Coffee Table Makeover (Driftwood Finish)

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I have a fun new makeover for you guys today. :)
It’s actually a “re” makeover to tell you the truth.

I’ve been known to makeover and then makeover over again when my tastes change.
But that’s okay, it’s the thrifty way (and least “wasteful” way) to create a new look.

Do you guys remember this coffee table?

Thrifty Coffee Table turned Ottoman - top after - #coffeetable #ottoman #diy

It originally had a glass top but I removed it and the slats to create a tufted ottoman.

If you want to see how I created the tufted ottoman, click here.

It was nice for a while but as things go, I tired of it.
I wanted more of a clean, streamlined look instead.
And since I loved the wood base and design, I decided to just remove the top and create something different.

You guys caught a glimpse of the new top in my Christmas Home Tour here…

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Tabletop Decor with DIY Driftwood top - #christmashometour

So… you can see, I decided to create a wood top.
I originally thought that I wanted it to be “whitewashed”.
We installed wood floors in the family room some years back and had some leftover wood.
I thought they’d be perfect for the top…..

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - measuring - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

So I removed the tufted top and measured for the new wood “floor” top.
We always save things around here…and this is a prime example of why we do.
(that paneling you see as a “base” was actually the original back of my old baker’s hutch)

I did a few paint samples on the end board as you can see below…

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - original plan - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

But as things tend to go, I changed my mind. Go figure!! I never do that.

I have more than enough painted pieces and really wanted to see some wood.
So I decided to create a “driftwood finish” or wood stained type of finish instead.
Do you know how I decided to create a new stained finish on prefinished wood??
I flipped the boards over to the unfinished side!

Yep. Pretty simple.

Isn’t that unfinished side of the wood just beautiful?

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - unfinished - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

I used wood glue to adhere it to the board underneath.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - glue and screw new top down - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

Oh, and I used a few weights to hold it down because we are fancy around here.
The board I had previously used with the tufted top was used over the new top (with a towel) to keep things sturdy while they dried.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - weighted - artsychicksrule #coffeetable
I messed around with several products on a few scrap pieces to see what I could come up with…

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - deciding on finish - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

I tried some paint to achieve the “driftwood finish”.
I also tried several different stains.
And I also tried my favorite “driftwood” product too but it was much too dark.
You can see it on the top left there. Bummer.

BUT I didn’t let that deter me.
I decided to mix the driftwood powder very thinly to give a much lighter version of the dark driftwood color.

Much better!

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - DRIFTWOOD STAIN - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

The perfect driftwood finish for this project.

It’s wet in the above photo (well, it’s drying) and also in the following photos.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - LOVE this DRIFTWOOD STAIN - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

The “red” shade in this mahogany flooring is showing while it’s wet.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - with DRIFTWOOD stain - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

See it drying around the edges?

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - up close of Driftwood - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

The perfect color I was after.
All dry…

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - DRIFTWOOD stain drying - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

See how it became more grayish as it dried?
A nice, light, pale shade of driftwood.
I sealed it with some poly and done!

I’m loving it in this room.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - DRIFTWOOD - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

I didn’t put too much on the table because I wanted y’all to be able to see that pretty wood.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - DRIFTWOOD STAIN finish - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

And the new, clean look it provides.

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - DRIFTWOOD coastal look - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

This just goes to show, you don’t have to buy new, just re-do!

Coffee Table Makeover Using Old Flooring - awesome DRIFTWOOD STAIN - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

It’s like I have a brand new piece in my family room and I didn’t have to spend a dime!

Love that.


Driftwood Powder
High Performance Poly by General Finishes
Wood Glue

So there you have it!
A super-easy way to update your old furniture using leftover wood flooring.
PIN this to save for later!

Make a weathered top with OLD WOOD FLOORING!! Easy!

EASY Way to Update Old Furniture with LEFTOVER Wood Flooring - awesome DRIFTWOOD STAIN - artsychicksrule #coffeetable

I hope this got you thinking outside of the box a bit about things around your own home.
Or maybe you have done something similar?
I’d love to hear or even see a photo of your re-makeover project too!

Check back in next week for my latest makeover! (these night stands….got another makeover, completely different!)

UPDATE!!! See them now, here!!

Happy weekend friends,


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  1. Dear Chicky:
    Way cool. Can you do that with wicker?
    I have a wicker table that the top has
    peeled away. I can repaint the wicker
    execpt that I don’t know how to do that either.
    I was thinking of replacing the top insert like yours
    with fabric but that isn’t weatherized and topping it with
    plexa glass or glass with a pattern of something underneath.

