Thrift Shop Shakedown (99¢ makeover and a new video series!)

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Hey y’all, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.
I had a great but very busy one. I flocked a tree and two wreaths that I’ll soon be sharing with you.
I’m so happy with how they turned out! I’ve never flocked a thing in my life before, have you?
It was interesting but more on that later.

Well, on this fine Sunday I have something really fun and exciting to wrap up your weekend with!
One of my best blogging friends, Christy over at Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer,  and I decided to share our thrifting outings with you guys.
(in a video, ack!)
It was her idea and I think a great one that you guys will enjoy. Or at least be entertained by.haha

We’re calling it “Thrift Shop Shakedown” and thought it’d be fun to show you what we look for when we go thrift shopping.
What we pass on and what we don’t.
We will be taking videos of the process, creating the makeover, and then sharing both with you here.

Won’t that be fun??

We hope you will enjoy seeing us being silly, thrifting, and making over our fun finds.
And hoping it inspires you to do the same!

Here is what we found for me to make over…

Thrift Shop Shakedown - BEFORE - new video series - #artsychicksrule

Want to see how we found it??
And do you want to see what Christy found to make over too?

Watch below….(haha…I cringe… I like “hiding” behind my lil ole keyboard and computer screen here, only sharing pretty decor and such)
This is definitely a bit out of my comfort zone but here it is…. (and no, those clowns did not come home with us! #clownphobia)

Whew, okay, now that you have seen how we found our “treasures”, let’s talk about the makeover.

First, this sign was only 99¢. How can you beat that?
And it was just begging for a makeover too, don’t you think so?

There is a multitude of signs and things just waiting to be found and made over out there.

I thought the shape of this sign was perfect for something vintage looking so went with this graphic found at The Graphic’s Fairy.

I painted the board with black spray paint first.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - First coat - new video series - #artsychicksrule

I wanted to be able to see a bit of black underneath.
Then I painted one coat of Pure White.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - new video series - Image Transfer -#artsychicksrule

One coat because, as I mentioned, I want it to look “vintage” with a bit of a worn look.
Above you can see the image I printed out and trimmed. If you need larger images, you can print them at blockposters .com.
This >>> really cool transfer paper is what I used to transfer the lettering.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - transferring image - new video series - #artsychicksrule
I bought this paper several years ago and never used it!
It was up on my shelf in my office with other craft supplies and I think I thought it was “Saran” wrap. ha
Saral…Saran.  I kept overlooking it.

Anyway, it works pretty great.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - new video series - transferred image - #artsychicksrule

Then I used these paint pens to “color” it in.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - new video series - painting in the letters - #artsychicksrule

The ones above came from Michael’s (I think) but Amazon has >>> these paint pens that are very similar (and a set of different sized tips which is awesome).

This was SO quick, by the way.
Much quicker than using an artist’s paintbrush and paint.
However, I do like the look of the paintbrush better but this is a good alternative.
AND perfect for beginners.

Anyone can do this….so be sure to PIN this for later! :)

No paint brush??!! Anyone can do this!!

Truly simple.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - finished - new video series - #artsychicksrule

You might have noticed I decided to omit the tiny lines around the words “shaving” and “soaps”.
I didn’t think it really needed it….and honestly, I didn’t want to draw them all in.

I lightly sanded the whole thing and sealed it with one coat of clear wax (Annie Sloan).

Thrift Shop Shakedown - new video series - super thrifty makeover -#artsychicksrule

See how the black shows through on the edges and elsewhere?
Sort of gives a more vintage look, I think.

Thrift Shop Shakedown - 99 cent sign - new video series - #artsychicksrule

Thrift Shop Shakedown - 99 cent makeover - new video series - #artsychicksrule

Signs are one of my favorite things to make and this one took no time at all. (the best kind for this “on-the-go” girl!)

PIN it to save it!

NO Paintbrush Required! EASY Way To Make a Sign!! (Thrift Shop Shakedown - 99 cent makeover - new video series) -

What a difference a little paint makes, right?

Now let’s hop on over and see what Christy did to her little table we found for her.
Christy’s Makeover

Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer - Thrift Store Shakedown Makeover (before)

I have not even seen it yet! Can’t wait to pop over and take a looksie.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching this as much as we did making it.
Of course, Christy and I always have fun together.
She’s my buddy and roommate at all of our blog conferences too.

UPDATE: See our 3rd, “Thrift Shop Shakedown”, here!!

