French Round Side Table Makeover (Aubusson Blue, Florence & Provence)

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A little French style on this round side table makeover.

It’s one of my favorite days of the month! –> Themed Furniture Makeover Day

If you are new here, my friends and I do a furniture makeover every month and share it here on the blog.
We have a different theme every month….and this month’s theme is right up my alley!

Yea, I’ve got that one down.

You can see the past month’s themes here.

French round side table makeover……

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

French Round Side Table Makeover 
(I had to do a few repairs on it)

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

I had originally had something completely different planned but it didn’t work out.
I mean, that never happens! Ha!
It happens quite a bit but that’s okay.

I did find myself in a bit of a bind to find the perfect piece to go in a new direction.
I went to all of my favorite thrift stores and came up empty.
Then I hit the thrift store closest to my home….and voila! Table for $15.
Figures. ;) Could have saved me a couple of hours.
Oh well, I’m just glad I found this beauty.

By the way, if you guys follow me on Instagram (or Facebook) you’ve already seen this other beauty….but it’s the same thrift store I found this…

Vintage Radio-Turntable - artsychicksrule

….for $50!!

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet but it will be on the blog at some point.
OH…and it still had an old record on it.  How cool is that???
This –> a Columbia record, the song last played “Why Does It Get So Late So Early” by Harry James, 1946, Jazz.
I looked it up and listened on Youtube, it’s just lovely and certainly adds to the charm of this piece.

Okay, back to Frenchy here.
Told ya it was blue….but not the blue I’ve been using quite a bit of lately!

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

AND it’s not “beachy” either. Just pure elegance.
I’ve shared a few affiliate links below for the products I used, for your convenience. See here for my full disclosure policy.

Here is how she got that way.
I gave a light sand to the top and applied General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel Stain.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

I wanted to share the photo above to show how easily it is applied.
And to also show that I didn’t do much prep work or sanding.
No need to sand the entire finish off. Just remove the shine.
You literally wipe the gel stain on and wipe away the excess.
It’s really that easy!

Look at how evenly it covers.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

Just love it.

I let the stain sit for about 24-48 hours before applying the top coat.
The top coat I used was General Finishes Water Based High-Performance Polyurethane Top Coat (Satin).
I applied one coat then after about 6 hours of dry time I lightly sanded and applied the second coat.
I lightly sanded again and then transferred my graphic.
I used this French graphic from The Graphic’s Fairy.

I was running a little behind on this one so don’t have photos of that but I did it just like this one.
Except in place of chalk, I used a white watercolor pencil.
This is a good choice when painting the lettering white OR when you have a dark background.
I needed to be able to see the transferred letters so I could paint them in easily.

I then hand-painted the transferred image in with black paint.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

I gave it a light sand, cleaned it very well, and then applied the final coat of poly.

The hardware got a spray of  Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

Followed by a light touch of gold. (Martha Stewart Metallic Gold)

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

I love this combo.
As much as I LOVE Oil Rubbed Bronze, it can look a bit flat sometimes.
This light touch of gold gives it exactly what it needs.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

Okay, now on to the fun part.
See that paint above? That gorgeous, luscious, beautiful color?
It’s Aubusson Blue (Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan) with Florence and Provence dry brushed over top.
Sealed with a coat of Clear Wax.
Oh my goodness. 

Want to see a VIDEO on exactly how to dry brush? All the ins and outs, here >>> “How To Dry Brush – Video

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

Is that not just wonderful?

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

I think so!
The way it changed the look of the Aubusson is amazing.
I just adore this combo.

It’s so regal and rich looking.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

Those are a few of my dried hydrangeas. They look a bit better than my other set.
Although…my sad little other set has the prettier colors. Oh well.

I took photos with both flower sets (I wasn’t sure which I liked better for the photos).
And would you believe I edited my photos (out of the 100 or so I took) and ended up with 3 of the exact photos for each?
You’ll see what I mean.

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

And just the flowers this time…

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

Pretty green and pink.

And the other set (and basically the same exact “poses” …still so funny to me!)

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

See the brown ones.:( boo
But in this set, I have green, lavender, light blue, and bright green!

