Layered Chalk Paint Makeover (the simple how-to!)

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It’s amazing how much depth you can create with layered Chalk Paint. And it’s so simple too!

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

and how this sweet table started….

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue


I’m sharing this sweet, antique mahogany table that got a layered Chalk Paint makeover plus my friends are sharing their makeovers for Trash to Treasure Tuesday, too! So stick around to the end so you don’t miss any of them! :)

I found this little table at the thrift store for around $30. Beautiful, but in need of some love!
I had originally thought I’d paint the entire piece since the top was in such bad shape but instead decided to leave the top stained.

Pretty rough, huh?

And that top….

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Maybe I should have just painted it! ;)


It was a mess!
But I thought, “I’ll just get my fave stripper out and take all that junk off and it will be good as new!”.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

But it wasn’t. Bummer.

Here’s how it looked after two runs with the stripper.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Better, but still yucky. Those stains had sunk down into the wood.

I could have just said forget it and painted it instead. (I considered it ;) )
But no, I really wanted to see that wood….so pulled out the ole sander and got busy finding the pretty wood underneath. :)

And here is what I found….

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Yep, SO much better!
That, by the way, was taped up because I was putting my first coat of paint on. ;)

Let’s talk a bit about that right now and we’ll circle back around to the top treatment.

To create this layered Chalk Paint effect, I started by using Aubusson Blue.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

I did one good coat and then went back over, where needed, once it was dry.
Then the fun begins. :)
As you can see above, I layered a bit of Florence over top of the Aubusson.

It’s pretty simple, really.

The main coat goes on like regular, than the following coats go on with a “dry brush”.
That just means I use a dry brush, with very little paint, to apply the coats that follow.
My favorite brush to do “dry brushing” with is a chip brush, like this one.
I actually use those little brushes for a lot of things so always have them on hand.

Want to see a VIDEO on exactly how to dry brush? All the ins and outs, here >>> “How To Dry Brush – Video

If you look closely, you can see the hint of paint left behind from the dry brush technique.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Next I added a bit of Provence over top of those other two colors.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

And painted the inside rim of the top portion.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

I just adore this combo!! The color is really amazing.

Seriously, I love it so much, I actually did another piece with the same colors.
You can see it here, French Round Side Table Makeover.

I should mention I had a bit of repairing to do with this table before I got started.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

There was an entire piece of veneer missing above.
I had to create it with wood filler.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Which actually turned out so well, I have no idea which one it was now that it’s painted!

Not only that, but almost all of the edges around the table had to be glued as they were also lifting and would eventually break as well.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

I then cleaned it up to get all the grime and “age” off of it. (wow, it was dirty!)
And given the entire thing a coat of Shellac. I didn’t want any of that red/orange wood color bleeding through my paint.

Since I went down to bare wood on the table, I applied some Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner first.
Then I applied the Walnut stain.
Mahogany is a reddish wood and I didn’t want it to look “red” so went with a stain that looked a bit more brown.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

I love how it turned out.
I let it sit for about 48 hours and then applied 2 coats of high performance top coat.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Gorgeous wood! So glad I didn’t paint that top.
It was a little bit more work but it was worth it.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

The base got a coat of Clear wax and buffed.
(Edited to add: I’ve since written a post on the top 5 ways to seal Chalk Paint, you can see it, here)

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Want to know about 26 other chalk style paints?
I’ve got the low down for you right here! >>> 26 Types of Chalk Style Paint For Furniture

Some up close shots of that pretty layered Chalk Paint….

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Isn’t the texture of the layered Chalk Paint so pretty?
The colors go so well together. (and I just love this color with my curtains there in the background!)

Edited to add this post I wrote about the Pros & Cons of using Chalk Paint for Furniture, see it >>> here.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

I just love what paint can do.
You can get this same look with any color and layered Chalk Paint. It doesn’t have to be blues.
I think I may have to step outside of my little blue box and try a different color to layer next time.
Maybe green. Yes, I think I need to paint something green for spring!

But for now, let’s just gaze at this blue beauty.

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

PIN it to save it! 

Layered Chalk Paint Makeover Tutorial - #layeredchalkpaint #chalkpaintmakeover #paintedfurniture #aubussonblue

Wait!!  Don’t go yet….you’ve got to see the treasures my friends created out of their “trash” this month, too! 

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Stay tuned for my latest furniture makeover below! (Yikes! This one got a much-needed makeover)

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

I’ll see you back here on Thursday with some of the fun ways I use all of the printables I create for you guys!
I’m so excited….it was so much fun creating and crafting.

See you then!



