$15 Beverage Cart Goes Glam (simple transformation!)

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This poor old beverage cart need some cleaning p, a little paint and maybe a mirror or two! 

Hey Friends!
It’s “Trash to Treasure” Tuesday and my friends and I are sharing our finds and makeovers with y’all today.

I’m sharing this….. Beverage Cart

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - BEFORE - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Isn’t she a beauty??????
Yea, I know, not so much.

But I can see a diamond in the rough.
And it was shining. :)
Do you guys know how pricey these carts can be??


I found this one at a garage/estate sale.
Actually it was not in the house or the garage, it was sitting outside in the rain on the patio.
I grabbed it up and brought it home…for $15.

Bargain, right? Yes.

Especially after it’s cleaned up a bit.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - BEFORE but after cleaning - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Not awful, just dated….and a bit rusty.

I decided I’d paint it GOLD (a better, brighter gold than how it started)
And I had the idea to put mirrors over that 60’s-70’s faux wood grain.
I had originally thought I’d line with pretty paper but changed my mind.
That would have been the more budget friendly option BUT I really wanted mirrors.
That brought the cost of the beverage cart up to around $115. Still quite a bit less than others I’ve seen.
Target has one similar (mirrored) for $309.
I have seen prices for mirrored beverage carts for anywhere from $165 all the way up to $1000.
So I am thrilled with the final cost of mine.

I replaced all of the bolts (they were really rusty and one was missing) and taped up the wheels to ready it for painting….

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Taped Wheels - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

They were so pretty (gold flaked wheels) that I wanted to make sure they stayed just as they are….

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Original Gold Flaked Wheel - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Aren’t they so pretty?? I love them.

I used this spray paint…. (affiliate link, full disclosure here Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray, Gold.
I LOVE this gold shade.

Once it was sprayed I took it down to my local glass shop.
They made the mirrors to fit for me. Remember last month I mentioned my ‘trash to treasure’ was not ready?
That was why. They took a bit longer to cut the glass than expected.

But here is that diamond in the rough all finished and shining pretty!

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - thrifty makeover SAVED MONEY - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Can you believe it’s the same one?

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - BEFORE and AFTER - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Bare with me….I took quite a few photos. ;)

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - AFTER with mirrored shelves - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Those mirrored shelves just make it.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - AFTER SIDE SHOT - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

I’m smitten….

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - AFTER NEW MIRRORED SHELVES - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

A few close ups of the shelves….

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Lemon Bowl - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

My favorite bottled water.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Pellegrino Water - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

I love it with lemons. (organic, always!)

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Lemons - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

You might remember I used to have my “Estate Sale Sideboard” sitting in this spot.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - AFTER Thrifty Makeover - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

This is all part of the “Dining Room Makeover” still in the works.
I decided to sell it and my “Coffee Bar Cabinet” as well.
I’m trying to downsize and simplify things in my home.
We will be selling in a year or so and just want a more clean, uncluttered look. (and less to move)

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - THRIFTY MAKEOVER - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

You can see my recently finished “DIY Bookcase” there in the background.

I just love this little beverage cart so much.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - AFTER with mirrors - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

And I love hydrangeas too.
So, so much….

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Hydrangeas - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

I got these from Trader Joe’s and they lasted forever!
Aren’t they lovely?

And this is what usually happens as I’m doing a shoot…..

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - Lexilou walking through - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Well, helllllo there Lexi (also affectionately known as Lexi Lou, Lexi Lou Who (I think that one came from Whoville), Lexi Lou Lou Baby Boo Boo, yes we are silly around here, lol )

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - My Lexi Girl - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Love her so much. She is 12-1/2 years old now….already.
We got her as a puppy from a rescue when we lived in Lexington, SC. (hence her name ;) )
And yes, that is her soft comfy bed in the back there. She loves to lay on the hard floor sometimes.
Go figure?

This was such a simple makeover. All I had to do was replace a few bolts and spray paint.
Can’t get much easier than that.
The mirror people did the rest.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - AFTER MAKEOVER - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Then all I had to do was make it pretty. :)

So next time you come across one of these, be sure to bring it home with you!

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - BEFORE AFTER - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

I’ve since done a bit of decorating on it for the holidays.
I created some new chalk art (and another FREE printable) for a chalkboard I have sitting on this beverage cart.
I’ll be sharing that on Friday with you all.
I’ll also be sharing my whole Christmas Home Tour very soon. (Dec 13th, part 1 and Dec 15th, part 2)
This Thursday I’ll be sharing my Christmas decorated FOYER along with my friends.
It’s part 3 of decorating one space, three ways.

We can’t wait (and hope) to see yours too!

PIN this to save this beverage cart for later! :)

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - BEFORE AFTER - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Don’t forget to pop over and see what my friends did with their “Trash to Treasure” lovelies today too.
I know I can’t wait to see what they did with all of this!

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Be sure to check back later this week to see what I did to this sweet bench! (it involves a stencil! ;) )

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!


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  1. Can I just say, SAAWEEET!! Yes, those carts are pricey and you nailed it, Nancy! I have been on the hunt for something to add mirror to as well, and I just love this makeover. So chic…so very, very glam. Pinning!

