Makeover Using Transfers

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Hello friends!
I hope you are having an amazing week. I’m back today sharing another one from my recent haul.
It didn’t turn out as I had planned as you’ll see below. But that’s how things go sometimes, right?! lol

This is my recent haul…

This makeover using transfers didn't end up like it began. Decor transfers for the win!

…with one more marked off. Yippee! Getting ’em done.

Missed any? You can see them right here:

Makeover Using Transfers

Here’s how this one started…

dark trim mirror tray on counter

My vision for this one was to paint it a warm beige-y color and stencil French writing in white.

So I began by taping it up to spray with primer to cover as much of the dark color before painting.

dark trim mirrored trim with tape covering mirror

(the frame is not really that light…the lighting in the photo is off)

All painted with Cobblestone (a great color!) …

tray that is taped and now painted with a beige colored paint

And stenciling on the white with this French stencil

stencil over tray with white paint

I wasn’t really loving it after the first row but decided to keep going to make sure.

stenciled tray edge

I still wasn’t at all feeling it so stopped and changed directions. Darn, but hey, that happens sometimes.

I painted over the whole thing with the soft white I was using for the script (Victorian Lace).

tray painted white with decor transfers all around

Then I pulled out my furniture transfers scraps and pieced together a few to use.

I think most of them came from this transfer set.

I played around with the decor transfers on the little mirrored tray …

decor transfers cut and laying on tray frame

…until I decided I liked what I saw…

decor transfers but and arranged on frame

Applied them and done!

decor transfers attached to mirrored frame

Well, not done, done, I then applied one coat of Matte Tough TopCoat.

Now it’s done.

green plant, wood table top and finished mirrored tray with decor transfers

Sweet with the birds on the branches. I decided I’d use the butterflies on something else.

wood table with mirrored tray on top

top view of mirrored tray with decor transfers

I wrapped the transfer around the edges where needed.

side view of tray showing decor transfer wrapped around edge

So sweet. Much better than how it started!

front view of mirrored tray

And simple too.

Would’ve been even simpler had I not had to do a “do-over”! haha!

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This makeover using transfers didn't end up like it began. Decor transfers for the win!

Stay tuned next week! I’ll be back with this one…

UPDATE!! You can see this one now, here.

See you then! Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Follow along with me over in the Outer Banks this weekend over on Instagram. :)




  1. What a wonderful makeover Nancy! So pretty! And it would look great hanging on a wall or even as a tray!

    1. Thank you, Christina! It would look good hanging, too, I agree! It’s sort of an odd little thing!! lol Happy weekend to you! xo

  2. The first try probably would have been alright, but the second one is fabulous, Nancy. The transfers are beautiful with that color and I love how they wrap around the sides. I’m always amazed how adding transfers elevates the look of a project!

    1. Thanks, Marcie! I love how transfers transform even the most boring pieces. They are so fun. :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  3. This is so pretty. Would look great on the right spot on a wall. Love it. Ooh maybe even as a perfume/toiletry tray lol.

    1. Thank you, Debra! I agree, I think it would look good hanging but would be perfect as a perfume/toiletry tray!! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  4. Oh, Nancy that is sooooo cute! As you may remember my (neglected at this time) blog is called The Nest at Finch Rest. So is our home! So I adore bird things!

    Do you know that “Fabrique Bijouterif” means Jewelry Factory? I bet some hooks to hang necklaces would work on this too in someone’s awesomely decorated huge walk in closet, eh?
    Great make-over. Love those birds so much!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Michele, and oh, yes, perfect!! :)
      And no, I did not know that but I love it! Necklaces would indeed be just right on it. xoxo

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