Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station (Thrift Shop Shakedown #3)

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Bread boxes can be found in abundance at most thrift stores. There’s no end to the things you can do with them like today’s bread box repurposed into a charging station.

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

Hey sweet friends!

I’ve got a really fun post for you today. My blogging bestie, Christy from Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer and I live near each other and like to get together every once in awhile to go thrift store shopping….or just visit like below at Christmas.

Nancy Artsy Chicks Rule and Christy Confessions of a Serial DIYer -

Since she and I both like to do furniture makeovers, thrifty decor, and repurposed items, we thought it would be fun to take you thrift shopping with us!
Whatever we find for the day, we make over for you guys here on the blog.

We had grand plans to do this about every other month but that proved harder than we anticipated!
We are busy, busy, busy, and haven’t been able to do it as often as we’d liked. However, we are going to try hard to create and share more videos with you moving forward.

Before we get started on the makeover, come along with us on our thrift store shopping adventure…..

Here’s that bread box repurposed into a charging station “before”…


Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

(On our new rug in the study, love it! You can find it, here)

The bread box was $4.98 and since I already have a made over bread box, I decided to turn this into something else entirely.

A charging station for cell phones (or tablets, etc) and a place to collect change, hold a notepad and pens.

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

All hidden, just the way I like it!

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

This was a pretty simple makeover.
I sprayed it with basic white spray paint in a satin finish and then created this graphic to use on it.

I originally thought I’d used all of it …..but as you can see, that didn’t happen.
You can save that to your computer and use it together or just use the “thankful” portion by itself as I did.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl for this project.

Want to see how easy it is to use your own designs inside of Silhouette? Click here >>> How To Import Your Own Designs Into Silhouette Cameo.
Or you can also use any of these transfer methods to do it if you don’t have a Silhouette machine.

Here’s how I thought it would go……

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

and then…..

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette


Wasn’t loving that.
I wanted something inspirational to greet you as you open the box to grab the phone but that “Today, I am” just looked like it was out of place.

So I carefully removed it.

Which left me with just this…

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

Simple and to the point.

That’s all it needed. 

Since the top simply lifts and doesn’t fold or bend as you lift it, the vinyl worked great for this.

For the inside, I added that same pretty tissue paper that I am so smitten with right now.
I just used it inside a drawer on this little table.

I applied it with Mod Podge and gave it a seal coat with HP top coat.

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

I didn’t even have to cut those pieces. Believe it or not, those 2 pieces were left over from that table project and they fit perfectly!!
I love when that happens!

I drilled two holes into the back for the charger cords….and if you’ll notice, I drilled them in the center of the flowers. Hee hee…I like symmetry!

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

This …..

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

…sure looks a lot better than this…..

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

As if this spot is ever this clean! lol It’s usually covered in mail, and well, anything else that can be dropped right here.
It seems to be the drop spot. You know about those, right? Walk in and that’s where everything goes.
Well, now the cords, plugs, phones, and mess can be hidden away. Some of it anyway.

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

Such a fun little makeover and bread box repurposed.
Go to your local thrift store, bet you’ll find a bread box or 2 yourself!
Get busy on a bread box repurposed into something else for your own home.

Hope you enjoyed Christy’s and my 3rd post/video in a series. (a series we’re hoping to do more of, regularly, from here on out. We’ll see how we can do! ;) )

Don’t forget to scroll down and see what Christy did with her makeover!

Bread Box Repurposed Into Charging Station So EASY! - #chargingstation #breadboxrepurposed #breadboxideas #silhouette

Click here to see what Christy did with her thrifty find!

If you missed our first 2 thrifting videos and posts, you can see them here:

Check back in over here next week to see what I did to this thrifty makeover!

UPDATE! You can see it now, here.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!




    1. Thanks Christy! :) Yep, anything to keep clutter at bay is good in my book!! ;) Had fun, looking forward to the next one, too! xoxo

  1. Not even in the door yet and treasure was found! Your thrift stores are HUGE! Love the videos…please keep them coming.

    1. Yep!! lol It’s nice when that happens! Some days are hits and some are misses! It’s nice when you can find all kinds of goodies. We plan to do more…and hopefully not a year in between anymore. ;) xo

  2. Very cute and functional, too. Did you really pass up those narrow side tables? They look like they might be just the right size for your sofa.

    1. Thanks Marcie! Yes, I did!! What was I thinking? We went awhile back or else I’d go right back up and get em! Sadly, I wasn’t looking for any at the time of our shopping trip. Isn’t that how it always goes?? ;)

    1. Thanks Julie! :) I have no idea, it was awhile ago that we went! ;) It takes a bit of time to make the video (especially when you are learning as you go! lol This was my first time doing it) Plus, no, honestly they were not really the style I was looking for although they really were pretty! I want to keep the clean lines of the one in this post. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something similar that will fit the space. xo

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, we really did and always do have fun! Time just flies by too quickly every time! ;) xo

  3. I love when you two get together and make us a thrift shopping video! I was just drooling over your thrift stores! The ones around me are not as big and don’t have as much great stuff (besides clothes). They seem to get a lot of things that people could have thrown out but they donate instead so they can write it off on their taxes. Lol. Stuff sits for months and months. A lot of the thrift stores around here that have furniture get musty furniture (and I’ve even seen MOLD COVERED bedroom furniture at one Goodwill! Eeek!) Totally gross. And I can smell “musty” a mile away due to a mold allergy. I start itching and break out in hives. Not a fun shopping trip. I avoid the big furniture section at that one Goodwill. Lol.
    ONCE in a while I find some small furniture worth buying. I guess that is ok, since I have NO MORE ROOM right now. Hahaha I’ve had to CURB my Craigslisting freebies for now due to lack of room. (I know ya liked that pun!)

    1. Thanks Robin! It is fun!! We hope to share them more often in the future. :) We do have a lot of thrift stores around here. Too many for me to even get to regularly! That’s a good thing but yes, I know what you mean about the musty smell some of the furniture can have! I have to say, I’ve never seen mold….yet, thank goodness! ;) But I have seen some crazy stuff over the years. I have no more room either but buy and paint for the blog. The problem with that is, I end up wanting to keep at least half of what I make over!! But I just can’t because sadly I have no more room either! And yes, to curbing the freebies! lol Have a great day Robin! xoxo

  4. Wow, it was perfect, I loved it. Congratulations on creativity, and thank you for sharing, I love all kinds of crafts, and I love your posts.

  5. I love this. AND I HAVE this bread box, currently used to store extra tea towels. I want to clear off the counter though and I think this would be great in my bedroom next to my bed. I just binge watched the thrift shop videos along with your friend’s other videos. You two are so enjoyable to watch. Thanks for brightening my day as I declutter my bedroom!

    1. Oh fun, Sharon! That is a great idea! And oh, that is so nice to hear. I’m so happy you enjoyed them!! We hope to be able to do more once this Covid mess is behind us! xo

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