Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas (that don’t break the bank!)

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Stumped on how to add a little spring to your decor? I’m sharing a few simple spring decorations & ideas today! (that won’t break the bank!)

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas...that don't break the bank! Lots of ideas and tutorials to make your own, too! #springdecor #springdecorideas #springdecorations #springhome #springwreath

Hey sweet friends!
On Tuesday I shared a few spring printables to help bring a little spring into your home.
If you missed it, you can get them here >>> Floral Spring Printables

Today I’m sharing even more spring decor ideas!
These simple spring decorations are ones that anyone can incorporate into their own home decor.
Some are things I’ve made over the years and some are simple florals from At Home and Micheal’s.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas

I actually got this wreath at the At Home store a couple months ago. I usually make my own wreaths but I just loved the pink and soft green of this one.
So home with me it came!

Simple Spring Decorations, pink and green wreath

It’s the perfect thing to greet my guests as they enter our home. So springy and happy.

To the left of the foyer is our dining room.
You might remember I created this simple centerpiece to use over the winter from simple greenery.

Simple Spring Decorations green and white floral centerpiece

That blue box is a thrifty find I painted, by the way. You can see it here.

I simply added in some of these pretty white flowers….

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas...that don't break the bank! Lots of ideas and tutorials to make your own, too! green and white floral

Over to the right of the table, is my favorite Aubusson Blue dresser. (you can read all about that, here)

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas blue dresser with pink and blue wreath

I added one of the spring wreaths I’ve made over the years to the starburst mirror.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas...that don't break the bank! Lots of ideas and tutorials to make your own, too! #springdecor #springdecorideas #springdecorations #springhome #springwreath

You can read all about how I made this wreath >>> here.

On around the way into our morning room, I added these pink beauties to a jar I had up top.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas - Coffee Bar Aqua dresser with pink flowers

You can read all about this coffee bar and it’s pretty aqua makeover >>> here.

Interested in that flooring? We recently installed it on the entire first floor. You can read all about it >>> here. (we love it!)

Aren’t they so pretty?? They came from At Home.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas - pink flowers on shelf

You can find the DIY details on the “coffee” sign >>> here.

Here’s some of the greenery (the live kind!) I added here and there….

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas...that don't break the bank! Lots of ideas and tutorials to make your own, too! tiled tray

Spider plant…safe for pets. :)

That tiled tray is a recent thrifty makeover of mine, read all about it >>> here.

And this one I’ve had for about 12 years!

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas...that don't break the bank! Lots of ideas and tutorials to make your own, too! #springdecor #springdecorideas #springdecorations #springhome #springwreath

My son actually painted a small pot and planted this for me in 3rd grade.
I have somehow managed to keep it alive since then! ( in spite of me, haha…it has been wilty more times than I can count)
We did move it to a little larger pot some years later.(I had him paint another pot for it)
But it needs to be re-potted again, I think.

On into our newly remodeled kitchen, I added one of my most popular wreaths here on the blog.
This hydrangea wreath…. you can read all about it >>> here.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas Hydrangea Wreath Pink white and blue wreath

I have some new plans for this wall in the kitchen. The mirror is coming down.
Stay tuned!

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas Pink Blue And White Hydrangea Wreath

Love the finish on the mirror?? I did a tutorial post on it, you can find it >>> here. (it used to be gold)

Again, adding simple sprigs of flowers to existing decor is such an easy way to bring spring inside.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas Blue bottle with pink flowers

I just adore old blue bottles like these. I collect them and buy them up every time I see them.

On the other side of the kitchen I’ve had this green boxwood wreath hanging through the winter.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas green and white wreath in kitchen

I simply stuck in a few white flowers and various white sprigs, here and there.
No glue, just stuck in so I can easily pull them right back out when I’m ready.

Simple Spring Decorations green and white wreath

You can read up on the DIY backsplash I did last year >>> here
And that gorgeous quartz countertop in the new kitchen >>> here.

Moving on into the family room….

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas Spring decorated home

I added several spring decorations in here.

As simple as plopping a stem of these white, flowing florals into a blue jar.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas White flowers in blue jar

And these little white spring floral sprigs into more of my beloved antique blue jars.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas white floral sprigs in antique blue jars

So simple, really.

Here’s another “live” green plan I’ve added.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas Snake Plant

It’s a Snake plant and is not dog safe as it’s mildy toxic.
Since it doesn’t really have falling leaves, I’m not too worried about this one.
That and the fact that it is not highly toxic, only mildy so.
I mean, you guys, there are not that many house plants safe for pets out there!
If you know of any I may not have heard of yet, please tell me in the comments below.
I really wanted some Fiddle Leaf Figs but they are a big no-no.
I’m thinking of adding some Boston Ferns in a couple rooms. They do shed (ugh) but they are pet safe.

And a new pink pillow (with tassles, so sweet!) in the chair.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas Room decorated for spring with pink pillow

I actually wasn’t so sure about the pink pillow in here but it’s growing on me.
I also bought a thin pink throw, perfect for spring, and a few more pink pillows but it was a bit too much.
One pink pillow is enough. ;) The rest is going back.

I decided to do something a little different and add this wreath here between the windows.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas pink and white wreath

This is one I made a few years ago.
You can read all about how I made it >>> here.

