Our Sweet Angel ~ Lexi

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Hi my sweet friends….

If you are new here you are probably wondering about the title.

Who is Lexi?

If you are not new, you have most likely heard me talk of her AND even seen a picture or two of her here on the blog.
She somehow managed to always get in my photos.
And I never minded it one tiny little bit!

For those that don’t know, Lexi was our beautiful golden mix (we think golden/chow mix).
She came from a rescue in Lexington, SC and that is how we picked her name.
She was a kind, gentle, beautiful soul.
And today, on this day of love, I thought I would write and share a beautiful tribute to my sweet girl.


I am so very sad to say that our sweet girl’s last day with us was this past Tuesday.
Tuesday also happened to be my birthday.  It was time and it just happened to be that day.
I am okay with that and I hold that dear to me actually.
We share a special bond and a special day, together, my girl and I.

We found out on December 14th that she had Lymphoma.
If you don’t know, that is an incurable cancer. Yes, it can be treated with chemo but not as a cure.
Chemo, we were told, could possibly extend her life by a few months or none at all.
We decided, since she was 12-1/2 year’s old, to let her live out her days in peace.
She had a bit of a nervous tendency as she got older and never liked going to the vet (understatement) so I couldn’t imagine putting her through that.
Especially with no guarantee if it’d even work….and again, because it was not a cure.

We were told she most likely had 1-3 months.
She had 2 and they were good up until the very last week.
She declined quite rapidly in the days or so before we had to make that fateful decision.
We have never had to make that decision before and it was gut wrenching.
Even if making that decision is a gracious act in hopes of sparing her pain and suffering.
And we are heartbroken.

As I have learned with loved ones, even when you know the end is near, there is just no way to prepare.
No way to prepare for that huge loss, that incredible void.
She was my companion every single day.
My best friend.
My sweet girl.
While everyone else was gone off to school/work, her and I were here.
And I miss her terribly.

She was a huge part of our family.
We all have so many memories with her.
So many memories in this house you’ve watched me decorate and renovate.
She came with us when we moved here 11-1/2 years ago and I don’t know this house without her!
The void is large. I can’t take a step anywhere in this house without seeing her, feeling her.

She is everywhere….but she’s not…and my heart is broken in two.
We will love her forever.

Since she was part of this blog, and a huge part of me, I felt she deserved a tribute just to her.


Here are a few photos I’ve shared of her over the years on the blog….

Our Sweet Lexi - artsychicksrule

Our Precious Lexi - artsychicksrule

Our Sweet Lexi and our Daughter - artsychicksrule

Our Lexi Girl - artsychicksrule

Lexi at Christmas - artsychicksrule.com

Our Sweet Lexi - Christmas 2013 - artsychicksrule

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 - Aubusson Blue Dresser and Lexi - #Christmastour #hometour #aubussonblue #holidays #holidaydecor #artsychicksrule artsychicksrule.com

Our Sweet Lexi - Christmas 2014 - artsychicksrule

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) - My Lexi Girl - artsyhchicksrule #beveragecart

Our Sweet Lexi - Christmas 2015 - artsychicksrule

I made this video of her life and I hope you will watch.
She had a beautiful life (and in turn, gave us a beautiful life) and I’m so thankful she came into our lives so long ago.


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    1. So sorry about Lexi. I had not seen this post until today. My Mom died on my birthday and I totally understand the bittersweet connection.

  1. I wanted to send a note to let you know how sorry I’m am for your loss. What a beautiful baby she is. I know exactly how you are feeling. It has been almost three years since we lost our Dani (a German Shepherd). There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and wish she was still here. Your description of Lexi fits Dani perfectly. We are so blessed that we are lucky enough to have had such wonderful companions. My thoughts will be with you.

    1. Thank you Karen.
      I’m so sorry about your Dani. It’s amazing how much they touch our hearts, isn’t it?
      Blessings to you xoxo

  2. Dear Nancy,
    We also have an older golden mix rescue Cisco. Your pics look so like him! Can hardly write through my tears. Peace to you and your sweet family. They so take our hearts.

  3. I’m very sorry for your loss. Been married 42 yrs and have made a home for many dogs and cats over the years…saying goodbye never gets easy. Even still, I will never be without the unconditional love and comfort they give us.

