DIY Welcome Sign (thrifty, what else?!)

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What better way to welcome guests into your home than with a DIY welcome sign!

That started out like this:

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Using thrifted sign- #welcomesign

Yep, like the title says…’s thrifty, what else would it be around here?
I use and re-use things all the time. AND I buy (at the thrift store) and re-use other people’s things too. ;)

Like this DIY Welcome sign ……

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - easy tutorial - #welcome #sign

It originally came from the thrift store.
It’s cute…but wasn’t my style. BUT the board was a nice size and it came ready with a hanger on the back.

So I created “Welcome” on my computer and printed it out.

You can download it here…

I decided to do a distressed blue/white base.
Starting with blue…

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Paint first coat - #welcome #sign

I did two coats so I’d be sure I wouldn’t sand down to the other board when I distressed.
(I used the same blue I mixed up for my IKEA Rast Hack I posted recently)

Followed by only one coat of white…

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Paint second coat - #welcome #sign

I dried both coats of paint with a hairdryer.

And I got some fun crackling.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Crackles from hair dryer - #welcome #sign

I love this look and this technique creates nice, small crackles here and there.
If I had wanted more crackling, I would have used a thicker coat of paint.

Next, I lightly sanded the whole thing, especially the edges, for a distressed look.
(and to bring the blue underneath through)

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - sand to bring blue through - #welcome #sign

Then be sure to lay the paper down with the words centered on the board.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Super easy transfer! - #welcome #sign

I always make sure I measure the distance from the left side, right side and the letters along the bottom.
You don’t want a crooked “welcome”!

I shaded the back with a pencil before I applied the tape and positioned it.
Now all you need to do is trace the letters.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - transferred image - #welcome #sign

The pencil lead will transfer from the back.
You can also print in reverse and the ink from the printer will do the same thing.
I use both methods.

Here are even more methods of transferring I use around here >>> How To Transfer Graphics

Start “painting in the lines”…like I always say!
Sooo easy…

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - painting it in - #welcome #sign

A script liner brush is a must for this though. It will make your job easier.
(and will keep your hair intact ;) )

All done….and nope, I didn’t distress the lettering this time!

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - quick and easy! - #welcome #sign

I wanted a nice clean, solid look for that part so I left it after painting.

And over the doorway in my foyer.
First thing you see as you enter.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Welcoming to our home - #welcome #sign

Except it probably won’t stay in this spot.
I’ve got plans for a black and white “Welcome” sign that will go over my front door outside on my porch.

I think.

And if I do that one, I don’t want another right here unless I really want my guests to feel extra welcome. hee hee
Which of course I do, but that would just be silly.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Easy and thrifty! - #welcome #sign

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - So easy and quick ! - #welcome #sign

I do like it here for now though.

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Super easy tutorial - #welcome #sign

Or maybe I’ll skip the other sign and just put this one out on the porch…

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Front Porch Hall Tree - #welcome #sign

On my Hall Tree….

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Front Porch - #welcome #sign

Maybe. Or not…we’ll just have to see.

Or it will end up here:

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Make one! - #welcome #sign

Can you guess where this is?

On one of the shelves of my built-in bookcase in the Study. It’s almost done! Yahoo! (update, you can see it now, here!)
I’ll be sharing it soon. I can’t wait to get it all decorated and pretty.
I’m really loving the new DIY welcome sign.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign! (around my house anyway! )
Any of y’all remember that song? It’s an oldie…but the song came to me as I was typing that!

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”

Do you know it?

Anyway, I veered off topic a bit with that. You should hear me tell a story. lol
Just ask my sweet husband and he’ll tell ya how well I can”veer” off the main point.

PIN it to save it!

Easy DIY Welcome Sign - Using thrifted sign- #welcomesign

Ready to see the next sign I’m working on? It’s a really fun one, be sure to check back for it!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!

Happy (almost) weekend friends!


  1. Hi Nancy. I’ve been a subscriber for a while. Just love your site and tutorials. My question is, how do you calculate how long the “Welcome” needs to be to cover the space you want it to? Do you use MS Word, PowerPoint or some other word processing program? I can’t think of any tutorial I’ve seen that covers this step and it’s a mystery to me, especially when the word(s) are spilt onto multiple pages. When I want to make a sign, I measure the area that I want the words to cover and then send to an office supply store for printing with instructions to, “…print so the words are 23″ long.” It usually cost less than a dollar, but if I can do it myself, that would be even better. Thank you. Cyndi

    1. Hi Cyndi
      Honestly, it’s hit or miss sometimes. I use a website called to print the larger things. I’ve mentioned it in other posts but forgot to mention it in this one. It gives you some dimensions that help but I’ve still had to adjust and print more than once at times. I just save as a jpeg and print.
      Yes, that is inexpensive but so much easier to just do yourself. Try the blockposters and see! :)

    1. Me too Chris! Too bad it probably won’t stay there. ;)
      And yes, that is an old protest song! Good ole 70’s. I wasn’t sure what year it came out exactly but knew it was late 60’s/early 70’s. I looked it up, 1971.
      So long ago now…I was only 4 then!! lol
      Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Aw thanks Jayne!! :) I just can’t stop making them…they are too easy! I need to start gifting them because I’m about out of room for more signs. ;)

  2. As always, I love the sign! And I’m super excited you are doing the enook!! It will be great to have them all in one place! It’s really so nice of you to do the ebook!

    And I can’t wait to see your built-ins!! :) xo

    1. Thanks Karen! :) I can’t wait to have both completed too! And I plan on doing a painting tips and techniques ebook after!

  3. I just finished a Welcome sign, too! I used a great piece of wood I found in my neighbor’s Bagster, then layered and distressed paint, and added letters I bought at Michaels. :)

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