The bench can be found >>> here.

The rug in this room is a steal and can be found >>> here.

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas stay salty sign and pink pillow

“Stay Salty” sign details can be found >>> here.
$6 DIY ladder instructions >>> here.

I hope you are inspired to add a few simple spring decorations to your home, too!
These along with the printables I just created should have you all good to go. :)

PIN it to save it!

Simple Spring Decorations & Ideas...that don't break the bank! Lots of ideas and tutorials to make your own, too! #springdecor #springdecorideas #springdecorations #springhome #springwreath

I’m working on a few things around here that I hope to share on the blog soon:

  • Refresh in the laundry room. (not sure what all I’m going to do yet)
  • Our stairs…what to do,what to do? Paint, runner? Stay tuned.
  • The wall in the kitchen. Mirror down, new stuff up.

AND our master bath/closet is in full demo mode. Fun! Not! lol
I can not lie, it’s not fun right now. But it will be once we are putting it back together.
Want a peek??
Hop on over to my INSTAGRAM account and check out my stories.
I’m sharing there as we go so follow along to keep up with all the behind the scenes action.

Here’s what I’ll be working on this weekend….. (besides the bathroom)…I might share a snippet or two of it this weekend too!

Old TV cabinet soon to be a BAR CABINET....stay tuned!

It’s an old tv cabinet that I’m turning into a bar cabinet. Maybe I’ll get it done for next week?? Maybe!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend. Hoping spring is showing its face where you live. :)



  1. Hi Nancy! I love your blog — it’s a regular read for me. I’m always interested in the ways you transfer text and images to other surfaces. I recently found another way I thought I’d share with you and your readers. I wanted a quote on the inside of my pantry door: Love and cook with wild abandon. First, I designed the text in PowerPoint until I got the font styles and sizes of all the words just right. I had to print it on several sheets of paper. I pieced them together to get the word placement right, taped it in place at top only (making sure everything was level), stuck carbon paper behind it, and traced everything with a pencil. I removed the paper, and used a very fine artist brush to go over everything with dark semigloss paint I already had (matches my kitchen decor). It sounds like a long, tedious task, but once the computer part was done, it took less than an hour. Super easy! I love it. It came out so cute.

    1. Carolyn, your carbon paper idea is a good one! I don’t have a steady hand and every time I saw someone free hand drawing, I thought to myself, I would just make a big mess of that. I, too, am a regular reader of Nancy’s blog. LOVE almost everything she does.

    2. Great tip! Thanks, Carolyn. Where can you find carbon paper anymore? I bet generation X has never heard of it!! Much less a mimeograph!

      1. Hi Cecilia! If you check out this post, I have a link to the kind of carbon paper I’ve used in the past. And yes on the mimeograph! (I’m considered gen x and I remember them…and the purple dittos too!lol) I even remember typing class in high school…on a typewriter and having to use white out and those white strips to backspace and erase! I’m feeling old now! ;) haha

    3. Hi Carolyn!! I am SO happy to hear that, thank you so much! :)
      And thank you for sharing that! I bet it looks absolutely great! Isn’t it so much fun to make and create these kinds of things for your home?
      I’ve actually used carbon paper (I don’t they call it that though, the one I used) and it does work great! Makes the job so much easier. I talked about it in this post and actually said I should use this transfer technique more often! lol Thanks for reminding me. I have never used PowerPoint, however, good to know you can do that in there! I have people ask me sometimes where to create if not using PicMonkey so thanks for sharing that too! xoxo

  2. Nancy, I have the same pet/plant problem as you except I have cats…who climb on things… to get at plants. You may consider hanging plants since I doubt your dog would jump up to get at them.

  3. So lovely! Spring is by far my favorite time of the year and I love how you have made your home so warm and welcoming with all the flowers and soft colors.

  4. Nancy, your family must be so proud of their home and you for making it so lovely and comfortable. Your kitchen is my favorite room; such a great transformation. I enjoy reading each post and look forward to learning some new painting techniques. XOXO

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! They are used to me changing things up all the time over here. It’s a regular occurrence! ;) And thank you, I enjoy sharing all the fun things with you! xoxo

  5. Your spring home looks lovely, Nancy! I’m so excited that we have our first At Home in So Cal opening near me (I’ll have to drive 1/2 to get there, but that’s okay… sister-day-date!) I love the flowers flowing over the demi-johns and jars! And I’ve always loved your wreaths!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! :) And yay!!! I just love that store! And any time you can make it a sister day date, even better! xoxo

  6. Like so many other readers, I too, love reading your blog and seeing all the photos you include. I follow somewhat in Intstagram which is fairly new to me. It has been fun watching your transition of your beach house and your home. I love the coastal look and feel as well. You can capture the most interesting photos that I see your Instagram site! For example the cross in the marsh at the beach! Striking. Thank you for sharing your life and your journey into recreating items into something extra special. I also looooooove seeing Ryder! He is such a beautiful dog and a “willing participate” in all the pics! Have a great week.

    1. I am so happy to hear that, Sue! :) And yes, I have seen you over on Instagram. I love Instagram as it’s a little more interactive “in the moment”. Thank you so much for all the very kind words. They mean more than you know! Hugs and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

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