11 Top Projects for 2022

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Sharing our top 11 projects on the blog for 2022!! 

Hello sweet friends! It’s a brand new year and I’m so excited to share, get started, and work on… all the things that I have racing around in my mind in store for you all. But before we get rolling down that path, let’s go back.

Go back and see what some of the most favorite posts and projects were for 2022. Any guesses?? It’s always fun to go back and look. Some are a surprise and some aren’t. And some have hung in here in the top ten or so for years and years! lol

I share a little bit of everything here on the blog. Home DIY and remodeling, craft projects, home decor updates, DIY artwork, decorating, and more. But I started with mainly furniture makeovers and I have a bunch of those. So I’ll be sharing the top 11 of those next week. Today it is basically everything else I share about.

So without further adieu, let’s see who they are.

11 Top Projects for 2022


DIY Hydrangea Wreath

pink, aqua and white floral wreath

This one has been consistently so popular. And it’s SO simple to make too!!
I love this one in early spring. Get all the make details here.


dark stained stairs with white risers

That time I transformed our orangey steps into this.
Love how they turned out and it’s very doable! Get all the details here.


white lampshade with light fixture

And that other time I decided to paint this light fixture without taking it down.
Yep, can be done, I did it!! lol Get all the details here.

By the way, this light fixture is no more! We got a new one over the holidays. I’ll share it with you all soon. I just love it!


jewelry hanging on corkboard

Remember this jewelry organizer I made some years back? Wow, so surprised by this one making the list!
But it did and here are all the details about it.


two empty baskets on table

These baskets got a makeover and I shared here ideas for using them.
I think everyone loves baskets! And they can be found so cheaply at the thrift store. With a little cleanup, some paint or stain and they are good as new.
See the post about these here.


aqua paint on a paintbrush brushing furniture

How to chalk paint furniture…well, yep, that is an important post! Can totally see why this one made it to the top.
Read all my tips and more here.


aqua dresser coffee bar

Well, yep, this one totally makes sense too! See all the pros and cons here.


wood countertop

One of our favorite things about the laundry room remodel! Our DIY wood countertop.
And it’s held up great! Would totally do it again. Details are right here!


jars of whipped body butter

Yummy whipped body butter. I haven’t made any in a long while. I’m wanting to again after seeing this photo.
And apparently, a lot of y’all are too! ;) Get the recipe and tutorial here.


white laundry room with shelves and shiplap

DIY FAUX shiplap…get the look without all the expense! Rightly deserves to be in the top 11.
Great and inexpensive way to add some character to your home. Get the tutorial here.

And drumroll………..


wood trim pieces painted aqua with different labled finishes on them

My top 5 ways to seal chalk paint. Well, another no-brainer! That is a big question for all those folks out there using chalk-style paint.
Not surprised at all that this one made it to number one. You can find all the info here.

And that’s it! The top 11 projects/posts for 2022.

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Sharing our top 11 projects on the blog for 2022!! artsychicksrule.com

Wow, with all of those furniture “type” top 11 posts for the year, I’m excited to be sharing the top 11 furniture makeovers on Tuesday!

See you then!!


  1. Hi Nancy. Even though I enjoy a little reminiscing, I was disappointed to see that some of these were from long, long ago (not from 2022).

    1. Hi Jill! Oh I totally understand! These are not necessarily written IN 2022, just the most visited/popular ones OF 2022. Sorry about that!! I will put together a post and share the top 11 that were also only written and shared in 2022 next week! 😊

      1. I’m glad you did this, though Nancy, you posted things I never saw before and are very interested in checking out. Thanks again and happy new year.

        1. Thank you, Dawn! I’m so glad you like the post and projects I shared today. It’s always nice to see some of the ones you’ve missed. I know it’s hard for everyone to see all the things I post when I post them so thinking it’s nice when they pop back up. :) Happy weekend to you! xoxo

  2. Nancy…somehow I’m not able to access the site to “Top 5 ways to seal chalk paint”. Can you tell me how to do that please? I’m interested in your recommendations since I usually use chalk paint on my furniture projects. Thanks so much and really enjoy your blog!

    1. OH my gosh, I somehow missed adding it, sorry! I have updated the post and you can click the link to go right to it!! I hope it is helpful to you. :) xo

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