French Poem White Bench Makeover

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So happy to be back today to share a fun new furniture makeover with you guys, this bench makeover
I LOVE furniture makeovers.
My friends do too and we get together every month to share a themed furniture makeover with you.

This month’s theme is “SHADES OF WHITE”. 
To see previous month’s themes, click here –> Themed Furniture Makeovers.

Today I’m sharing a white bench makeover that a friend of mine gave to me.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - BEFORE Front - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

It looks as if it were painted or something such as PolyShades was applied at some point.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - BEFORE Side - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

I didn’t ask her because, well, it doesn’t really matter!! ;)
I’m painting it anyway.

This is just for “before” purposes only.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - BEFORE Seat - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

I gave a light sand to those chippy areas and got to painting.
I used Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in the color Pure White.
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It took about 3 light coats of paint. (I didn’t want it “gloppy” so I applied thin coats)
In case you don’t remember, I highly dislike painting chairs.
All those spindles….and this was like painting 3! ;)

But I survived it.

Once it was good and dry I laid the stencil over the seat area.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - allign stencil - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

This is the stencil I used, French Poem Allover Stencil – DIY wall decor stencils – By Cutting Edge Stencils.
It was gifted to me by a reader here who has become a dear, sweet friend of mine!
Thank you Karen. :)

You’ll want to use a stencil brush similar to these…. The Artist’s Club Papillon Stencil Brush Set.

I originally was going to do the stencil in black but decided I wanted it a bit softer than that.
I used Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in the color Duck Egg Blue instead.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - stenciled - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

So much softer and prettier and goes better with that pretty French writing.
And shhh….but I messed up a bit!! haha…clearly I am not a stencil aficionado.
I totally forgot about the repeating pattern and just stenciled away! OOPSY!
See the “O” and the “et” on the first and second lines??? Yeah…repeating pattern…and about when I noticed.
And so my nice little stencil was not going to be centered because the last two lines had words that fell off the seat.
I just picked two smaller words that fit and stenciled those instead.
Thankfully no one here can read French but I apologize for messing this up for those out there that do!! ;)

Alright, now that I have revealed my error, let’s get on with the makeover.
I used a fine grit sandpaper and lightly sanded every edge.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - Up Close of Stencil - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

And then also lightly sanded the French wording.
I wanted it to look like and old French bench, worn from age.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - French Script - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

I originally thought I’d use this on my front porch but I quite like it right here.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - After Front - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

Right in front of the window in my Study. (right where my flocked Christmas tree was at Christmas)

But it needed a little “cozy” so I added a throw and a pillow.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - After Side - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

French Poem White Bench Makeover - AFTER styled - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

I added a throw and a sweater pillow from Target. The pillow is similar to this one…Cotton Knitted Cushion Cable Knitting Super Soft Square Pillow Cover.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - After Seat - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

French Poem White Bench Makeover - Side Styled - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

Such a cozy sitting spot now!
I love it here in front of the window.

French Poem White Bench Makeover - Perfect by the window - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

And I have to share the new pillow I just picked up from Michael’s last night.
40% off..yay!

French Poem White Bench Makeover - BLUE PILLOW LOVE - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

Look at those colors?! They match the throw and curtain beside it perfectly.
Happy dance. I knew when I saw it, it would be perfect on the bench.
I think I will layer it with the off white sweater pillow for a bit of contrast though!

So there is my “Shades of White” themed makeover for this month.
Next month’s theme is “Inspired by Chocolate”! I have NO clue what I’m doing yet….stay tuned, should be a fun one!

French Poem White Bench Makeover - Before and After - #frenchfurniture #whitebench #makeover artsychicksrule

Check out what my friends did with their white makeovers this month.
I can’t wait to go see them all! :)

Stay tuned for my latest makeover! (it got a RE makeover!)

UPDATE!!! See it now, here!!



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  1. This is beautiful! Love the stencil in the Duck Egg Blue. I’m with you on painting spindles and details like those, it takes forever:( I’d do it with a glass of wine, but then I’d be afraid to see what the finished project would look like! You picked the perfect sun filled spot for your bench! Great job!

  2. Wow, Nancy, what a beautiful bench! I KNEW you would do something fabulous with that stencil! And you did not disappoint! It really looks great with the beautiful blue throw and sweater pillow, too!

    Nice job! xo

    1. Thanks Karen!! And thank you again for the stencil! :)
      It was perfect for this bench. I still think I may use it along the front of a dresser at some point too!

    1. Thanks Christy!!
      They are so easy to use to create wording on things! I should use them more often!! ;)

  3. Nancy, I would have never noticed that error in the stencil had you not pointed it out. The bench looks gorgeous and perfect in front of that nice big window in your study. Being a Canadian Prairie girl who is knee deep in snow right now, I couldn’t help but notice the fern hanging outside the window…in January!!!

    1. Thank you Marie!! :) Yes, I probably shouldn’t have them out!! I usually don’t leave them up in the very cold days/nights! ;)
      We do have a bit of snow on the ground, a few inches! Not typical for us though.
      I am enjoying it while it’s here!!

  4. Really nice job Nancy! I know what you mean about the spindles – man is that a pain! You did a beautiful job and I love the blue pillow – really nice! Hugs

    1. Thanks so much Jayne! :) They are…I should really just pull out the sprayer! But it’s hard when it’s in the 20’s outside. Brr!
      So hand painting it is! ;)

  5. My oh My , Nancy . . . this is such a beautiful bench. That french poem stencil makes it so darn sweet!

    I love everything about this bench.


    1. Hi Crystal,

      Thanks! I really love it and am enjoying it by the window! :) Such a nice place to sit and enjoy the sun coming in!

    1. Hi Marty!
      Yep, you sure can and I have! (just thin it down a bit) :) That is the best way to paint chairs and benches actually. :) (not my favorite to paint unless I’m using a sprayer)

  6. Oh this is so sweet Nancy! I love the stencil in a soft color. Both pillows look great. Love the throw as well. Very cozy and perfect there. Love it!

  7. Love this makeover, my two favourite colours ! I also had a good laugh when I read about the words not fitting, thanks for that and the inspiration, lovely job

  8. I love the new look! My parents had the exact same bench and I love it in white much better. Love the French poetry idea! I write poetry so appreciate that. Plus my married last name is French. Tres Jolie!

  9. Of your friend knows you at all, she probably expected you to paint it! Turned out great! So, pillows and throws can hid BooBoos!

  10. Oh! So pretty now! I am sure nobody would have caught the boo boo….Throw the blanket over it!!
    light and fresh looking!…..good job!

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