve their homes. On each product page there are sections with PDF instructions, installation videos, Q&A and reviews. There’s even product specialist contact information and LIVE chat.
They really want to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

I love that.

Gallery sm/604/3 wht

Once ordered, they sent confirmation and shipment emails to let me know when my items would arrive.

But I have to mention something that really impressed me.

It was a personal message from a representative, with her email and phone number if I needed anything, included in that first order confirmation email.
It was nice to know I could reach out to someone directly if I had any problems, or questions, etc.

Thankfully, I had no need!

My items arrived…. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (2)

…and we got busy installing. :)

And again, they wanted to make sure we saw this important message. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (6) Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (5)

It was on almost every side of the box. No way you’d miss it. ;) Very good stuff.

The directions were included along with all of the very well packaged items. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (3)

We didn’t need to call for help, but again, very nice to know that help is at your fingertips, if needed.
I’m not sure why those globes look so brown in the photo above.
As you’ll see below, they aren’t that color at all. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (11)
Just a nice creamy off white with a hint of brown around the edge.

Here is an up close beauty shot…. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (12)

…and that fabulous finish. (and why I ended up choosing this fixture, I love the silver/brass brushed combo)
This room is getting a bit of a makeover (new paint, furniture, decor, etc) so I’ll be sharing the light in the whole room soon.

Chandelier parts….. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (8)

Lots of “blingy bling” inside that white packaging. :) Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (9)

It’s too bad the gorgeous colors popping off those crystals don’t translate in the photo.
They were gorgeous just sitting here on my island catching the light.

My husband decided to put this light fixture up before we attached the crystals. Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (10)

Very straight forward, as was the other.
All directions are included, but remember, you can also take a look at the PDF instructions, videos, reviews, and/or reach out to a product specialist for information and help.
Can you see the little holes in the rings in the above photo? That is where I attached all the pretties.

I thought it might be a tedious process but it was actually pretty easy and quick to do.

Andddd….just because it’s a laundry room doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty (and blingy!), right? Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (15) Lighting - New Lights - #ad #lighting (13)

I have plans for this room. It’s also getting a mini makeover very soon so you will see this light in it’s full glory then.

And just to give you a tiny glimpse of what we had to work with when we moved in….here’s a photo taken right after move in day, June-2004!

Toshiba Exif JPEG

I KNOW. It was bad.
And stuck in 1978. I wish I had gotten the original light fixture but I wasn’t blogging back then.
I am just thankful I took the pictures I did!
Oh, and we had literally just moved in so excuse the mess. :)

It’s so nice to have the light fixtures up and ready to go. They makes both rooms look amazing.
I can’t wait to share the full makeovers with you.

If you are ever in need of new lighting (or new bath faucets, door hardware, mirrors, cabinet hardware, kitchen items…and so on!) be sure to check out
They were great to work with!

See you all on Thursday with another “Shop Your Home” Decorating Challenge!

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  1. Love those chandeliers…. especially the one for the laundry room! That one is right up my alley!

    Looking forward to see the full makeovers. xo

    1. Thanks Karen! That is my fave for sure!
      I can wait for the makeovers too!! I wish I had more time like I used to! ;)

  2. I have also used and loved it! My lighting from there has been fantastic! Believe me, I had looked ALL over before I found what I wanted for my kitchen renovation and then again for my dining room and my entryway. Next I will be shopping them for my bathrooms. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Oh that’s great Michele! We have a few more things to do around here so I know I’ll be back! Very happy!
      Nice to hear of others too! :)

    1. Thank you Andi!!! And HAHAHA we ditched that awful orange/yellow stuff years ago!! (actually I’m pretty sure it’s still lurking under our ten year “temporary” “we have to cover that stuff up” vinyl tiles!)
      The laundry and guest bath there were a total of less than $60 to do with those tiles. We had FULLY planned to go back and pull it all up and redo. Ten, long years later…. ;)

    1. Thank you Debbie! Yes, it has!!! And I have plans for even more for it (of course..does it ever end?? ;) )

      Have a great weekend!! xo

  3. Hi Nancy, Did these lights come from Lighting Direct through Mine did! I really love the blingy light for your laundry room! I need to do that room next and I never would have thought about that type of lighting for in there, but I am now! I also had to return a light to them I didn’t need and the return was so easy and the customer service was the best! Thanks, Michele

    1. Hi Michele,
      No they came directly from Build. Yes, that one is my favorite too!! It’s amazing how good a silly little light can make you feel. But I’m telling you, every time I walk into that room I smile! The fixture is amazing and perfect for a “dreary ole laundry room”. I can’t wait to finish the room and show it off!!
      Yes, I am very pleased with their customer service as well! :)

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