My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017

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I’m so excited to see what 2018 brings! Let’s take a look at what my 10 favorite posts of 2017 were before we get that ball rolling. ;)

My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

In case you missed it, I also shared the “10 Most Visited Projects of 2017” earlier this week.
Today I thought I’d share my 10 favorite posts of 2017.
There is no particular order in favoritism here. ;) Let’s just start with oldest and move on to the newest projects.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

That little bit of missing molding I made sort of holds a special place in my heart. ;)
Mainly because making missing molding/hardware was one of the very first posts on this blog.
If you might remember, I made a missing handle for this dresser.
This time is was missing molding but the same process!
Take a look here to see how >>> Missing Molding


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

One of my all time favorite signs.
You can get the free download and tutorial, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

I loved creating this French script table out of my thrifty $5 find.
See it, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

Oh how I loved this one! I actually kept it…for now. Even though I have nowhere to put it.
I could keep it in this space but I use the basket trunk here currently.
So, I may use it in our new home, whenever we get one. ;)
See more photos and the tutorial, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

This room. 
One of the elements of the laundry room did make it into the “10 Most Visited Projects of 2017” but this room is the star.
The whole thing. I just love it!
Can I design an entire house around this one room? I think I might. ;)
It’s my favorite. I might have said that a time or two already. haha
You can see the entire reveal, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

This backsplash….I just adore it! And I’m so glad I bit the bullet and redid it.
It goes so much nicer with my decor and style these days.
I’ll be painting my kitchen cabinets again soon too.
See the full backsplash and tutorial, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

This lovely…I loved her so much I kept her for a time.
But sadly, she had to go. I have no room for them all!
I am happy to say that she went to a very nice home. :)
See how the old thing looked when I found it, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

These criss cross tables that we made from scratch.
I love it that the tops are old thrift store frames that I used tile in to make a fun and unique table top.
The base was made by my hubby. He’s pretty handy. ;)
Stay tuned because we are thinking he deserves his very own series around here. 2018 just might be his year. ;)
You can see the full tutorial on this table, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

Just look at that sad pitiful table. My husband actually said ” what are you going to do with that?”
Well, that’s actually no surprise because he asks me that every single time I find a piece of furniture.
I mean, really. By now you think he’d know what I’m going to “do with that”. Haha
I’m going to give it a makeover and make it pretty for the blog. ;) Or my house, you know, either one.
See this one, here.


My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

And my most recent favorite.
This French fabric beauty. I used that fun French stencil on the sides too.
I don’t do a lot of black furniture but I just loved this one.
See the full tutorial and more photos, here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my 10 favorite posts of 2017.

Let me just give you a glimpse of what’s to come in 2018. ;)

My 10 Favorite Posts of 2017 #favoriteprojects #bloggerprojects #diyprojects #topten #diy

Some of these I’ve had for a long time. And it’s past time to get them done!
Maybe you remember that old radio/turntable cabinet? It still had a 1940’s record on it.
Or the yellow one, which was a side of the road freebie?
The little chest on top of those two dressers on the bottom is actually my “French Fabric Chest” (number 1) above.
I also have about 5 more pieces that I couldn’t find a photo of so those will just be a surprise. ;)

Cheers to 2018! :) Now, let’s get busy!



  1. Those are some gorgeous pieces you have ready to go for this year! Excited to see what you do with them!

  2. I would like to get your thoughts on an idea. Several years ago, I was installing a wall mural of a Tuscan countryside on a wall in my wife’s Travel Agency’s office. While searching for the right mural I came across several smaller mural art scenes. Since I am no artist, I thought about buying a small mural for covering the front or/and side of a piece of furniture. I was wondering if you have ever tried that approach to creating a French county style chest? Would you decoupage the wallpaper or just polyurethane over the print? Bob

    1. Hi Bob, I have not tried that but I think it would be very nice! Hmm, it depends on it’s usage. I personally would probably poly over top but with a polycrylic which would yellow less than a urethane. It will probably yellow a bit too so keep that in mind. I love Gen Fin High Performance top coat but applied too thickly, even that can yellow somewhat.

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