    1. Thank you Linda, no it really doesn’t ever. But you are right, it’s hard to be without that sweet companionship and totally unconditional love.

  4. So, so sad…tears streaming as I read and watched. But no more pain or suffering. My heart goes out to you and your family as you get through missing Lexi.
    I am still blessed to have my 14 year-old bulldog Jake(he is in amazing health) but will feel your pain and loss when his time comes. May God provide the comfort you need now.

    1. Aw thank you Nanette. Yes, no more pain and suffering for her, my sweet girl.
      I pray you have many, many more days with your sweet boy Jake.

  5. Oh Nancy my heart is with you and your family. I’ve been here too many times but I would never trade a single second of the deep love each of ours have given me. Hold your love and memories close to your hurting hearts. May you find peace knowing she is whole and healthy now. May the healing hand if God be on your hearts. Blessings, Hooe

    1. Thank you Hope, you are so right. Wouldn’t trade any of it for a second but it is hard to say right now. But it is true.
      Your words are a comfort and I appreciate them very much. xoxo

  6. I am so sorry! I drive “legs” for several doggie rescues.. in fact I just transported 3 babies yesterday. Tears are streaming down my face as I type. I have two dog babies, the oldest is 10 1/2 and the younger 8. I can’t imagine my life without them. The best comfort is to get another to share your love and happy home with.

    God bless


    1. Aww Janet, yes, hold onto those sweet babies tight.
      One day I will have another to love but right now I feel like this home (and my heart) is hers. I know that will change in time as my heart opens up again.
      Blessings to you xoxo

  7. I am so sorry. I have lost a number of beloved pets over my 74 years and I know how bad it hurts. We can only hope that we will meet again in the great beyond. I have heard that the first thing we see when we pass over is all of our wonderful pets running to greet us. I look forward to that day with anticipation and love.

    1. Yes, I do hope that very much. The vision in my mind (and heart) you gave me with that is a blessing and a comfort!!
      Thank you xoxo

  8. So very sorry for your loss…crying like a baby as I write this. Since all I’ve ever had is fur babies,
    I feel your pain and sadness, yet the privilege of having their unconditional love and friendship through
    their lifetime warms my heart with the memories.

    1. Aw Dotte, thank you so much. You are right, their unconditional love and friendship is unmatched.
      Blessings to you xoxo

  9. Nancy – What a beautiful tribute to the sweet, gentle soul Lexi. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that you brought her as much joy as she brought you. RIP Lexi.

  10. Oh Nancy I am so sorry for your lost.

    We understand your pain – we had to put our cat down a few months ago, and you are right – I too still see her – Just last night I thought I saw her walking into to family room.
    I know she is with us as well.

    Your pup looked like such a special lady and member of your family. You will always miss her.
    She was beautiful. What a wonderful companion –

    Hope your days get better.
    Much love,

    1. Thank you Rose, I am so very sorry for your loss too. It’s never an easy thing!
      I feel like she is here, I feel like I see her, hear her. I almost forget at times, for just a split second, which brings heartbreak anew.
      I know you understand.
      Hugs to you too my friend. xoxo

  11. Isn’t it amazing what a huge role they play in our lives. I had a cat Toby that showed up in almost every baby picture of my twins without my thinking about it. Sorry for your families loss.

  12. My sweet Nancy , your wonderful tribute to Lexi has made me cry… So sorry for her loss, she was part of your family and that hurts… Think she had a beautiful life besides you , take your time to get better … I send you my biggest hug. XOXO

  13. My heart is breaking for you. I’m facing the same situation with my Ollie Wally. He’s the last kitten picked up off the street sick and starving by my late husband nine years ago.

  14. Dear Nancy, greetings from Cape Town, South Africa. I am so, so very sorry for your loss. No words will make the pain go away, just time, and one never forgets, the pain just gets a little bit less and not so intense. She was such a pretty girl. Please know that I send love across the miles.

    1. Hi Gerolene, thank you so very much.
      No, no words will take the pain but they are a comfort and so very appreciated too.
      Thank you for them and for the love too. xoxo

  15. God Bless You,
    Your pictures of her through the years show how much she was loved. Your love for her shines through. I always liked reading your blog and you saying there’s my sweet Lexi in the picture. She wanted to be near you because she loved you so much. That says it all. I have had seven cocker spaniels through almost fifty years of marriage.
    Some lived to be sixteen and seventeen years old and It’s devastating loosing them. To give you comfort google
    The Rainbow Bridge Prayer it’s beautiful and will give you comfort.It’s on Pinterest too.

