DIY Blue and White Tile Tray Makeover

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I love the way blue and white always look so lovely together. Navy blue and white, stunning! This blue and white tile thrift store tray makeover is an easy winner!

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

It’s Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday and my friends and I are sharing our thrifty treasures with you today.
If you are new around here, we get together on the second Tuesday of every month to share old “trash” that we’ve turned into treasures.
So be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see all the pretty treasures my friends are sharing today too.

I think I might have shared this photo of a few of my finds over on my Facebook page a while back…

Thrift Store Finds! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

So many goodies. 

Some from the thrift store, garage sales, and a few from my thrift shopping adventure with my girl, Christy.
We’ll have a video of that (and our makeovers of what we found) coming soon, so stay tuned!

You might also remember that coffee table pictured above.
I gave it a makeover already and it’s >>> here if you want to take a look.  (it was my “Trash to Treasure” a couple of months ago)

But today I’m making over that tray/frame thingy sitting on top of it. (got it for $4.98)

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....BEFORE! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

I have no idea what this was. Obviously some sort of tray but I wonder what happened to the bottom?
Plus, it had big holes all over the back where something was attached at some point. I would assume that was the bottom of the tray but wow it must’ve been heavy or something with all the holes.
Also, the inside top is like a frame and it seems as if something was inset into that as well.
Maybe a pretty print and then a back to hold it secure?

Who knows, but anyway, this is how I found it…empty.

So I filled it up!  

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

With this pretty blue and white tile I found at Lowe’s.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....(gorgeous blue and white tiles!) ! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

I have made several tiled trays in the past.

and even these old frames tiled for 2 end table tops…

But this blue and white tile tray might be my absolute favorite!
I can’t wait to share it with you.

I started out by having my guy cut me a board to fit inside the “frame” on the back.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....(adding wood base)! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

I screwed it in on the back four corners to secure it.

When I consider tiling a tray or frame, I always hope and pray that the tiles will fit nicely without having to be cut.
Because who has time for that?? haha

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find (measure out)! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

So yea, bummer, not quite right.

But not to worry, I always make it work out somehow without cutting the tiles.

Here’s how…

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! (cut tiles) #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

…just cut them into strips and space them a bit further apart to make up the extra space you see at the end of the other photo.
You should see the crazy I’m working in over here! lol I’m at the end of the island working and this is what’s behind me at the moment.
Our new wine cooler but hey, it came in handy to set these out on (and was one of the only empty spaces for me to do so!).

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

So again, just space them out so they fit.
I like to leave them in place as I attach them. That way you don’t get halfway through and realize your spacing is off.
Just lift a row, add glue (or whatever you are using to attach them), and lay them back down in place.
Then move to the next row.
This way they will end up perfectly spaced.

Next, I removed the handles…

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! (brass handles) #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

…and cleaned them up with a bit of ketchup.
They are brass and I knew I didn’t want to paint them.

Then I painted the frame with this white spray paint. Simple!

I usually use E6000 glue to attach the tiles in my trays but couldn’t find my tube of it so I just used wood glue instead.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! (add grout) #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

Once that was dry, I used the same grout that I used in our backsplash tile makeover recently.

Attached the handles back and done! 

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

Up close…

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

Isn’t that blue and white tile just stunning? I absolutely adore it!

And I didn’t have to cut a thing! Love that.

Add a touch of pink and even better.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

And I have to tell you, I’ve had those pink flowers for probably 20 years now!
They sure have held up well, huh?

And look at those handles just shine.
I sort of love the slightly aged imperfections in the finish.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

And these are the new blue and white pillows I found in the OBX recently.
I mentioned them in this post >>> here.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

The funny thing about them is I found one the first evening and grabbed it up! I looked ALL OVER for a matching pillow but none was to be found.
I was so bummed but bought the one anyway because I loved it so much.
On a whim, I decided to pop back in the next day, because you know, they might have put another one out. lol
What are the odds of that? Right, exactly, not so good.
But guess what? They had a big rolling cart full of pillows in the pillow aisle and can you guess what was inside?
You got it! One more of these pillows!
It was meant to be!! haha  I was so happy!

I think they look perfect with my new blue and white tile tray, too.

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

The tray is a keeper, for sure. It’s staying right here in this house with me.
Not sure where it’s going yet but it’s not going out the door!

