Spring Bouquet Printable & Art

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Spring bouquet printable… perfect printable for totes, pillows, or just pop it in a frame and go!

Spring bouquet printable... perfect printable for totes, pillows, or just pop it in a frame and go! artsychicksrule.com

Hello beautiful friends!

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I had planned to share our headboard for our master bedroom…but…it didn’t get finished. Ha! What’s new? lol

But it’s getting there. I got stuck on exactly what I was going to do with it. In case you don’t remember, I found two nice wood headboards at the ReStore a while back for $10 each. What?! Yep. So I knew they had to come home with me because hey, ten dollars. And I need one for the beach house and here.
They aren’t exactly the style I’m after so that is why I’m changing them both up. (and both completely different)

So stay tuned for that. I’m working on it and the dining table for the beach.


Spring Bouquet Printable & Art

spring sign on platter on black door

Since we are all ready for spring (I know I’m right ;) ) I thought I’d share a fun little craft and free printable with y’all.
Now, let me preface this by saying that the printable is SUPER easy because all you have to do is print it out and throw it in a frame.

Or you can do like I did and transfer it to something else and paint it.

Because I don’t like easy apparently. haha!
But I do like getting my crafty on and this was actually fun.
So…if you want to have a little crafty fun, pull your craft paints out and get painting.


brown and green charger

Obviously, as you can see, I decided to paint it onto an old thrifted metal platter/charger.

First, let me show you the printable I created for you.

free spring printable to download

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I also have a straight version (not curved) you can download too. You can see it at the bottom of this page.

So, I began by pulling out my favorite white chalk-style paint and gave it two coats.

white painted charger

I sanded it to lightly distress it.

Then I printed out the spring bouquet printable to the right size.

saral transfer paper and spring printable

I used the Saral transfer paper that I’ve had for forever to transfer it.
It’s one of the transfer methods that I share in this post all about transferring graphics >>> How To Transfer Graphics

You can find the items I used here…



All you do then is take a pen (I find a pen works better than a pencil when using this transfer paper) and trace all the things.

up close of transferred spring bouquet

You might notice I did not draw all the flower and leaf parts in. I just figured I’d paint in and over anyway.
I just basically needed the shape, outline, etc., so I’d know where to paint.

Then I set the printed page out to go by as a guide and got to the fun part…painting!

printed printable with transferred image on plate

I decided to start with the flowers since I figured if I messed those up I wouldn’t even bother with the lettering.

Boy was I wrong! ha! The lettering was a bit of a bear…mainly because I chose a very thin script. Oops.
That’s a little tougher to do but it is doable. (don’t be discouraged…give it a try anyway!)

So back to the colorful spring bouquet…

painting in the pink flowers on white plate

I put the colors on a paper plate that I planned to use and started with the darker flowers. (and mixed up a few shades of green for the leaves)

Then I decided I needed to do the greenery that was mostly background.

painting in the green leaves on white plate

It’s sort of like paint by numbers, right?

Adding in the yellow now…

white charger plate with pink flowers, green leaves and a yellow flower

Lettering is next. You need really thin brush tips for this. (I linked some above)

And done!

finished spring bouquet painted onto white platter with printed to the side for comparison

The painted version next to the printed one.

I haven’t painted any crafty thing like this in a long while. (except the Blue Heron I painted recently which was a little different type of painting than this)
And it was really fun! I just want to sit and paint all day. lol

I didn’t paint the back (I usually paint it all) this time. But this is how I attached something to hang it by.

the backside of the plate with fishing line hot glued to hang

I used fishing line (my favorite to hang and be “invisible”) with hot glue.

And then hung it in the middle of this wreath I have on my front door.

finished spring sign hanging in the middle of a eucalyptus wreath

I love the colorful spring bouquet with all the green around it. So fun!

Then I placed it here on the little table in our foyer.

gold lamp, seashells and spring sign

And even tried it in the boxwood wreath hanging on the mirror in the kitchen.

spring painted sign in the middle of a boxwood wreath

Which was a huge no because on this wreath it just looks like a plate hanging on the wreath. haha
Maybe that’s how it looked on the other wreath too but I liked it there with all the crazy stems poking out around it.

