Glorious Tree Mould Decor Ideas

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Let’s make something pretty for the holidays! This Glorious Tree mould is indeed glorious!

Hello beautiful friends!

It’s December so I thought I’d share a fun holiday craft with you today. I’m using our “Glorious Tree Mould” for this one. A

Last month I shared our “Snowflake Jewels” mould for this project here >>> Snowflake Jewels Christmas Box
It turned out so sweet! I’m using it to place a gift in for Christmas. I’m also gifting these I made today too.

Sadly the Snowflake Jewels mould has since sold out and I am unable to get more at this time. BUT I do have just a few of the Glorious Tree moulds so get ’em while you can! Once they are gone, they are gone. For this season anyway. I don’t know if they will be available next season.

Glorious Tree Mould Decor Ideas

I came across this box on one of the visits to my parent’s house. At some point, my Dad got peanuts from Whitley’s! It was just an empty box and I thought I’d bring it home and do something with it.

And today I did.


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wood box and mould

I measured and mixed my resin as before and poured it into the mould.

Christmas tree mould

It’s SO easy!

Christmas tree mould with resin in it

You can see it setting up as it’s turning white above.

While it was setting up, I peeled the sticker label off of the top piece, light sanded then took the box outside and spray painted it gold inside and out.

I played around with the mould pieces to see what I would do.

gold box with white christmas tree on top

I decided to just use the tree on this one.

I painted the tree white…

white paint and paintbrush and white tree

…and added very fine glitter to make it shine then hot glued it to the top piece.

white tree on gold box

The sparkle does not show up in this photo but it is so pretty!

Here is the inside.

white tree on top of gold box sliding open

I’m going to use this as a gift box for Christmas.

Project #2

I found this old bottle in my stash and thought it’d be pretty with a tree on the front. AND it was green (like holiday colors) and thought, perfect!

green bottle and tree mould

I proceeded to make another tree in the mould.

Once it was firm enough to remove but still pliable, I removed it from the mould and wrapped it around the bottle.

green bottle with white tree taped to front

I used tape where it wanted to keep coming up.

While this resin is still warm, you can mold it to whatever you are placing it on. But be sure to do it right away or it will fully harden.

white tree curved like the bottle

See the shape it has taken on above?

So I thought I’d leave it green but then didn’t love how beat up it was so decided to paint it instead!

bottle painted white

I used our Pearl metallic paint. It’s so shimmery and beautiful but that doesn’t translate well in the photos.
And I should note that I sometimes fly by the seat of my pants when I’m working on things and don’t always think things through thoroughly!! haha!! I literally had the thought and started painting it immediately!!
If I had thought it through better, I would’ve spray-painted the bottle with white primer FIRST. Then I applied the metallic pearl paint.
It would’ve taken much less paint and much less time.

But it’s pretty regardless.

gold curved tree

I used gold spray again but this time on the tree.

I let it dry overnight and then I applied our Tough Coat Topcoat only on the high points and sprinkled with white glitter. (not the fine glitter I used on the other)

gold tree with white sprinkles


I love sparkles. :)

white bottle with gold sparkly tree on front

And that’s it!

So, so simple. And so many things you can do with these moulds.

I actually thought this tree would be gorgeous on one of these…

clear glass tall vase

And then fill it with ornaments…or pine cones…or whatever holiday item you can think of!

Wouldn’t that be so pretty as a centerpiece?

Like it?? You can find it >>> here.

If I had one, I would’ve done it but I wanted to get this out to you so you don’t miss out on this mould before it’s gone!

gold box with white tree on front

Who knew a plain little peanut box could be so pretty??

gold box with white tree

gold box with white tree

Or a basic bottle…you can use old wine bottles too! Maybe the clear ones with lights inside.

white bottle with gold tree in center piece with greenery

white bottle with gold tree and santa

white bottle with gold tree and santa

white centerpiece items, tree, santa, bottle and ornaments

I think these moulds are great fun! Ideas are limitless.

Remember, this mould is almost sold out! (sold out at the manufacturer…only what I have left)
If you like it, get it while you still can!

PIN it to save it!

Make something pretty for the holidays! This Glorious Tree mould is indeed glorious! These decor mould ideas are perfect for the holidays!

I’m a day behind this week so I’ll be back on Friday sharing some of our holiday home with you!



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