Make A Chalkboard (Message Board Makeover)

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How to make a chalkboard out of an old thrifted message board! Simple! 

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Wow, the weather has been SO weird here. Definitely not feeling much like June. How is it where you are??

Today I’m back sharing another one from that old haul of mine.

old furniture on driveway before

Only one more to go! That little dressing table there in the back.

Make A Chalkboard (Message Board Makeover)

This was a pretty simple makeover but gave this one a whole new look.

message board before

I began by taking it completely apart.


Then I cleaned it up and sprayed it with white primer.

Once that was dry I went over that with Inglenook. A beautiful pale green, perfect for spring…or summer too!(all of the products I used are linked in the gray box above)

parts of the message board being painted

Such a fresh color.

Once that was dry, I took the fabric, etc, off of the message board and painted the actual board that was at the back with Ash Black paint.
I LOVE this color “black” because it’s a much softer black instead of stark black. (Coal black is more of a typical stark black)

rolling on the black paint for the chalkboard

It’s SO easy to make a chalkboard. Simple roll the paint on like you see above.
Several coats are best. Drying well in between, of course.

I kind of liked the color of the little hook on the front so just embellished it a little with Foundry Bronze Gilder’s Paste.

adding gilder's paste to the metal

See how it highlighted the metal just a touch?

Once the new chalkboard was all dry, I simply rubbed a piece of chalk over it to prime it.

rubbing chalk onto the new chalkboard to prime it

Then take a paper towel and rub it in and it’s ready to use!

rubbing the chalk into the dry paint with a paper towel

Easy, I tell ya! And it works just as well as any other chalkboard you might have.

Now that the chalkboard is made and all the paint is dry, I put everything back together.

showing the back where I put it back together

I love when I am able to take things apart to paint. Makes it so much easier!

I’ve made lots of chalkboards over the years, usually with “chalk style” paint. I wasn’t sure how the Fusion Mineral Paint would work but it worked so great!
Here are a few:

Very happy with how it turned out.

new chalkboard hanging by front door

Right by the front door so you can leave messages for each other. Or grab the mail out of the cubbie and go.

new chalkboard hanging by front door in corner

You can even hang a set of keys on it too.

up close of metal attachment hook

Or have your keys below as we do.

new chalkboard over key rack by front door

up close of chalkboard writing on chalkboard

Inside the cubbie area…

looking from the top down into the pocket of the chalkboard

Or it can also go by the other entrance into the house through the garage (in the laundry room).

chalkboard message center on shiplap wall

Either way!

chalkboard message on shiplap wall in laundry room

Have you ever made a chalkboard?? They are so easy and are super fun.

Give it a go!

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How to make a chalkboard out of an old thrifted message board! Simple!

Have a great week! Maybe it will warm up some. I am just glad to see sunshine in the forecast! See you later this week!



  1. Super cute!!!! I used to have that exact message board! I think it was a Target Pottery Barn knockoff! Love what you did with it! Makes me wish I still had mine to change it up!

  2. What a sweet update, Nancy! It had an appealing look before, and now it’s even better.

  3. Super cute and very useful, love the paint colour, looks like you can use it in many spaces.😁

  4. That is a cute chalkboard! Mine has no shelf so hung a little bucket on it for the chalk. Very cute!

    1. Thanks, Vicki!! Oh, that is a really great idea! Since mine didn’t have the fabric, etc, it sort of left a gap…which ended up working out because it was the perfect spot for the chalk to sit! xo

  5. Oh I absolutely adore that wee cutie! And that color is AWESOME. Really great make-over, Nancy!!!

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