Christmas Holiday Decorating Ideas & More!

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Christmas holiday decorating ideas! Snowy tree, mini wreaths, crafty fun, free printables, napkin art, and more! 

Hello dear friends!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? I mean, I have not even shopped at all. Oh my gosh, it sure snuck up on us.
Thanksgiving is next week and you know what that means…the weeks following zip on by and before you know it, it’s the new year!

And I have not even begun to decorate at all. 

Which is totally fine because it’s not even Thanksgiving, right? But I usually always decorate early mainly because I try to share things here with you all. We’ve been on the go every weekend so it’s been tough! Planning to get into the holiday spirit this weekend though, yippee! How about you? Are you all decorated yet?

In case you haven’t yet, I thought I’d gather up a few posts that are all about decorating for the holidays. Things to make, things to use to decorate with, tree ideas, and more. I hope you will find these Christmas holiday decorating ideas helpful!

Christmas Holiday Decorating Ideas & More

Create a Snow Covered Tree (5 simple ways!)

christmas tree with blue ornaments

This is a post I put together to share 5 simple ways to get that snowy white look!
Check it out here.

DIY Snow Flocking (all the small things)

green wreath with snow

Snow flocking on wreaths, berries, and my favorite, pine cones!
Check it out here.

17 Easy Christmas Crafts

red framed wreath with ornaments hanging

So many fun crafts you can do!
Check it out here.

DIY Mini Wreaths

mini wreaths hanging on cabinet door

I love these little mini wreaths. They are perfect for hanging over your cabinets and are so easy to make!
Check it out here.

Tiered Christmas Tray

christmas decorated tiered tray

A fun way to display some smaller holiday decor items.
Check it out here.

6 Free Christmas Printables

christmas free printables

Christmas printables are great for so many things!
Check it out here.

9 Free Christmas Frame TV Art Designs

frame tv christmas holiday graphics

You can use these on your regular TV too!
Check it out here.

And To All A Good Night 

santa sign

And a little napkin art from last year. So fun! Design choices are pretty endless.
Check it out here.

I’ve got bunches of more projects, holiday signs, etc. If you want to see more, click here.

I hope this is helpful to you and inspires you when decorating your home this holiday season!

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!



  1. OH!!! You have my favorite Santa!!! That robust, smiling, round happy guy kind!!! He looks right off of Hallmark wrap paper!!! Lot’s of good ideas. I guess you are going to need a couple of new stockings at your house this year… for Piper and the new son-in-law!!! xoxo

    1. Aw I love it!! :) He is definitely a happy Santa !! I actually just got two new ones with puppy paws on them, one for Piper and one for Ryder. xoxo

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