Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper

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Here’s an easy makeover with spray paint…a little Mod Podge…and wrapping paper!

I’m back with another furniture makeover for y’all today….and no, it’s not BLUE.
Not even a little bit. ;)

BUT is was an easy.

Every month my friends and I get together and create a furniture makeover using a specific theme.
This month’s theme is BLACK. (see previous month’s themes here –> Themed Furniture Makeover)
I’ll admit, this was a little tough for me since I don’t really decorate with black.
I wasn’t sure I was going to make it in the tour this month.

But then I took a trip over to my storage unit (which is completely too full of yet to finish furniture…and then some…there’s an entire right side you can’t see)

Storage Unit and things to paint still! artsychicksrule

And I remembered I had that little white table you see up there.
I wouldn’t mind painting that little table black so I grabbed it and left.

And created this…..

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - So EASY! - artsychicksrule #modpodge

No, that little design there did not come immediately to me.
I had originally thought I’d do a two tone of black and French Linen (Chalk Paint®) with some black French lettering on top.
I started by spray painting it in flat black and was to come back and paint in the French Linen.
But then I realized I liked it ALL black and didn’t want to do the “two-tone”.

What to do on the top then?

All black with nothing else is a bit …blah for a “themed” makeover like this.
So I decided to add a bit of fun with some wrapping paper instead.

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - Supplies - artsychicksrule #modpodge

But first, the table before…..

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - BEFORE End - artsychicksrule #modpodge

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - BEFORE Top - artsychicksrule #modpodge

A thrift store find. ($10, I think it was)
And it’s not an antique, it’s stamped May/1974 on the underside.

I’ve had it for a little while and had actually started painting it ……

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - With White - artsychicksrule #modpodge

….but it wasn’t turning out like I had planned and I just couldn’t get it together in my mind.
So off to the storage unit it went for a breather! ;)

The white underneath ended up being a happy little surprise in the end. 

Okay, onto the making of this table.
I’ve included some affiliate links for your convenience. See my full disclosure here.

I used Mod Podge Glue, Matte Finish to attach the paper.
I don’t remember where I got the paper since I had in my cabinet for awhile.
I think it may have been Hobby Lobby.

First, mix a good bit of water with the Mod Podge before applying it to the table.
The paper can really suck up the moisture quickly making it near impossible to move the paper around in place.

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - Apply Mod Podge - artsychicksrule #modpodge

Adding the water keeps it fluid enough to move it until it’s straight but you still need to work quickly.
I started applying with a brush….and ended with my hands as you can see above!
Sooo much easier to spread it about that way…and fun too. ;)

Be sure to have already measured and cut the paper.
I allowed for a little “overage” in the paper and would remove the excess later.
After it is aligned, smooth it out with your hands. (squeegees can be used but can sometimes rip the paper…and so will going over with too much force or too many times, be gentle)
This paper is pretty heavy weight so it held up great.

Until I went one too many times over the same spot and ….rip.
Just a tiny one but enough to make me crazy.
So I thought, I’ll just peel this off and go again.


Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - oops - artsychicksrule #modpodge

Not so much.

Yea, the tiny rip would probably never have been noticeable but too late now!
That was a bit of a job removing the paper and glue.
Told you…that paper sucks up the moisture quick.

I redid the whole process and laid the new piece down.
It’s a bit time consuming because you want to make sure no air bubbles remain under the paper.
Slowly “move” them out to the sides with your fingers.

Once it’s dry, take a piece of sand paper and lightly rub the edge where you have excess paper.
Be careful not to hit the paper on top or the paint on the sides.
Doing it this way is so easy and gives a nice clean edge….the paper just comes right apart at the perfect place.

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - edge details - artsychicksrule #modpodge

See how nice and straight?
That’s why I mentioned having a small amount to overlap.

You can see more photos of exactly how I did this process in this post here –> Thrifty French Paper Decoupage

And see that white peeking through?

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - distressing details - artsychicksrule #modpodge

I hadn’t planned to distress this one but then noticed the white coming through on the top where I was working with the paper.
And it hit me….oh, I like!
So I distressed the whole thing.
See how these things just evolve?? 

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - distressed - artsychicksrule #modpodge

And that pretty paper…..

