Simple (and thrifty!) DIY Floral Wreath

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Spring wreaths are a fun way to bring in the season, like this simple DIY floral wreath I’m sharing today.

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Supplies #wreath

Guess what?

I made another wreath.
But I made it with the leftovers from this other Spring wreath I made a couple weeks ago.

Because I’m thifty girl….and because I had them laying around and wanted to get em out of my way. ;)

The grapevine wreath has been up on my shelf in my office/craft room for over two years.
It’s a tad larger than the one I used on the linked Spring wreath above.
I found it at the thrift store a few years ago and had never gotten around to doing anything with it.
(because I’m really not a wreath maker…but I’ve made a few now–and if I can, you can too!)

So here’s what I did with all those leftovers…..I made a DIY floral wreath!

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Hang on windows #wreath

Do you recognize some of those pink and white sprigs?
That is what I made my other Spring wreath with.

If you remember, I had bought the flower bunch too but just didn’t like it on that wreath.
But they were so pretty I wanted to use them somewhere, somehow, for Spring.

So I pulled everything back out and got to it.

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Supplies #wreath

I started with the greenery and remaining sprigs of pink and white, adding it “on end” on either side.
Then I added 3 sets of flowers in the middle.
The big one in the middle and two smaller on either side.

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Adding as I go using leftover sprigs #wreath

I saved the greenery from the sprigs I pulled off when making the first wreath.

They worked great for this wreath. Nothing goes to waste!

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - So easy! #wreath

If you look closely, you can see the ends there that have no sprigs on them.
I am okay with that.
You don’t really notice it once up. It just looks like greenery.
I hate to throw anything “usable” away…so I didn’t. And now I’m using it! :)

I tucked the daisies and other small sprig of flowers in just above those on each side.

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Filling in with flowers #wreath

I also tucked in a few roses on either side of the center flowers.

And decided that was enough. 

Just a simple floral wreath.

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Using leftovers floral and greenery #wreath

Oh…and I didn’t glue a thing! Just like a few readers here mentioned…tuck in and don’t glue.
I wasn’t going to be putting this on my front door (no movement) so figured it’d be safe without gluing, so I didn’t.

I finished this in about 10 minutes flat.


Easy DIY Floral Wreath - On windows for country porch #wreath

I decided to hang it on a set of my windows on the front porch.

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - Hang on windows for a different look #wreath

I love it there.
Perfect spot for it!

So…start to finish…10 minutes and I had something pretty to hang on the front of my home.
And it was majorly thrifty too. (wreaths are expensive!)

Thrift store grapevine wreath, leftover flowers and viola, super simple DIY floral wreath.
AKA, new pretty thing. :)

Easy DIY Floral Wreath - So simple! #wreath

What do you think?
Do you make wreaths?
It’s really the way to go. Being the crafty creative I am, I can’t believe I haven’t been making them for years!
It’s so easy and much less expensive.

So…go make a pretty new thing too! :)

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  1. I have a confession, I am addicted to wreaths. I currently have a wreath hanging in the bathroom, our bedroom, beside the front door and on the patio. They bring a splash of color and add texture to where ever you hang them.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Well, I am with you on that! ;) I now have a wreath on my front door, one on the set of windows to the right and a metal flat “basket” with flowers on the big picture window to the left. (might be a tad much but I’m enjoying them)
      Inside I have a boxwood wreath over a mirror. :) (I didn’t make that one!)
      I totally agree…they add a special touch. I am loving them!

    1. Thank you Marie :) Yep…I saw it sitting there and decided to do something with them! Not knowing at all how it would turn out. And I think it turned out okay! ;)

  2. Your wreath is beautiful. It has inspired me to make yet another one. I think I’m going to check out my left over flower supply.

    1. Thanks Christy! :) Yes, it sure is! I have lots of “leftovers”…if only it were this simple to clear those up!

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