Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax

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Giverny Chalk Paint is one of Annie Sloan’s newer colors. It’s a gorgeous shade of blue!

I used it on this piece below….

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

A beautiful dresser I bought from a friend for $75.

Good morning friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Did you finish up your Christmas shopping? Or are you still at it?
I’m still at it! ;) Hoping to finish up soon so I can sit back and relax the rest of the month. (hahaha…right! ;) )
Anyway, I’ve got a brand new furniture makeover for you guys today. Yay!

A Giverny Chalk Paint Makeover to be exact.

If you don’t know what Giverny Chalk Paint is, it’s one of Annie Sloan’s newest colors.
And it’s a beauty.
annie-sloan-chalk-paint-giverny #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Right? Who doesn’t love a good blue?

The dresser had some normal wear and tear on it, as you can see, but it was in great condition overall.
All the drawers were in perfect working condition.
She mentioned there was a loose piece of molding, so I removed it and kept it for safe keeping while we transferred it to our home.
Unfortunately, somewhere in transit, another piece came off. :(
We couldn’t find it anywhere.

So I made one to match!

Make your own!! It's SO easy!! Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Curious about that? See this post here to see a similar project, how I made a missing handle >>> “Missing Hardware? Here’s a Fix!
I’ll be creating a separate post soon to show the full details on how I created this missing piece of molding on the chest. can see that post now, —>>> here!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way….let’s talk about this Giverny Chalk Paint Makeover.
I’ll share a few affiliate links below to the exact products I used, when possible. See my full disclosure here.

Giverny Chalk Paint! LOVE this color!! Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Here are a few close up shots of the chest…

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

I had planned on painting it anyway, but the missing molding meant I would most definitely need to paint.
I did, however, plan to refinish the top in a wood stained finish.

Ryder giving it the once over when we brought it home…..

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

I used Citristrip to remove the old finish…

Love this stuff!!! Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #furnituremakeover #citristrip #gelstain #javagel

I just love this product. It really makes the job so much easier. (and less chemicals, which I love)
You can see another project I completed using this stripper here >>> “Easy Furniture Makeover

(Want to see even more of my favorite furniture makeover supplies??? Take a look in my very own curated shop, here!)

The top got a light sanding, a coat of gel stain (easiest stuff ever to use!) and 3 full coats of my favorite top coat (light sanding with fine grit sandpaper in between coats).

Want to see some of these projects in “live” time? Hop on over and follow along with me on INSTAGRAM. I’m always sharing in my stories as I’m doing projects, finding new furniture, fun finds….just all the day to day behind the scenes. 

Since the stain/wood is reddish, I gave it a light spray of Shellac all over. This type of wood/stain is notorious for “bleed -thru”.
If you are not familiar with that, that is when the red color bleeds through your paint….through every single coat.
I haven’t had good luck with regular primers but love the Shellac as it works wonderfully to keep it from coming through the paint.

And while the Giverny is an absolutely gorgeous color all on it’s own, I thought it was a tad bright for the direction I was going with the chest.
So I mixed it with another favorite, Provence Chalk Paint.
Both are great colors and create a gorgeous blue when mixed.
I ended up using about 1/2 and 1/2 of each.
So yes, that would make this a Giverny-Provence chest, I know, but I really wanted to showcase this brand new color that made it all possible!

Are you new to chalk painting?? This post might be helpful to you >>> “How To Chalk Paint Furniture & More (tips & tricks I’ve learned!)

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

I gave it 2 coats of the Giverny Chalk Paint (and Provence ).

Once it was dry, I applied another new-ish Annie Sloan product….White Wax.
I had originally thought I’d use the Black Wax, which I also have, but changed my mind.
I wanted it to have a light, “beachy”, casual feel instead.

Which I think I managed to give it….

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

It’s ever so subtle, just a hint.
I was careful to leave a bit behind in the crevices.
Also, it’s hard to tell in the photos, but the White Wax softened the blue and gave it a tiny haze of white everywhere else.

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

I had also planned on spray painting the hardware but kind of liked the worn, aged look they had.
So I used a bit of gold to give them a lift without covering up the aged appearance.
I dabbed a tiny bit on my finger and rubbed around on the metal hardware.
Be sure to only use a tiny amount so you won’t cover up the original finish.

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

As you can see, I also distressed the edges of the paint ever so lightly.

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Closer side view of the White Wax so you can see the softened haze I mentioned.

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

I love that warm sheen finish the buffed wax gives. :)

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Curious about chalk paint?? I wrote an entire post devoted to all the pros and cons of using it, here >>> “Pros and Cons of Chalk Paint For Furniture

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

That pretty refinished wood top…

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

I’m so happy with how it all turned out.
I had originally planned to list this one to sell but in the meantime, we had given our son our large dresser.
It was a dark cherry wood that matches his room perfectly.
(he’s getting a room makeover…I’ve still got a DIY tufted “leather” headboard to share with y’all!)
Our master bedroom is more beach/coastal themed now so decided to use this chest in there.

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

And to give you an idea of with the white wax and without…

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

And that, by the way, is the “faux” piece of molding I made.

Would you be able to pick it out if you didn’t know?

Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

Have you got a project to tackle? Or maybe a piece missing molding like this one?
Well…just tackle it! ;) Get that finish restained….or repainted. As you can see, both are very do-able.
And missing molding won’t even hold you back!

Be sure to PIN this for later so you can try out the Giverny Chalk Paint too!

