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Good morning everyone!

It’s time for another “Best of the Archives” and I’m going to share my old nautical chest with y’all.
It was one of my favorites and I’m so looking forward to sharing it again.

But first…..

I just want to take a moment to say thank you so much (from the bottom of my heart) for the outpouring of love.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your very thoughtful and kind words.
They are a blessing and a comfort to me during this time. I hope you know that.
I cried as I read them, as I read of your losses as well, as I realize the love there is for one another in this world.
And as I realized how many lives we touch, near and far. Those we have never and may never meet.
Connected through life, love and shared experiences.
Thank you for taking the time to reach out and write to me.
It means more than you will ever know. Love you all! xo


This dresser started out pretty simply…..

Nautical Dresser - Before - artsychicksrule

I think I paid around $50 for this dresser at the time.
It did include all the knobs but I had gotten eager and removed them before the photo. :)
I’ve gotten better about that since then…. I think. ;)

I started out by painting it with Provence (Chalk Paint®).
One of my favorite colors.

Thrift Store Dresser - First Under Coat - Provence Chalk Paint

I wanted it to show through a bit when I distressed it and just a one quick coat would do.

Next I mixed a bit of Old White and Pure White and went right over the blue.

Thrift Store Dresser - Second Over Coat - Old White-Pure White blend over Provence Chalk Paint

I left the slats you see there blue for the graphic.
The drawers were then also painted Provence Blue.

After that dried, I took a bit of white on a dry brush to give it this look….

Thrift Store Dresser - Old White and Provence Chalk Paint Top

It’s hard to tell in the below photo but you’ll see the white a bit more in the coming photos.

Thrift Store Dresser - Old White-Pure White Blend with Provence Chalk Paint

Here’s something I haven’t shared on my blog in a while!
The projector. (used off of Craigslist, around $35, I think)
I don’t use it as often but it’s just perfect for these large graphics!!
Here’s how:
Save your image to a thumb drive, take it to an office supplies type store (or print shop) and have them create a transparency of it.
Place the transparency on the projector and adjust it until it’s the size you need.
Trace the letters you see projected with a pencil (I like watercolor best for this) and then hand paint those in after!

Thrift Store Dresser with Custom Graphics - Artsy Chicks Rule

PIN this to save for later! :)

How To PAINT Large GRAPHICS the EASY WAY - artsychicksrule - #graphics #easytutorial

Here are a few more projects I used the projector method on:
“Coffee Bar” dresser
Estate Sale Sideboard (bar cabinet)
French Typography Whitewash Table
French Styled Cabinet

Here’s the graphic I used…..

Knots Nautical Graphic - Printable - artsychicksrule

Mostly anyway.
I had to recreate it since I made this on my old laptop and couldn’t find it.
I know many of you have asked for it before….so here it is! :)

(the watermark won’t appear on the downloadable version)

I used a white watercolor pencil since I was planning to paint in the lettering with white paint.

Thrift Store Dresser - Up Close Custom Graphics over Provence Chalk Paint

It’s so easy, really. Just trace what you see being projected.

Then all that’s left to do is hand paint it in!

Thrift Store Dresser - Custom Graphics Transfer Complete - Old White-Pure White Chalk Paint Blend with Provence

See the white dry brushing a bit better now?

Thrift Store Dresser During Painting of Custom Graphics- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Then I gave it all a light sanding to distress and pull some blue through the white, etc….

Thrift Store Dresser - Custom Graphics- Old White Pure White Chalk Paint Blend with Provence - Sanded and Distressed

I wiped it down and finished with one coat of Annie Sloan Clear wax.

I added mismatching crystal knobs.
I didn’t have enough of one style so thought I’d change them out once I got more…. I never did!
I loved the mis-matchy look. :)

Thrift Store Dresser- Custom Graphics Up Close Corner - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Thrift Store Dresser Up Close Custom Graphics-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

See the blue peeking through?

Thrift Store Dresser-Complete- Coastal Theme with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Thrift Store Dresser- Coastal Theme- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

One of my favorite pieces of furniture, mismatched knobs and all.

Thrift Store Dresser- Custom Graphics- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- Provence

So much so, that I now use it for my “coffee bar”.

Chalkboard (repurposed framed print) to Coffee Bar Menu Board - COFFEE BAR - artsychicksrule #chalkboard #coffeebar

I did add a few more coats of wax to the top when I decided to use it for the coffee though.
(You can see it’s pretty shiny now…below)

And with my new hanging mug rack…..

Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Holiday Coffee and Cocoa Bar - #christmashometour

This nautical chest is a keeper, for sure!
And I use every single one of those drawers too. :)
You can see how in this post >>> here.

Nautical Chest - Before and After - artsychicksrule

Now let’s see what my friends pulled out of their archives this month! :)

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  1. That chest looks just like the one I did and I love your nautical theme too! It’s fun and whimsical, but better yet is that is serves a function in your home. Great job, Nancy!

  2. Good morning Nancy, So sorry hear about the loss of your dog. she looked like a beautiful dog. My prayers are with you at this time. Dogs can really bring a joy into the family, they have a personality all of their own. All the best!

    This dresser looks so cute, what a great place for it, looks great! :))

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