    1. Thank you Gin, yes, she was so very loved.
      Thank you for your sharing and I will most definitely look up the Rainbow Bridge prayer.

  16. Sadly, I do understand your pain. It took a few years before I think the shadow of my pal finally left me. I saw him for a second many times. It gave me comfort and it made me even more sad………It was sweet sorrow.
    Because he was a rescue, I had just a few years with him. His former suffering was an unspoken part of our relationship. He was so grateful I had a challenge to be the owner he deserved. I just could never out give him. He still gives to me and it does sooth the black hole of the loss he left behind. I just feel like my life was so enriched by sharing his huge heart,
    I think it is a part of me from now until forever.
    Your story touched me.

    1. Aw I’m so sorry June. He sounds like he was a beautiful soul too.
      Oh I so understand. I have felt like I see a glimpse of Lexi and it brings comfort and sadness at the same time.
      Yes, he will always be a part of you and Lexi a part of me..forever and always, I know it is so.
      Hugs to you

  17. Nancy,

    I know how much you loved her from your comments since you’ve had her. I enjoyed seing her in your blogs. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so sad that our pets never live long enough. Their lives are way too short!!!

    Sending our love and condolences. xoxo – Love you Nancy!

    1. Thank you, we loved her and miss her so much.
      They really don’t live long enough but they give so much.
      She was so special.
      thank you Aunt Jo, love you!! xoxo

  18. Your tribute to Lexi brought me immediately back to the heartache I had this past June when we had to put down my best friend and fur-baby, Sasha. Just when I thought I was recovering, slam ! – the emotions came flooding back. It takes time, but things do get better, It helps to talk about her. Do it every day.Cry if you need to cry, and laugh when you remember some quirk about her.
    And please know she will be waiting for you when life is over. The Bible tell us that there are horses in heaven, If there are horses, then there must be dogs!

    1. Oh Jan, I’m so sorry about your Sasha. Oh yes, I know we will see our babies again one day!
      Thank you for your thoughtful and very kind words to me, they are a comfort!! xoxo

  19. Oh Nancy. I’m so so sorry to hear about your sweet Lexi. My heart feels so heavy for you. What a lovely tribute and the video was filled with love, I could feel it as I was watching it. Sending you a big hug. xo

  20. Bless you for rescuing Lexi and taking her into your heart and home. She had a wonderful life because of you and your family and she was able to pass with dignity because of your love for her. My heart goes out to you!

    1. Thank you JoAnn.
      Yes, and thank you for saying that and giving me another way to look at it. That part was so hard on all of us. There is always second guessing even though there was no other option for our sweet girl. Those memories of that day just replay and replay. I hope they will soften and fade a bit as time goes by.
      Thank you again xoxo

  21. Oh, Nancy! I am so, so sorry! The very second I saw Lexi’s name, I feared what your post would say. Making that decision to let our babies go is one of the hardest things in this life we ever have to do.. And even though it was so hard, I believe you made the right decision for her, And more importantly, Lexi knew it was the right decision.

    Hopefully, you can take some solace knowing she knew how much you and the rest of her family loved her… and how very much she loved all of y’all. Your video tribute to Lexi was beautiful and shows just how much she was loved. She was a lucky girl to be a part of such a loving and special family. And you were a lucky family to have her with you for 12 1/2 years. But it’s never long enough. :(

    I have three very loved angels on the other side of Rainbow Bridge that she can play with until we meet up with them again.

    Again, I’m so sorry. Sending you a huge virtual hug, xo

    1. Oh Karen, I know you understand. Thank you.
      We were so lucky to have been given the opportunity to have her love and companionship!
      She was such a beautiful, sweet, gentle soul.
      I am comforted in knowing she is with other sweet babies there (like your sweet and well loved angels). xoxo

  22. So sorry for your loss. It was a beautiful tribute.
    Always glad to see when I receive your emails. This one is truly so sad.