Love this Paint and Wax!!! Giverny Chalk Paint Chest Makeover with White Wax - #giverny #chalkpaint #chalkpaintfurniture #furnituremakeover

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I’ll see you guys back here on Thursday for Part 3 (Study, Foyer & Porch) of my Coastal Christmas Home Tour.
In case you missed them, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Also, don’t miss my next furniture makeover! (sad, but she’s a beauty now!)

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

See you then sweet friends!





    1. Thank you Victoria! :) Merry Christmas from the very cold US…today anyway! ;) (we are high of 28 today, high of 72 on Sunday, wacky weather here ;) ) xoxo

  1. Nancy, I didn’t know if I would like this chest painted blue… but I LOVE it! Absolutely gorgeous and the white/liming wax is just the right touch. :) I keep going back and looking at the transformation… amazing. Oh and I tipped over to see how you made your replacement doodad. You rock! :)))

    1. Hi Christina!
      Thank you! And yep, that wax is really neat. :) And thank you again, I did that first one years ago and thought it would work great in this application…and it did!
      Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  2. This is an amazing makeover. I recently redid my bedroom furniture (headboard, chest, nightstand) in a blue color similar to this, but without the white wax, I may have to add that to mine. I even did silvery tones to the handles and pulls! Yours is so gorgeous, Thanks so much for all the ideas… (I just THOUGHT I was done with my furniture! haha)

    1. Hi Sue :)
      Thank you! Oh yes, go get you some of it! It really creates a nice touch on the finish. The black wax is fun too.
      Oh funny, you did silver touches! Love it! And yep, are we really ever done??? ;) Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

      1. Hi Nancy,

        You are right, we are Never really “done” with anything in a house, are we?

        Love all your projects…Can’t wait to see what you do next~~~~~~



  3. What a gorgeous transformation! This dresser is perfect for your coastal home and I’m glad that you are keeping it. I love how you made the perfect color by mixing two shades of paint and that combined with the stained top makes this dresser so elegant. Love it!

    1. Thank you Carol! :) Nope, I didn’t on this one. I had actually planned to take it outside and spray it with Shellac just in case. But when I was ready to paint, my boys were not home to move it. ;)
      So I painted a small section to see if it would bleed…it didn’t, so I painted on! But yes, typically, this type of furniture has issues with that.
      Glad you asked, I probably should have mentioned that in the post! xoxo

  4. Gorgeous! What a fantastic transformation. I love the custom colour you created. And NO I would not be able to tell which floral piece you made :) Cheers!

  5. Nancy, what a beautiful job you did with the dresser. I recently painted a small FRENCH desk blue and would like to add the white wax but can you tell me if someone else carries the wax? I also like your white slipcovers, did you make them or buy them? Hope your holidays are wonderful.

    1. Thanks Ellie! :)
      You can take a look here to see if there is a retailer close to you.
      I shared the other because it is who I used to buy from when I didn’t have a retailer close to me.(they are great if you’ll have to order)
      The slip covered furniture is from IKEA. They sell the full set and also have the slipcovers for sale there too. :)
      Happy Holidays to you! xoxo

  6. Amazing! Beautiful! Can’t wait to read about your clay replacement molding One question: was the top veneer or a real wood? I was wondering if I could use the Citristrip on a veneer top to restrain it darker and not risk messing up the veneer by sanding. Any experience with that? Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Hi Tracey!
      Thank you! :)
      You can use the Citristrip on veneer or solid. You most likely won’t be sanding too much so it shouldn’t ruin the integrity of the veneer. A very light sand is all that is needed. :)
      Hope that helps!! xo

  7. It’s been a little bit since I used ASCP but oh my do I love that new color! What a beautiful makeover Nancy and love how the white wax made all those details pop. Pinned to share. I don’t blame you for wanting to keep this dresser, I’d have a hard time parting with it too.

  8. So many crafters are using chalk paint in their makeover. I’m using regular paint and I was wandering.. could you tell me is the chalk paint really better? And why? I’m just curios, maybe I should use it as well :P

    1. Nope, I don’t think it’s better at all….just different. I love it for what it is but also love, and use, other paints as well. :)

  9. Gorgeous, and I’m especially in love with the color you created. I will definitely be trying it for myself. Thank you!

  10. I really love this piece! And the top came out beautifully!!! Blue is my favorite color – all blues, so I am definitely trying this! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! :) I love leaving a little bit of the wood showing. And yes, you and be both, love my blues! ;) Have fun!xoxo

      1. The dresser is beautiful. Can you tell me if you stripped the finish from the whole piece or just from the top surface that you restained? I’m not sure. Thanks.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s Java! But I have all the supplies I used for this project linked in the gray box that says “Materials List”. (click the link that says “gel stain” to go directly to it)

  11. This post just came up on Pinterest when I was doing a search. This is the exact piece I need to match a desk in our lake house. So hard to find! This came out so pretty. Oh if only I could find one lol.

      1. Yes but have been having trouble finding one to paint. I will keep searching though until I do. I was going to do a blend of colors on both dresser and desk, but this solid color is so cheerful and pretty, I might have to change my plan lol.

  12. I love it! You said the hardware was in a bad way so you added some gold paint. I have found a easy way to clean it – take the hardware and put in a plastic container then pour vinegar to cover. Sprinkle baking soda and watch the reaction it makes. Let sit for 15 minutes and then use a green scruby to shine it up! You will be amazed on how beautiful they will look!

  13. I don`t mean to sound critical, but only wish to suggest another possible solution for this lovely chest. How about black chalk paint on the chest, but not the drawers or the top. Keep the natural wood for the drawers and top. If a few coats of bees wax doesn`t restore their natural beauty, then refinish them. The black paint and natural wood restores the elegance this beautiful chest deserves.

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