DIY Snow Flocking (wreaths, live branches and more!)

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Snow covered trees, wreaths and branches…..just magical. Don’t you agree?
Did you know you can get that very same look yourself? DIY snow flocking is the way to go for your very own magical holiday decor.

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

Once you learn about DIY snow flocking, you’ll want to flock it all! :)

I know it’s only Halloween but it’s never too soon to start preparing for the big holiday!
And if you want to do any DIY snow flocking, it’s best to get it going ahead of time.

I did my tree a couple years ago and it’s just so pretty, I couldn’t stop at the tree. I wanted to flock it all!
If you are new here, be sure to hop on over and see the sad little thrift store tree that I turned into a magical Christmas treasure with this DIY snow flocking stuff. ;) It’s a keeper, for sure.

Besides the tree, I also made these plain wreaths I picked up at Lowe’s (15% off, so around $10 each)
I used an old swag (pulled apart) that I bought at the thrift store last year for a few dollars to decorate them with.
Thrifty, thrifty!!

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

Just plain old wreaths. Nothing fancy about them.

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MATERIALS LIST: (click the links below to purchase the items)

Sno-Flock (premium artificial decorative self-adhesive snow flock powder with ice flakes)
Elmer’s Glue All

Spray Bottle

I simply used some hot glue and the pieces from the swag I pulled apart in and around the wreath.

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

Then I sprayed them with the DIY snow flocking. (see this post for all the details)

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

So much fun. ;)

I added a pretty, sparkly ribbon but you could leave that off.

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

Up close….

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

I wanted to flock everything then.
Snowy goodness.

Things like the artificial greenery I usually have out….

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

And I always use the left over branches from our real tree to decorate with….so I gave them some DIY snow flocking too!

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

Doesn’t that look like real snow?

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

I really does and just makes everything looks like a magical, snowy wonderland.
I still have a bunch of the snow flocking left over so I know I’ll be at it again this year!
Nothing is safe from me and the snow flock, I tell ya! ;)
I just love it.

Like this easy DIY snow flocking? PIN it to save it!

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

If you haven’t yet visited my post “DIY Flocked Tree“, pop on over there to see how I turned this old thrift store tree into a snow flocked beauty!

Click HERE to see it AND a few more helpful tips I have on applying this Sno Flock! 

DIY Snow Flocking #snowflocking #diysnowflock #flockedtree #diysnowflocking

Enjoy and hope you have fun with this. :)


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    1. Thanks Vickie! I have really enjoyed it! (and so has my family) There is just something truly magical looking about it. :) xo

  1. I love all your flocked items, but especially that beautiful tree you did! I would love to do one, but I have to be lucky enough to chance upon a cheap one somewhere because I wouldn’t want to mess up an expensive one, just in case I didn’t do it right (which is totally a possibility!) Or maybe I should should buy a small one and try that! Anyway, the wreath is also gorgeous…. maybe I should do one of them first to practice! You made it look so pretty! I really love it! xo

    1. AW thanks Karen! Yes, I think that is a great idea! Pick one up at the thrift store for a few bucks, or even an old wreath to try. It’s not hard at all, you can do it! ;) xoxo

  2. So cool!!! (See what I did there? hehe). Very nice… the flocking give it a bit of sparkle, too! I may have to incorporate some in my decor this year!

  3. Pretty excited. Just found this tutorial. I haven been sick since before Thanksgiving and am “late”doing my Christmas decoration sick, while sick, I decided I needed to redo my Christmas look. Since I didn’t want to spend tons of money, I am going to flock my wreaths and trees instead! Headed to store now!

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