  23. Dear Nancy, My eyes spilled over as I watched Lexi’s video. It’s so easy to see through her expressions that she was such a loving and also a well loved member of your family. She was such a pretty girl! Unless one has owned a pet and been forced by illness to put them down, the pain of making the decision and the gaping hole left in one’s chest can never be known. I know what that hole feels like and I am so sorry for you in your pain. We were forced to send our sweet schnauzer to heaven over 10 years ago. I remember the day I told him goodbye like it was yesterday. To this day, I miss him and his constant presence at my side terribly. I know you will have many sad and lonely days ahead of you, but I can also promise that after time, all of your wonderful memories of Lexi will become comforting to you and you will find yourself smiling when you think of her and all of the joy she brought into your lives. Be Blessed.

    1. Oh Judy, yes, she was very much.
      And yes, you are so right! I have never had a pet with cancer or have had to make this decision and I hope to never again.
      I had no idea what others go through in making this decision (and then going through the actual process of it).
      I’m so sorry about your sweet boy. Thank you for your very kind and very thoughtful words. They are more comforting than you know. xoxo

  24. Nancy,
    So sorry for your loss. Our animals are not just pets, they are part of our family and the loss is gut wrenching. I hope you are able to find comfort soon. Your video and tribute show how loved she was.

    1. Thank you Mary. You are so right, they are so much a part of the family.
      I appreciate your kind message more than you know. xoxo

  25. I am so sorry for your painful loss. She was so fortunate to have you for her family. & you to have her companionship. I hope you will honor her by caring for another pet someday when you’re ready.

    1. Thank you Mary. I feel so blessed to have been able to have her love for so long. Although it’s never, ever, long enough.
      Thank you again for the message, it means so much! xoxo

  26. Greetings from Pretoria in South Africa. I am so sorry for your loss Nancy, wish I could do or say something to take the pain away. May all the beautiful and sweet memories of Lexi give you comfort.
    Be blessed

    1. Thank you so much. Your sweet message may not take the pain away but it is a comfort, and I thank you for taking the time to write to me. xoxo

  27. I’m so sorry for your loss. March 30th will be 3 years since I lost my wonderful love. He was with me just two months shy of 18 years. I raised him, along with my daughter, who was 5 when I got him. I used to say, the three of us grew up together, and there was a lot of truth to that. I understand your pain and hope that peace will quickly take up the space that is currently a hole in your heart & your life!

    1. Oh Kim, I know that was so very hard! 18 years is long but still never long enough. I’m so sorry for your tremendous loss too.
      And yes, I totally understand about you all growing up together. I sort of feel similar in a way since my children were young when we found our Lexi. (my youngest had just turned 5 and is now a senior in HS)
      Thank you for the comforting words my friend xoxo

  28. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my 16 year old cat on my birthday two years ago. I always said he was my soulmate (much to my husband and children’s chagrin ) I was there when he was born and I was with him when he passed. It was so hard to see him decline and have to make that decision. I think of him everyday. I am comforted by knowing that when I pass he will be at the front of the line to welcome me.

    1. Thank you and I’m so very sorry for your loss too. It really is so hard to watch them decline. I had no idea how much so.
      And yes, what a comforting thought, thank you for sharing that.
      Blessings to you xoxo

  29. Dear Nancy,
    I too can feel your pain. She was a beautiful companion to you and I know love you so much. Right before Christmas we had to make the same awful decision. I held our sweet Boaz while he breathed his last breath. I have never felt such pain, and I cried for days, eyes tearing up now thinking of him and you with Lexi. We had Boaz’s sweet brother to go home and that helped, but we’ll never fully get over losing our sweet boy.

    God Bless you!

    1. Oh I am so very sorry Kathlee. That is a decision I hope will never have to make again, or go through again.
      It was much harder than I ever imagined it would be. I totally understand your pain and words about your sweet Boaz.
      Blessings and hugs to you! xoxo

  30. I have just learned of lexi’s passing. My heart breaks for you. The tribute video has moved me to tears. Sending all of your family hugs and love.

  31. Oh my goodness, Nancy how did I miss your post!!! I am sending hugs your way from Canada. I just watched the video with tear filled eyes. What a beautiful tribute to Lexi. I’m sorry for your loss Nancy. I remember that pain like it was yesterday when we said our final goodbyes to our beloved Shanleigh who was our first born and a member of our family for 15 years. ♥♥♥

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