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover -

It’s a shame these didn’t work out as well. (this was the first set I dried)

But how about those photos? I got into my watermarking program and realized I had edited and saved 3 of the exact same photos/poses of each.
I’m an equal opportunity dried hydrangea photo taker/sharer apparently.

Plus, that gives you a few more chances to see that pretty blue paint.
I just love it and will be using it again on something soon.

OH… the graphic I chose means “Flower Seller”.
How funny I ended up with all of these hydrangea shots?
I already had the graphic saved to my computer and only realized that’s what it meant when I went to link it from The Graphic’s Fairy.

It was meant to be for me to share my sad little hydrangeas with you all on this table.
Although I think the “Flower Seller” might have a bit better ones than these.

PIN this Frenchy round side table makeover for later!

3 Different BLUES!! French Styled Side Table Makeover - #aubussonblue #layeredchalkpaint #frenchtable #frenchgraphics #paintedfurniture #bluefurniture #chalkpaint

Fun little makeover for this $15 thrifty find.

Love this round side table makeover?

Be sure to check in to see what I did with this! (and Mod Podge and wrapping paper )

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

Make sure you stop by to see what other French goodness my friends came up with this month.
Links are below to their furniture makeovers.


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Happy weekend to you!

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  1. A gorgeous blue and love that Frenchy look, Nancy. Can’t go wrong with giving a piece some Ooh, La, La! :)

  2. Good morning Nancy :)) This is beautiful piece love the colors. Love the graphic writing on the top! I had a chance to check out your first blog and where you live, its my dream one day to live near the water. It looks so lovely their. Anyways always a great job on your furniture, it inspires me to get a little more creative in my approach to doing a piece and taking a risk! Have a blessed day! :)))

    1. Hi Sandra! :)
      Thank you so much. Yes, I do love living by the water and can’t imagine living anywhere else. (inland) BUT I’ve always lived by the water so I’m sure that has something to do with that!
      Yes, step out and play…it’s only paint! :)

  3. Oh my this is a stunner table, Nancy! I love the gel stained top with that gorgeous trio of colors (must remember that combo). Love love the stencil you applied too – so pretty! Your hydrangeas look so much better than the pathetic ones I grew for the first time this summer.

  4. This is one of my most favorite furniture makeovers ever! I love the stenciling you did on the top, I’m definitely going to keep that in mind for my next project!

  5. Nancy, Serendipity strikes again! I bought a similar table then delayed finishing it. Now, I am inspired by the great job you did. I especially like a color called “Louis Blue” by Annie Sloan and will probably use it. One of the metal “leg covers” is missing from my table, do you have an idea how to replace it? Your hydrangeas are lovely, soft colors. Have you sprayed them with clear varnish, that seems to preserve them. One with UV protection added keeps colors well. Your project is very elegant, I think an equally elegant vase would be beautiful filled with your flowers.

    1. Oh how neat!! :) Louis Blue is very pretty also! Hmm, I don’t know on the leg cover. Maybe you could remove them all and then paint the ends to look like they are there? (but they will then all look uniform)
      Thank you for the tip on the hydrangeas! Will have to do that. :)

  6. What a lovely striking looking table after you gave it pizazz. Saved this post for future reference, don’t want to forget it. For me need to print out posts/ideas or forget where have seen them and what were about. Use up way too much ink but have reference when needed and idea pops into my head for whatever reason. Know where to go for quick access.
    Love the top with graphic, not too dark or light and graphic gives personality to table with blue and her toes slicked up. She is gorgeous, keeping her?
    Lucky you having good climate for growing hydrangeas which I just love. We live in western CO few miles west of Grand Junction, way too dry here.
    I cruised thru many of your photos on Instagram, love your home and area. Got many decorating ideas, thx. Happy daze

    1. Thanks JaneEllen! :) I actually did keep, and use, this little table for awhile. It has since been sold though! Aw too bad about the hydrangeas. They are one of my favorites! Thank you for the kind words too!! xoxo

  7. Your link about how to apply the graphics is no longer working. Do you have an update? Have you worked on any old furniture with a leather insert?

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