Scrapbook Paper Decoupage Tray Makeover

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Hello, my wonderful and crafty friends! :)

I hope you had an amazing weekend! We had snow! What?! It didn’t do a thing and didn’t last all that long but what the what? It needs to go away now, I’m ready for spring.
This weather has been weird this year but what’s new? It’s always warm one day and freezing the next around here. lol

So, to catch you up, we are still working on our beach condo when we can and finishing up our hall bath remodel. It is this close to being complete…yippee!! Did you see my stories over on Instagram this weekend of the tile floor I stenciled in there?? It looks so good! I will be sharing all the details on that soon.

Today I’m sharing another one from my recent haul.

picture of a thrift store haul and the items before makeovers

Missed any? You can see them right here:

Scrapbook Paper Decoupage Tray Makeover

Today I’m sharing this little tray…

maroon tray before

Not much to it! Eh.

But look how pretty it is now…

white tray with varying shades of pink flowers

Isn’t that sweet??

And it was SO simple.

I began by wiping it down and cleaning it well. Then I sprayed it with a white spray paint in Satin finish.

white tray on counter

Once it was dry, I measured and cut this piece of scrapbook paper I’ve had for years. (I pulled out several from my stash so you may see a few more in the coming projects)

pink floral paper in cutter

I used this handy cutter here to make a perfectly straight line. I highly recommend it!

Then I used my Decoupage & Transfer Gel from my shop, here, to apply.

white tray with pink floral decoupaged paper on table top

I finished with one more coat on top and done!


You can also apply a coat of poly if you like as well.

white tray with pink flowers and bouquet of flowers beside tray

Oh, I forgot, I added feet to this one.

Gold feet. :)

I sprayed 4 old wood knobs with gold spray paint and used my hot glue gun to attach them on the bottom.

white tray upside down with gold knob feet and glue gun

up close of gold foot

I just adore this pretty paper.

up close of decoupaged scrapbook paper

I love how the white part of the paper just blends in with the white of the tray and all you see are those bright flowers.

washed wood dresser with white floral tray and gold mirror on wall

Hope you enjoyed this one! Was simple, promise!

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Scrapbook paper decoupage is a fun way to update that old, boring thrifty find!

I’ll see you later this week with this one! Stay tuned!

Scrapbook paper decoupage is a fun way to update that old, boring thrifty find!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!



  1. What a ingenious way to reuse old knobs! I have a whole box full from the furniture I have refurbed and never would have thought of that. Thank you so much for the idea!

  2. I have this exact same piece and I can’t wait to try what you did. This small is now beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I adore this! I have a thrifted wood tray in a similar shape and was planning to do this also with pretty scrapbook paper. I love the blue tile from Lowes you used recently but it wouldn’t be the right size, so was thinking I might find some paper with a similar pattern. I hadn’t though to use knobs as legs! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi! I love the sassy little decoupage tray. What a terrific makeover. The pattern and the white rim really makes this design pop! Really looks simple!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

  5. Oh that is just so pretty! Can’t believe how much better it looks. (And it is so Spring-y!)
    Funny I had that paper at one time. I don’t scrapbook but I make cards all the time.
    Today is sunny and warmer – the moon has been gorgeous – and will be so bright on Friday if
    we were to continue the awesome cloudless nights.

    You are so right – one week we had 75 degrees and 6 days later a very intense snow storm. Then rain melted the snow and today is in the 60s. Strange weather, indeed.

    1. Thanks, Michele!! That is so funny, really?!
      And yes, your weather sounds just like ours!! Haha…crazy weather! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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