DIY Pink & Blue Easy Spring Wreath (perfect colors for spring!)

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The sweetest pink & blue, easy spring wreath for your home!

Hey Friends!

Well, we dodged the bullet! No snow, nothing but a little bit of rain and lots of sunshine for us….and really frigid temps!
Eww, brrr but better than snow, right? Did you get any snow this week?
I’m hoping the temps will get back to those awesome 60-70’s soon.

In the meantime, I’m still rolling along with Spring, even if it is in my own mind right now.

Today I’m sharing a simple to make Pink & Blue EASY Spring Wreath…and I started with this…

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

Now, let me be completely honest with you. Making wreaths have never been a strong point for me.
I am crafty as crafty can be but wreaths and flower arrangements? Not so much.
I just didn’t feel I had it in me to create something pretty with those items.
BUT somehow I’ve made quite a few…and they aren’t bad!
And you want to know what else? Every time I start a new wreath or floral project I pause and wonder how the heck I’m going to put it together to make it look acceptable. So I just get started…..and then it comes together somehow.
So, what I’m trying to say is, even if you don’t feel confident in doing something, do it anyway!
You might just surprise yourself.

Here’s how I made this easy spring wreath…..

SOOO Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

You can pin that for a compact little visual for later.

If you follow along over on Instagram, you have already seen this wreath.
I usually post things or at least a little snip of things I’m working on.

Okay, here is the step-by-step…..

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

I started by adding the main component, these blue “berries” I found at Michael’s before the holidays.
I had no idea what I’d do with them when I found them but knew I had to do something with them!
They were such a pretty shade of blue.

I went back to Micheal’s a couple of weeks ago and got the rest of the items. (40% off floral plus another 20% off full purchase…I love when they have that promotion!)

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

As you can see, I spaced the blue out around the entire wreath.
Then I pulled the stem/leaf/floral off the main bunch and placed them in and around in an orderly fashion.

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

Next, I just did the same thing with the larger pieces of white.
Just randomly go around and place them. You will sort of get a feel for it as you move along.
Stand back and take a look at it from time to time.

Also, what I do a lot of times is I’ll start placing things before I start hot gluing them in.
That way if I don’t like how it’s turning out, I can move things easily.
At this point in the process, I was happy with the direction it was going so starting gluing them in.

Next, I added the little pink flowers…

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

I placed them evenly around the wreath. As you can see, it is quite sparse looking still.
So, I took those smaller pink and white pieces (there was more outside of the photo) you see in the middle and filled in all over the wreath until I liked how it looked.

You can see below, I did quite a bit of filling in.
All around the inside, through the main portion of the wreath, and a few around the outer edges.

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

I also pulled those pink flowers apart a bit (they were on a stem of 2 each).

I’m so happy with how this one turned out.
There’s just something about pink and blue that screams Spring to me.
And that makes me happy.

Here’s my sweet pink & blue easy spring wreath greeting guests in the foyer

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

(That mirror used to be gold, remember? It got a little paint job but I never posted about it )

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

Love those blue “berries”…

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

And on the hall tree on my front porch

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

And where it ended up staying…

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

…on the gallery wall over my favorite Aubusson Blue dresser.

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

I still love those $3 Habitat ReStore shutters to this day!

Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

Very versatile! Except on my walls that are painted “Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams”.
As much as I love the blue color of those berries, they just didn’t look quite right with my paint.
BUT it looks perfect right here.

Welcome Happy Spring! That’s what I see when I open my front door. Love that.
Do you want to make one too?
Hope you do!

Want to see some of the other Spring Wreaths I’ve made since starting the blog?
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Don’t want to make your own? I’ve got some pretties in this post for you! >> Spring Wreath Ideas

PIN this super easy spring wreath for later so you can come back to it easily. 

SOOO Simple & EASY Spring Wreath! #springwreath #easyspringwreath #diyspringwreath

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

I’ll be back next week with another furniture makeover.

UPDATE! See it now, here >>> “Compass Rose Dresser Makeover

See you then!




  1. Nice! Thanks for the inspiration! I was looking at wreath stuff yesterday and passed on making one because I thought it would look like a two year old did it! I love to paint furniture but am not as “crafty” as some of other ladies are. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. Thanks Heidi! :) I always worry that as I start any new wreath project!lol But somehow they always come together and look decent. Go for it!! xo

  2. This is gorgeous!! Love the combination of colors…and yes what is up with these frigid temps?? Definitely ready for those warm days to come back! XO

    1. Thanks Christy! (I need a fun nickname for you… like my Nancy Pants hahaha that cracks me up every time) And yes, I don’t know, but they need to go away!! Such a tease in February and now this. Yuck! Thankful for no snow though. xoxo

  3. Nancy, you are the Rockstar of DIY Wreaths! There hasn’t been one yet that I didn’t absolutely love, including this one – so pretty. Pinned As for the weather, we had temperatures in the -20C last week and apparently another dump of snow is on its way. #sodonewithwinter

    1. Aw you are too sweet Marie!! I don’t know about that! lol I’m much more confident in furniture painting. ;) Oh my!!! I will be thankful for my 30’s, 40s and 50s then! Hope it gets warm for you soon!! xoxo

  4. Okay… This wreath actually answered a question that has subconsciously been lingering in my mind for a while…”Why don’t I like these wreaths that have flowers ALL AROUND them?!” But… I LOVE this wreath, and this helped me understand what my aversion is! Your wreath has TINY elements all around it. Tiny flowers, tiny berries, tiny sprigs! I LOVE that! I don’t like the large tulips and large roses and large *whatever* on most wreaths (if they are covering the *whole* wreath… on the side and in the ‘corner’ is fine. However, I still like this wreath better.) Thanks for the inspiration and answer to one of the biggest questions of my life. Okay, not really my life, but it was buggin’ me a bit. ;-)

    1. OH yay!! Glad I could help! ;) But yes, I totally understand what you mean. Other than the hydrangea wreath I made,(which is actually not my favorite!) most of mine use the small elements. I must subconsciously like that better too! xoxo

  5. Hi Nancy I love the wreath! Can you please tell me what size grapevine wreath you used for this and all your wreaths?

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