      1. Thats hysterical! My kid is an old soul. She wanted a Seltzer Bar cart bad!! I said dude they are 100000. Then the thrift gods dropped this exact cart on me last week for $10!! I too cleaned it. I have the exact gold spray and I repainted the shelves with a teal/blue. I left some wood showing in stripes. Its drying on the porch as I type! Too funny! Love the mirror!

    1. I’ve had this exact cart for years that I picked up at a tag sale for a song but hated the ugly, warped faux wood grain tops so have just let it sit at the back of my upcycle pile. It’s survived many purges because, you know, extra side cart and WHEELS!
      I totally love your mirror tops. They elevate it to elegant usage not just, ‘Oh look what I pulled out of storage.”
      I definitely will be utilizing your fabulous idea. Thank you for finally letting my ugly ducking escape and shine!

      1. Oh wow, that’s neat, Gail!! And yes, ugh, those warped tops. This one has those too. Boo! But you are so right, the glass tops really make a huge difference! So glad your ugling duckling will be getting a brand new beautiful life! :) xoxo

  2. Nancy, your cart makeover is great. Very, very stylish. I liked what you had in the space before, but this piece is so airy and beachy feeling. And it moves. How great is that? Love a drink cart that can follow me where ever I go. Great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Gretchen! Yep, that is exactly how it feels now, light and airy. I’m enjoying the room so much. (3 large pieces removed from the room)
      And yes, absolutely, a cart that moves! ;)

  3. That cart looks great, Nancy! And I agree… mirrors were definitely the way to go! Someone will be getting a fabulous cart! xo

  4. Absolutely beautiful Nancy, your updated tea cart!! Loving the doggie photo bomb too!! So cute!! I keep checking craigslist for a tea cart but they all seem to be made out of wood. On the case though especially after seeing yours!! All The Best!!??

  5. Gorgeous! And I got a kick out of Lexie. We had a dog named Lexie, too, named from her birthplace in Lexington, KY. I’m sure she, too, would have been in the middle of the photos!

  6. The beverage cart is gorgeous. I love that you used mirrored glass for the top. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle for the holidays!!!

  7. Nancy…that is beautiful….really beautiful….I didn’t realize that they were so expensive if you bought one ‘in town!’ You do good work!!

  8. Nancy, that is a gorgeous cart now! I really didn’t think it was bad before after you got it cleaned up, but it’s now glam, exactly as you said. And if you are trying to downsize and clear things out prior to a move, that adds to having an airy roomy look. I had no idea those rolling carts cost so much. I love the wheels too with that glittered look in them.
    Love your dog. We always use silly nicknames for ours too. We have a dog named “BB” but we always call him “Beezer.” Go figure.

    1. Thank you Florence! :) Yep, very glam now!! ;)
      Thank you, our sweet girl Lexi, passed away 2 months after those photos from Lymphoma. She was a blessing and a treasure to us. And yes, we love having sweet nicknames…love “Beezer” too! :) xoxo

  9. Great price on the cart. It’s stunning looking and will make for gorgeous beverage cart or even as a dessert cart when having those big family meals.
    It’s just too bad that it’s so darn expensive to have glass / mirror cut.
    My daughter had given me a large oval shaped cart and I also thought about putting glass in until I had gotten a price quote :{ so for the moment the cart has been untouched cause just don’t know what to do with it being The glass / mirror option is out.

    Remember those carts from years past that had an electric cord? (sorry, guess you are too young to remember them type of carts) I still have mine; still original color; olive green, and it still works after having it for over 40 years and still in excellent shape.

    1. I know, wasn’t it Colleen? I was so happy to find it! But you are right, mirrors are pricey. And yes, I think I have seen those carts before. That’s so neat you have one! :) xo

  10. Hi! I love this cart — I’m looking to upgrade a cart that I acquired in a similar way (it’s in worse condition than yours :)).

    I am wondering what you used to clean off the cart before painting?

    1. Hey Emily! Thanks! :) I honestly don’t remember but something like Windex will get the grime off (or even just regular ole dishsoap and water). If you have anything bumpy, give it a light sand and then spray. It’s amazing how good these can look! xo

  11. Absolutely love the first cart! Did you think about doing any kind of tile work on the new cart? Just a thought! Luv your work!

  12. Nancy – so sleek and glamorous! Was it costly to have the mirrored glass cut? Looking forward to seeing how you do the wood cart!

  13. Oh. My. Goodness! It is fabulous! The mirror really does make it! Hydrangeas are beautiful! I wish we had a Trader Joes here. The closest one is in SLC and that’s about 30 miles too far go for fresh flowers! I just love your makeovers! They speak to me!

    1. Thanks so much, Janet! Hydrangeas are my favorite. Luckily I have a few bushes now that are producing enough for me to cut and bring in. Would love to grow Peonies some day too! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  14. You gave this amazing life – looks brand new – and those things are pricey online! Do you still have and use this, Nancy? Also I can’t WAIT to see what you do with your new bar cart. It so needs your magic! Looking forward to seeing that one, too!

    1. Yes that results are!! I do still have it but keep it in storage at the moment. I did have a small get together at my house not too long ago and brought it over to use. It worked out great! If I had more space here I’d keep it out all the time. 😊 I can’t wait to get started on the new one, it’s sad!! lol

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