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - Top - artsychicksrule #modpodge

I just love it.
So smooth and pretty and no rips! Yay! : )

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - UP CLOSE - artsychicksrule #modpodge

I sealed the entire thing with  General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat, Satin
(love that stuff)
Two coats on the top, one coat everywhere else.

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - SIDE AFTER - artsychicksrule #modpodge

Cute little table/bench.

And it was so easy to do!

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - SUPER EASY DIY - artsychicksrule #modpodge

The paper can be a bit challenging but if you mess up, it’s fixable!

Easy Makeover with Spray Paint, Mod Podge & Wrapping Paper - EASY DIY - artsychicksrule #modpodge

With so many papers out there, the design possibilities are really endless!

So that’s my “not blue” furniture…..

…..but I have to leave you with something blue, don’t I?
Here’s a sneak peek of something I just finished up.

Pale Turquoise and Gold Night Stand Makeover (Chalk Paint Annie Sloan) #artsychicksrule

It’s –> these nightstands that repainted (and modified a bit) for the –> master bedroom makeover.
It’s coming along! Yay! : )

Be sure to check back next week for my latest makeover, this old cart! (looks so glam now! ;) )

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!

Alrighty, now it’s my friends turn!
See their pretty black makeovers below….

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  1. Girl, you’ve got a STASH! :) What a sweet makeover too. I love the contrasting top and that it’s a simple fix.

    1. Thanks Betty! No, that was actually some sort of manufacturing sticker that was never, ever removed! Can you believe it??!

  2. Nice Nancy, I like how resolved and pragmatic you are… quick, efficient and the result are alway very interesting , personal and different pieces.
    I remember you that my coke and pop corn are still waiting……..

  3. I WANT A STORAGE UNIT, my basement is bursting at the seams! You gotta love these furniture pieces that speak to us. The white peeking through the black is perfect and compliments the wrapping paper beautifully. Kudos to you Nancy for keeping it real! Mine ripped ever so slightly too and yes, I also re-decoupaged the top, but I kept it a secret (bad me). Love your table – keeping or selling?

    1. Thanks Marie! Selling! It doesn’t match anything in my home. :)
      That storage unit is a blessing and a curse!! lol I need to get to painting those large pieces!
      And yep, that stupid little tear. I was not a happy camper when I realized it was not going to come off easily, lol.
      Day in the life! ;)

    1. Exactly! Grr, frustrating! I was so afraid I was going to do it a second time, but didn’t thank goodness! :)
      Thank you!

  4. Looks awesome, as usual. ???
    I was wondering, do you just lay the paper over the glue all at once or did you start on one end and work your way over? Also, would it be easier (for beginners like myself) to apply the glue & paper in sections instead of all at once? I’m a newbie to crafting so I don’t know how quick it dries. ?

    1. Thank you Carey!
      I laid it in the general area (not perfect lining up) and then worked my way out from the middle to the edges. As I go, making sure it is covering every edge. Sections would be easier but then you’d have lines where they meet. That could look okay depending on the design you choose. I’d say, practice with some old paper (although all papers are a bit different) on wood scraps etc. That way you can get a feel for exactly how it reacts, etc.
      The good thing is that you can remove it (if you do it soon after) and start over if you mess up…as you can see here! ;)

  5. So I’m not the only one that has ripped their paper while putting it on? I take comfort in that! I love the paper that you used for the top Nancy. Really like the white distressing on the sides. It completes the look even though you didn’t plan it. It turned out great – especially for someone who normally doesn’t use black!!!

    1. Thank you Debi!
      Oh no, you are not alone at all! ;) I’ve had my fair share of mess ups! It’s all part of the process, right? :)

  6. I totally would have ripped it off if I saw a tiny tear too! ha. Love this little table and glad you let some of that white show through, so pretty!

  7. Your table looks so nice post makeover. I know it was so frustrating to have to redo the wrapping paper on the top! You have quite a stash!! I think I enjoyed that picture more than any other!

    1. Thanks Paula! Yes it was…especially when that paper didn’t come back off easily! lol But all is well that ends well, right?!
      Oh..and I love that enjoyed the storage unit furniture photo…I would probably too!

  8. Wow! It turned out lovely! It was worth the struggle! Well done!
    I hope you have a great day!
    I’d love it if you would share this at my Making Broken Beautiful Party if you have time to stop in and inspire! :0)

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