    1. Hi Karen,
      You can definitely repaint the wicker. I have some I need to tackle soon.
      You could also just remove and replace it with something else like you mentioned. :)
      I love the idea of fabric under plexiglass. You could call your local glass place and see how much something like that would be.
      Lots of possibilities! :)

      1. Dear Nancy:
        Thanks. I was like hoing that you could show me how to do this with one
        of your super crafty sessions. PHMO (that’s text lingo for Please Help Me Out)

  2. Nancy, the table looks fabulous!! I adore the driftwood finish and thanks for the links to what you used. :)

  3. Ah Nancy!!!! Love that table!!!! I absolutely love to see you at work being frugal and making those furniture pieces into something beautiful! :)

  4. That’s gorgeous, Nancy! I absolutely love it! And I love that you are so creative and re-makeover your makeovers. I’m one of those who is afraid to mess up a good thing… or push my luck. LOL But you did a great job and the color of the wood looks so pretty! xo

  5. Hello Nancy,

    The table came out quite beautiful although I was rather impressed with what it looked like before you started! I tend to go with a darker grey and then put a liming wax over it to get a “washed” look but you did it beautifully. I’ve pinned it to our Board!

    1. Thanks so much Kimberly!
      For another project, I may have liked the darker, but for this one I needed it a bit light.
      And yes, that wash that you do with the wax sounds lovely! I’ve done a similar technique on a few signs I’ve made (but with watered down white Chalk Paint)
      Love this product and have used it several times now! :)
      Thanks for the pin!

  6. Nancy, a job well done. I like the color of the wood. I saw all of your pictures and did you make the wreath with all the beautiful amazing shells. It is gorgeous. Your wedding pictures were beautiful. After you lost your fur baby I had sent you a message but my computer, at 1 in the morning decided to go ahead and send it so I don’t know if you got it or not. I want to say I am so sorry for your lost and we have been there too. We had a cat and a dog that we lost after 18 years. They say that going out and getting another one right away will help you. But only you can make that decision.
    P.S. Loved all of your pictures.

    1. Thank you so much Mary! :)
      I’m not sure which pictures you mean. I didn’t make a wreath with shells … yet… but that’s on my list! ;)
      And no, I’m so sorry, I didn’t receive your email. I just checked and did a search with your name and don’t have anything.
      It is so very hard. 18 years is a long time and makes it hard to lose them after so long with them.
      Thank you for the thoughtful message Mary!

  7. First let me say how much I love your work and I am so glad I found your site. I follow you everywhere…LOL I have a few projects in the works and i am loving your french designs you use so much. I found in one of your previous posts a link for Artistic Stencils…is this where you get yours? I found a couple on there that will work perfect with the three projects I am working on (one of which was because of you…doing a utility cart i got at a yardsale into a beverage cart!) So, I just wanted to know of anywhere else that you get those awesome french stencils?? Thanks and keep it up…you are fantastic!


    1. Aw Dawn, you have just literally made my day!
      You are so sweet and I thank you for the message. :)
      I get most of my French graphics from She has free ones you can use. They aren’t stencils but you can use them with the various transfer techniques I talk about on the blog.
      I create some of my own, as well. The French poem stencil I recently used is from Cutting Edge stencils.
      And yay!!! I’d love to see a photo of your little cart when you finish it (if you wouldn’t mind sharing). I LOVE mine and so glad I didn’t pass it by.:)
      Hope this helps and have fun with your projects!

  8. Gorgeous table! The wood top is perfect for the piece! As my grandma always said, “You must have the patience of Job” to redo the redo; I am not the most patient person, and I would have just thrown up my hands and stewed over it, which is counterproductive.
    I have little dogs which are of a very territorial breed, and white upholstery just won`t work in my home. Nothing low-lying—my furniture must have legs, and not stubby ones, either ;-) I`ve seen tables such as yours in thrift shops here, and yours gives me inspiration to make my own. Thank you for your creativity!

    1. Thank you, Gracie! Oh yes, she was very wise!! So true. And I am thrilled to hear this project has inspired you. Love that so much! Have fun!! :) xoxo

  9. Love the “new” coffee table! I get satisfaction from re-doing furniture to save money and be environmentally friendly. The only thing missing from this very informative post is Ryder, the dog who matches everything. He is the “Vanna White” of ARC…making a presentation of your projects! 😊

  10. It’s beautiful, Nancy. Looks like a whole new table! So nice to get a change of decor without having to buy a new piece of furniture.

  11. Great idea for leftover flooring! Ok, so that was originally posted in 2016! Where is the table now?😉 it’s about time for a re-re-re makeover! Have a wonderful weekend!

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