I’ll see you guys back here on Tuesday when I’ll be sharing this!

UPDATE!! See it now, here!



  1. Hi dear Nancy and Christy . My two fav bloggers together and in action in those terrenal paradise…THRIFTY STORE…ohhhh I want to go there, I want to go there,I want to go there,…. and know you in person .
    Anyway, if you would know how I say your blog’s name ..hahahahahah, the way you pronounce it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME .
    I admire you , and I hope to know you and go thrifting with both any day… kisses from Madrid¡¡

    1. Aw thank you my sweet friend! :) Yes, it is paradise!! lol Really!
      Would be so much fun to go thrifting with you one day Victoria!! :) xoxo

  2. That was a lovely little video – love the dancing while shopping :) I like the sign you have created from what it was before you made a lovely job of it. And… I like the table Christy bought will look forward to seeing her ‘after’. Keep the videos coming – love watching people enjoy themselves shopping and will look forward to seeing your next one :)

    1. Thank you Denise! :)
      It was a fun day (but we weren’t sure what to film, etc) Now that we’ve gotten that first one done, it makes it a bit easier! ;)
      Luckily we don’t live very far from one another so hopefully we’ll have many more.
      Have a great week!! xo

    1. Thanks Christy! It was fun to do! (although a bit out of my comfort zone!! haha) We’ll see how the next one goes! ;)

  3. You and Christy were so cute in that video, Nancy!! I bet y’all had so much fun thrifting together! I’m a little envious because 1) I have no one to thrift with, and 2) even if I did, there’s no great thrift shops where I live! :(

    Anyway, love what you did with your sign! You always come up with the greatest ideas for signs! Christy also did a fabulous job on her little table! I would love to find a cute table like that for under $10.00!! Oh well…. for now, I will have to be content to watch you and Christy in action! xo

    1. Thank you Karen!! haha!! Not so comfortable on that side of the camera! ;) But glad we got the first one done. Now we know a bit more of what to do..and not do!
      It’s always more fun thrift shopping with a friend! I can’t believe you don’t have many good ones there. We are lucky to have a ton of them in this area.
      It’s still hit or miss but can usually find good things.

  4. You guys were having too much fun! I wondered what in the heck you were going to do with that plaque and no surprise, you completely transformed it into something full of vintage goodness. I still can’t believe the two of your were wearing summer attire while we here are wrapped up like Eskimos!

    1. Yes, we sure did Marie!! lol We always have fun together. We filmed this when it was still warm!! It’s just taken us this long to get it together!!
      Hopefully next time, it won’t! ;)

      1. When I was buying AS paint, the clerk said to go with Old White because Pure White is too stark. I bought both. I like Pure White waaay more because it’s clean, bright and gives me the Swedish-y shabby-chic look that I love. Glad I’m not alone! :D

        1. I started out using the Old White on just about everything (it seemed to be the most popular). I quickly tired of the “yellowish” cast and started using the crisp, clean white instead! :)
          Love it!

      2. Hi Nancy, Thank you for the quick response, I went to AC Moore tonight after work and literally got the all surface water based paint then a modge podge clear sealer for wood. I hope it works.


  5. I made a sign with sharpie oil based pen (felt tip) and want to paint black paint over it then seal with a clear coat. I read if you do this the edges could feather. My question is: what paint and clear coat would you use?
    Mod Podge?
    a spray clear coat?
    I was going to use the small paints at Walmart in the craft section. regular gloss or matte, then a clear coat. Please help as this is for a gift in a week Thank you

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Spray sealer would be your friend here! You can use most any black but try not to water it down too much, if at all. Then use the spray sealer over top. Any finish you like, clear, matte, satin.
      Hope that helps! :)

    1. Hey Robyn!! No, you are not late to the party at all! ;) We have 2 so far, but a third is coming very soon! We are actually working on it tomorrow. And we filmed it last Spring or Summer! It’s hard to get the time to do them, sadly. We hoped to do more and more often but it’s tough. You can see all the videos on youtube, here. :)

      1. I’ll look at them but just so you know, I’m going to want to go with you next time. I LOVE thrifting! Do you have swap meets where you live? We have one right down the road from us and they sometimes have the BEST junk! I’m in a small town outside of San Diego.

  6. I am subscribed, I cannot figure out how to get ebook. Says, sign up xx says I am already signed up. OK, how do I get book, somehow I am missing something. Help

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