Anyway, just a few ideas of how you can use something like this.
You can also transfer it to anything like a little box, wood sign, or even a cloth tote. (that’d be cute!)

Here are a few more spring printables for you:

Need even more ideas on how to use these printables??

Check out this post that I created for just that. Bunches of fun ways you can use free printables!
>>> Creative Ways To Use Free Printables

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Spring bouquet printable... perfect printable for totes, pillows, or just pop it in a frame and go! artsychicksrule.com

I hope you enjoy them! Happy almost spring!



  1. Nancy, this plate/charger turned out beautifully! The flowers and text are so cheerful. I really like it on your door. :)
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  2. This looks really great! When I first saw it and you said you painted it I thought I don’t think I can do that. But I think I can after reading the post! Going to try 😁

  3. I love to paint too. It really does your soul some good… and it’s addicting. :-) This turned out very pretty. Great job! I enjoy seeing your creativity.

  4. Super cute Nancy! This is cool because you could choose any colors for the painting to fit a particular room!! I’ve been wanting to try using transfers for awhile now, but my old printer finally bit the dust about 8 months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Do you have a favorite type/brand? (thanks :) )

    1. Yes, you sure could, Ann! I bought a new one a few years ago now and have really loved it. I have the Epson 7710 (Amazon has it for $728 and I did NOT pay that for it! Or even close, I think I paid in the 150-250 range for it.) I think they have new models of this printer/copier now but I have really loved it. It does everything and has been great. :)

      1. Yikes!!! $700+ oh my! I’ll check out the 7710 though and maybe get lucky finding a super-bargain, or something similar!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Painting is so relaxing. I never would think to pick up a plate like that but it does make a great background. Also, how the heck did you come up with fishing line and hot glue?!?

    1. I agree, Marcie, it really is. Ha! I always use fishing line to hang just about anything hung (it’s mostly invisible). Usually, I can just wrap it around whatever and tie a knot. I didn’t have anything on the back so just used hot glue to hold it. :)

  6. OH MY GOSH! So cute!! You are so talented!! That really looks so good on your front door. I do have some gold charger plates – never thought about painting them, but now I think I will! Wonder if you couldn’t put a decal in the center? I’m not so good at painting artfully!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Vicki! Yes, go paint them! Or a decal, yes. Either way! :) Here’s an idea, you can print something out for the center of the charger, cut it to fit around the middle. Carefully glue it down (preferably with glue that is not wet…more like a glue stick so the paper doesn’t get all wrinkled up) and then hot glue something around the cut edge of the paper like a ribbon or whatever you choose to dress it up AND hide that cut paper edge!

  7. Loved it the minute I saw it😍 !
    So cute! I am going to print it and frame it, not talented enough to trace and paint😝.
    Thank you so much, Linda D.

  8. Love it! I’d like to try this. Have never transferred an image like this. I love it in the wreath on your door.

    1. OH, yes, do give it a try, Debra! It’s fun to just sit quietly and relax painting…no matter how it turns out. It’s good for the soul! xo

  9. Nancy, that is absolutely adorable! Oh my gosh, to be able to paint with a steady hand…..you did a remarkable job! I really love it – what an amazing craft result! WOW!
    I would soooooo buy that. I’d look great in our master bedroom with its new greyish turqoise blue accent wall!
    Looking forward to seeing both your headboard transformations in the future, whoo hoo!

    1. Aw, thank you, my friend! Yes, I am going to work on it this weekend! (no beach condo work this weekend) Hoping to get it done to share next week! Fingers crossed! xo

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Karen! Yes, you do need a little bit of a steady hand…well, especially with that thin script. I won’t do that again!! lol

  10. Very awesome! That is such a gorgeous plate. You make the print/transfer/painting part look easy. Well, at least for me — it makes it look doable. I’m working on an old secretary desk and I will try this technique in order to get similar results. We shall see.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much, Marlene! It is so doable when you transfer the image. Then it’s sort of like paint by numbers, etc. ;) Oh yay, that will be fun! xoxo

  11. I saw a similar “plate” at Dollar Tree yesterday…going back to get one and give this a try!

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