Simple & Fun Valentine’s Day Craft

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Well hello there February! SOOO happy to see you. :)

The month of LOVE. (and just that much closer to Spring, YAY!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that we went from 8 inches of snow to flip flop weather in the space of 3 days!
Crazy Virginia weather.
I’m so ready for Spring but first….

Valentine’s Day is coming up, are you ready?
It’s never been too big of a holiday for my husband and I since both of our birthdays are the in the 2 weeks before it.
We’re pretty much partied out by the time it rolls around.

However, I do love a little LOVE.

So I have joined in with 13 other bloggers to bring you some fun Valentine’s goodies.
Crafts and decor.

Like this fun and very simple project below….

Easy Valentine's Day Art
…one you can make or help your little ones make for a friend/loved one.
Or to simply add some Valentine decor to your home for the holiday.


 I bought the lacy wood “frame” from Michael’s last year but never ended up using it.
It’s very similar to the snowflakes I used in my Snowflake Wall Hanging last year.

Frame for Simple Valentine's Day Craft

I came across it and thought it would make a pretty frame for a sweet “love” quote.
I searched around online until I found one I liked.
And I found this –> “I do love nothing in the world so well as you….is not that strange?”
William Shakespeare

I know, quirky. But I LOVE quirky! ;)

I created this graphic on my computer …

Printable - Valentine's Day Quote

I printed it onto a large white piece of label (adhesive) paper I had.
You can use regular white printer paper/glue or glue stick if you don’t have that.

I decided to use Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint®…simply because I had it on hand.
If I had had red spray paint I’d have used that instead.
It would have gone a bit quicker with spray paint.

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Painting frame red

 But this really was the perfect shade of red. Once dry, I sprayed with Minwax Polycrylic to seal.

I cut a Triscuit box to fit the back (just a bit larger than the opening) to attach the printed love quote to.

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Cardboard back

I traced the inside of the frame onto the cardboard.
I cut around that line leaving some space to attach to the back of the opening in the frame.

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Cardboard back cut

And painted it red to match the frame. (so it would look “finished” from both sides)

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - painting cardboard back red

I held the printed graphic up to the opening in the frame and pressed lightly to make a “fold” where the edges were.
(making sure to have it lined up directly where I wanted it)

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Printable (tips on cutting to fit)

 I cut around the “folds” leaving some space as with the cardboard.

I then peeled the backing and attached it to the cardboard.
I used a hot glue gun to glue it to the frame.
(this is the back)
A little messier with the glue than planned. Oh well. ;)

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Backside finished

 To dress it up a bit I used some items I picked up at Michael’s for another Valentine’s project I’ll be sharing later this week….

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Ribbon and Sparkle tapeSparkle tape and ribbon.

I used the white sparkle tape around the edge of the frame…..

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - attaching sparkle tape

And then hot glued the tiny red and white striped rope around the edge of that.

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft -applying red/white rope

The red and white “rope” around the edges finished it off nicely….

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - close up

The sparkle tape added a little bit of bling too…

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - complete

I used the red ribbon to hang it from the shutters I have in my Family Room…

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Craft - Finished

Easy Valentine's Day Craft

Pretty simple.


Want to see even more ideas on simple updates with Chalk Paint (that aren’t furniture??) 
Check out this post, here!

I already had everything on hand except for the ribbon and sparkle tape.
I like it hanging on the blue shutter but think it would also look great hanging over a mirror or on the front door.
It’s kind of nice having a little red Valentine’s love around the house.

Do you make hand made gifts or decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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    1. Thanks Jen! Yes, I hadn’t planned to put it there but I just love the teal/red combo! :)
      Happy Valentines to you!


  1. Really?? How cute is this?? I love every single detail. I pinned, tweeted and shared on G+. That’s how MUCH I LOVE this. Thanks cute girl fir being a part of the Valentine Tour.

    1. Thanks Kathy :) (William Shakespeare…Google!! lol)
      I thought it would be a fun little quirky quote..instead of the usual.

  2. So sweet, I love that! The quote is lovely and that frame is so pretty. BTW, I ADORE your new profile picture, it is awesome – you are stunning and you’re like sunshine. :) xoxoxoxoxoxo, Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon! :) It was fun to do and make all pretty!
      And…wow, thank you so much for the sweet, sweet words my friend! Really! :)))

    1. Thanks Julie! :) Oh they are fun…so many things you can do with them….and they have a bunch to choose from now!


    1. Thanks Angie! I hadn’t planned to hang it there originally…then did just for picture taking purposes. BUT loved it there so left it! :)


  3. Well, if this isn’t the cutest dang thing! I love quirky too . . . perhaps because it takes one to know one? lol.

    Love how you finished the frame off. Those are things I never think of. I’ve seen those frames at Michael’s and have resisted buying them because I honestly didn’t know what to do with them. Now I do!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend. Glad we ‘toured’ together this month.

    1. Thanks Colleen! :)
      Yep!! that’s totally it!
      I really wanted to glitter up the frame but since I used glitter tape I refrained…but it’s easy to just keep going and going sometimes! ;)
      Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Nancy,
    I love this! I’m a huge romanticist and this sparkly, romantic Shakespearean verse is just the thing for any couple’s bedroom or simply for Valentine’s Day. You finished off the project so well with all the ribbon and twine. You are indeed “one artsy chick!”

  5. So super cute!! I have two of those Michael’s frames that I had painted this bright yellow last year, but I never liked the color. I got them out a couple of days ago, but couldn’t figure out what to do with them. I love what you did with them. Love the sparkling tape too!

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