And lastly, a little sneak peek of our new floor! Yippee!!

DIY Navy Blue and White Tile Tray....From Thrift Store Find! (new floor!!) #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

So very happy with it.
I’ll be sharing the full details on it soon.
PLUS, check out that white board and batten and trim! ;)
I painted the ceiling and trim and it’s amazing what a little white paint will do.
Everything looks so bright and fresh.

Lots of reveals coming soon. Stay tuned.
Be sure to follow along over on Instagram as I share daily everything that’s going on in the home remodel.  (in my stories)
It’s been a wild ride so far….and thankfully we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  )

PIN it to save it!

Thrift Store Find to Gorgeous Blue and White Tile Tray! #blueandwhitetile #blueandwhitedecor #tileideas #thriftymakeover #trashtotreasure #blueandwhite #blueandwhitepillows

Now let’s see what beautiful treasures my friends are sharing today!

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Hope you enjoyed all the lovely trash to treasure projects today!

I’m trying to get little old stool makeover together by Thursday. We’ll see how it goes!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!! (it’s a little French-y now)

See you then!



  1. Oh, how I love that serving tray. Giving me inspiration on using tile on my vintage tea cart. It sat around for the longest time not knowing what to do with it but after seeing your tile tray; that little light bulb came on :} Thank You, Thank You. Now, I just have to decide type / color of tile I would use on my tea cart.
    Great that you found matching pillows; wonderful match up

    1. Thanks Lizzy! :) This darker shade of blue and white might be my new favorite! Or at least something I want to play around with and use in a room or two. It’s just such a classic and beautiful color combo. And thank you! I’m excited to get it done! Once we are done on the first floor, we are moving to the upstairs and the outside remodel (here and there areas…always never done…but I hope that won’t be true forever! lol). ;) xo

  2. I love your tile projects, Nancy. And I thought – How does she manage to get the perfect fit with her tiles? Now I know your secret! These are beautiful and not something you see everywhere. Thanks for reminding me about the ketchup trick, too, it really does make the hardware look so much better.

    1. Thanks Marcie! :) They are so much fun to do. (so many pretty tiles out there!) And yes, haha, a little trick on the spacing. ;) No one wants to cut tiles if they don’t have to. I sure don’t! And the ketchup really does do a great job! :) xo

  3. This might be one of my favorite projects ever! I absolutely love that blue and white tile!! I kinda wish you would’ve saved this for our thrift shop shakedown post now LOL! And the floors are gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see it all! XOXO

    1. Aw, really? lol It sure is one of mine now! I love that tile! And haha, you are funny…I could tile the other thing instead! haha ;) Thank you, can’t wait to finish! xoxo

  4. I seriously love that tray!!! You come up with the best ideas!! I tried to find those tiles at Lowe’s, but didn’t see them. Do you happen to have a link to them? Thanks! xo

    1. I was looking too and couldn’t find. What is the name? Do you have a link? I LOVE the tiles, and that tray is sooo gorgeous!

      1. Thanks Heather! And sorry about that, it’s item number #914669 at Lowe’s (just put that number in the search bar and it will come up). The tiles are amazing! :) xo

    2. Aw thanks Karen! :) And I’m sorry, I see from your other response that you found it already, but just in case, it’s item number #914669 at Lowe’s. xoxo

  5. Your tray is gorgeous! I have an empty frame and a couple of cabinet handles in my stash, so may have to try this, i’m a sucker for pretty tiles!

  6. You are a gal after my own heart…I love blue and white anything. It goes with any decorating style. I want that tray!!!!!!!

  7. Lovely, Nancy. I love tile and I love the blue and white. I’m thinking about using some tile I already have–which is NOT blue and white, but white and cream, which I also love–to do an old tray I’ve had sitting around forever. I just could never decide what to do to it,. So now I may have found the way, thanks to your little project. Thanks!

  8. Hi Nancy

    Can you tell me what type of wood the board is, please? What wood would you recommend to use in as a kitchen counter top to put titles on? Thanks

    1. Hi Fiona! I think it was just a simple piece of pine plywood. For a countertop, you’d want to use about a 3/4 inch plywood base and I’d do a cement board over that before you tile. You’ll have wet conditions there so you want to make sure you do it correctly. Hope that helps!

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