      1. Blue is my favorite color, so of course I liked your re-do of this table. I have a suggestion for missing veneer that I got off the internet so long ago that I don’t reemember from whom. Using the side of the lead on a sharp pencil and some tracing paper, frotage (rub-trace)the shape of the missing piece of veneer. There are several types of wood used to make veneer, so buy the edge banding or veneer sheet that most closely matches the original type of wood. Cut out the replacement piece using your template and install in the directed manor. You may have to fill some very tiny spots with various shades of wood filler if you still have tiny gaps, or streak with different colors of stain to disguise the new edge. If the old veneer is just lifting, try using a warm iron to reactivate the old hide glue underneath. Now you have the option of stain in addition to painting your project. Select based on your personal preference or the formality of where your renewed piece will go.

        1. These are great tips!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out for me, Diana. I will definitely keep this in mind in the future! :)

  1. I am not a huge fan of blue unless it is on the teal scale, BUT this is soooo pretty! The color came out fabulous and looks so good next to the rich wood tone. I love it!

  2. Wow! I love it! Simply gorgeous. I too love that you saved the wood top. I have a small table that I may try this on. I am wondering about your boat painting. Is it from Kirkland’s?
    Thank you for sharing. I love Trash to Treasure Tuesdays!

    1. Thanks Susan! Hmm…I don’t remember, I’m sorry! But it could have been there as I do shop there occasionally. I looked on the back but don’t see any stickers. It might have been also Bed, Bath and Beyond. The problem is I bought it and then didn’t use it immediately. It sat for a bit before I put it in my dining room. And this old brain can’t keep it all together! ;)

  3. Beautiful job. Everyday I look in my email to see if you have done something else. It is like Christmas getting your ideas. Love the fact that you show and tell exactly what you used to do show on HGTV. Got a table like that and am going to try it. Can’t wait. Thanks for all your information and be

  4. Your creations are really lovely and inspiring. You mentioned your fave stripper and showed the top of a mahogany table with a creamy stripper applied. What is your favorite stripper and where can I purchase it? I have several pieces of furniture with ideas for thanks to you but two of them needs the top stripped before I sand it down. Please provide and know how much your sharing is appreciated.
    With Gratitude,

    1. Thank you Catherine! Yes, Citristrip. That “fave stripper” used to be a direct link to it! I’ll have to update that. :) Have fun with your makeovers! xo

  5. Nancy, this is ah-MAZ-ing!! Wow, what a beautiful restoration you did on the top of this table! And the layered paint looks magnificent with the wood. Great job!!!
    SO glad you had such a wonderful anniversary, you deserve it!!

  6. Loved seeing your Anniversary pictures on IG! You are such a beautiful couple. I like the blues but would like maybe a lighter color combination. Can you dry brush lighter colors? Did you ever do green? Have a great weekend!

    1. Whew! What a job! But stunning results. 🤔 You must have a craft shop the size of a major production company🙄…, You already know that your “remarkable endeavors” are inspirational; that is, they help us tackle ideas and projects that we wouldn’t normally venture into; you embolden us 😁

      1. Thank you, Willie! Oh, how I so wish!! I don’t even have a shop to do this kind of work. My garage is small (and full) and I usually end up working wherever I can … the kitchen island, on the floor adjacent to the living room with a drop cloth, etc, etc. (which is not ideal, of course) And one of the several reasons we would like to move and find a new home soon. I don’t know what I would do with a big ole shop!! I would jump with joy!! :) xo

        1. 😮That’s amazing; I would never have guessed😮….. you really really Need ~ a dedicated
          Space !!

        2. 🤔The best goal, usually drifts just ahead, and while hope, is a vital ingredient, it would be nice to have at least some place to consolidate. I do lots of inventive fabricating projects… and while there’s not exactly a shop, I have a shed with outlets. It’s not great, but, it is my own arena space. There’s portable fans and drop lights.. and drop curtains 🙄of a sort.. to block different sides at different times for different reasons 🧐.. Most people would think it not great, but, I don’t know what I would do without it… I may never have a real shop.. but, I still refer to it as my shop. And, it was pretty inexpensive.. 🙄but then, I don’t have an HOA to deal with. But.. would something attractive ( you could call it an arbor or gazebo) work? 🤗

          1. Yours sounds amazing, Willie! Would love to have something similar and considered it quite a few times over the last few years. No HOA to deal with either with is a plus. Our intention has been to sell for at least the last 5-7 years so we never did. Things always take longer than planned…like finishing up this house to get it ready to sell. We are finally there but finding the “right” house has been challenging in this market. Even a large 2 to 2 1/2 car garage would be amazing. I’m not picky! ;) One of these days!! (and I will be a very happy camper, for sure!)

    2. Aw,thanks so much, Cecilia! Oh yes, can definitely use lighter colors. I have in the past, I need to use more green. I think I will! ;) xo

  7. Oh Nancy, you brought that table to life! I am so happy you were able to do such a fine job with the stained top, too – it is beautiful. You know with the nice distinctive edge on this piece isn’t it just screaming for a nice thick piece of glass to fit snugly in there? (No more water rings ever then, huh????) Your table looks amazing!

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