Dollar Store Christmas Decor

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Dollar Store Christmas decor craft ideas. Inexpensive holiday decor ideas for your home and more!

Hello friends and happy Tuesday!

I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend (my US friends!). Did you get any shopping done? Or are you done?
I did not and I am not! lol

I’m hoping to finish soon though.

I did get a fun little Christmas decor craft done before the holiday weekend though. Just a little something and I thought I’d share it here with you. This would be a fun one to do with the children, grandkids, etc.

Dollar Store Christmas Decor

Here’s what I got.

wood snowflakes

What fun (and cheap) items for some Christmas crafting!

Easy, inexpensive decor ideas too.



Christmas Art

I thought I’d turn the Grateful Fall sign into something I could use for Christmas. I found some stencils in my stash that were the perfect size.

stencils paint and paintbrushes

I felt like this one had a sort of “snowflake” feel to it.

stencil and paint

And it was the perfect size too, win-win!

I started by removing the paper decor piece from the “Grateful” sign.

craft block

Then I lightly sanded it to smooth it out.

Next, I painted it red.

craft block painted red

Once it was fully dry, I laid the stencil on it and applied the Embossing Paste with our handy spreader pal.

spreading embossing paste

And voila!

stencil with embossing paste and red block

Isn’t that so cool??

Here’s how I’m using it.

christmas trees and decor on dining table

To add some color to this simple display on our dining table.

small white christmas trees on tray with decor

christmas trees with red block

Isn’t that fun and festive?

Glittery, Gold Snowflakes

I began by spray painting all of the snowflakes gold. (If you are doing this with small children, you can have them hand paint them with gold craft paint instead)
Then once that paint was dry, I went back over them with gold glitter spray paint. (again, if doing this with small children, you can use something like our Decoupage Gel and sprinkle with glitter while it’s wet instead)

I didn’t get a photo of this step, oops!
But I simply laid them out on a drop cloth outside and sprayed each side, etc.

Once they were dry, I used fishing line to tie the larger sets of 4 (4 each) to the gold light fixture in our dining room. I love using fishing line for this sort of thing. It’s easy and it is almost invisible.

gold light fixture with gold snowflakes

I did leave the rope that connected the snowflakes though.

Just a fun little sparkly, holiday addition to the light.

gold light fixture with gold snowflakes and dining table

The smaller single snowflakes are also glittery gold.

I hung them up on the gold light fixtures in the kitchen like this…

gold light fixture with gold snowflakes

Again with fishing line.

white kitchen with gold light fixtures with gold snowflakes

I haven’t finished decorating. I am SO behind this year!

ceiling with gold light fixtures and snowflakes

That’s it!

A really simple Dollar Store Christmas decor addition.

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Dollar Store Christmas decor craft ideas! Inexpensive holiday decor ideas for your home and more!

Have a wonderful week!

I will see you back here on Thursday with a brand-new furniture makeover!



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