Decoupage with Scrapbook Paper (round 2!)

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Decoupage with scrapbook paper to create a brand new look out of an old piece! 

Hello and happy Friday friends!

I hope you had an amazing week and well, hello weekend, right?! ;) I’m ready!

Today I am back at ya with another fun one from the haul.

This haul…

Thrifty finds before they are made over

Yippee! Getting em done.

Missed any? You can see them right here:

Decoupage with Scrapbook Paper (round 2)

Here is how this one began…

wood box before

Not bad at all for $4! And actually would fit into my decor nicely as-is but hey, I’m here to show you how you can change things up.

So I changed it up!

I began by painting it white with Satin finish spray paint.

Then I used some wall spackle to try to smooth out that rope-y front.

It worked well enough.

front of box with wall spackle

After it was dry, I lightly sanded it to smooth it more.

front of box with wall spackle sanded

Then I pulled this scrapbook paper from my stash and cut it to fit.

fitting the scrapbook paper into front area

I used my mat and cutter again. (this one)

Now, for the slanted sides…here’s how I did it.
Do you see the photo above? I simply pressed against the wood edge to create where the cut would go.

showing the crease on the scrapbook paper

Can you see the crease above? ( I had to darken the picture so it would show up)

I simply cut along that line and …

cut piece of scrapbook paper on front


Now … for the other side, I ended up having to cut a couple of pieces to make the pattern correct.

cut pieces of scrapbook paper on front of box

But no worries!  Once I use the Decoupage Gel underneath, you cannot tell at all.


scrapbook paper on front applied with decoupage gel

Then I decided to take this decoupage scrapbook paper project one step further…

scrapbook paper on the bottom of the inside of the box

I did it on the inside too!

Love that little peek of more.

finished scrapbook paper and white box

I didn’t apply the Decoupage Gel to the top this time. I just left the paper as-is.

white flowers on white books beside blue and white box

I love the blue and white contrast. (and you’d never know I pieced that together on the front!)

Just something about blue and white together that always draws me in.

white books and white vase beside white box with blue paper

blue and white scrapbook paper on white box

showing inside blue and white paper

Love how this one turned out. :)

blue and white paper on front of white box

Different look, huh?

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Decoupage with scrapbook paper to create a brand new look out of an old piece!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Keep an eye out on Instagram this weekend…we’ll be working at the Outer Banks house! (didn’t end up making it last weekend…oops!)
Plus, I have something fun coming on Sunday…keep an eye out for an email from me!

And be on the lookout for another one from the haul, here…

Decoupage with scrapbook paper to create a brand new look out of an old piece!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!!



  1. Nancy you made this piece happy! I love the paper, you’d never know about piecing the one side and the piece inside is brilliant.
    Don’t work too hard this weekend!

  2. Lovely makeover. I love blue and white! It is my favorite combination. This little pop of color makes me smile! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Yes, love it, Nancy! Blue and white is my favorite, too. I like that it went from kind of rustic to refined.

  4. So bright and fresh, Nancy. It never would occur to me to try and cover up the textured sides. Adding paper to the bottom makes it even better!

  5. So cute. In your staging photo did you also paint the books that are placed horizontally (with the vase on top) next to the bin?

  6. Oh that is super cute now, Nancy! It just needed a bit of a face lift to become a fresh new beauty!

    I really like the choice of paper you used, too. There really is something about blue and white together, isn’t there??

  7. Love this fresh little box. I want to decopouge a box for my granddaughter with pics from the past of me and her aas a graduation gift as a keepsake. I plan to print them like a regular copy on a home printer. My concern is that when I put decoupage medium on them that the ink will smear and ruin the pic. I noticed when you did your Mason jar that you sprayed the paper jar with clear Spray. Will this prevent the smearing. Haven’t tried it yet so need some advice. I use mode podge but is there something else better? Love your site! Thx, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl! Yes, I will sometimes spray my printed things with a poly spray to help “seal” them up and hopefully keep it from running. Usually works really well! Either way, you don’t really want to get it very wet when doing the transfer etc. Mod Podge is good, I have used that a bunch. I typically always use our Decoupage and Transfer Gel now though. :) (you can find it here if you are interested)

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