Michael’s & Hometalk Pinterest Party {Burlap Monogram}

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Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! It was my 29th birthday yesterday (again..shhh) and I had a wonderful time with friends and family.

Today I’m sharing this sweet monogrammed “wreath”.

Burlap Monogram sideview - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party



I picked up the following supplies….

 Burlap Monogram Supplies -Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the “square” inset of the frame first. I turned it over (opposite of what the photo shows) and marked around the straight edges (in between the loops) with a pen.
I then cut along the lines I made….

Lacy frame for monogram - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

I set that to the side and painted the “lacy” frame part with black acrylic craft paint…..

Painting edges black - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

Followed by gluing over that–>and black glitter sprinkled over top of the glue. (the glue will dry clear)

Black glitter applied to painted edges - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

I then brushed glue onto the inside of the frame for the scrapbook paper.
I attached the paper carefully in the center. (pictured several photos below)

adding glue for scrapbook paper - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

Next I painted the “C” with turquoise acrylic craft paint.
(see the pretty blue glitter at the bottom of that pack?? I was in a sparkly, glittery mood for this project!)

Painting monogram turquoise - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

Next ….that fabulous blue glitter! LOOOVVVE
I applied glue over the dried turquoise paint and then sprinkled glitter over the top. (notice the frame and scrapbook paper assembled and finished)

turquoise glitter for monogram - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

Time to attach the “C” to the center of the frame. I used a hot glue gun. Simple!Added beads - hot glued - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

I also applied the beads on the corners.  (with the glue gun)
I had originally laid them in alternating colors completely around the outside of the burlap but it was just too “busy” for me.

I finished it up with this pretty black and white ribbon to dress up the edges. (also hot glued)

Hot glued monogram and attaching decorative ribbon - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

And all finished….the possibilities are just endless!

Burlap Monogram - Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

I had considered adding a bow to the top with the same ribbon…but again, I thought it was too much.

Burlap Monogram Hanging1-Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

I may still…who knows! Or maybe some twine or something to hang it from.  Anyway, I do love that punch of turquoise color with the black and white! :)

Burlap Monogram Hanging -Michael's-Hometalk Pinterest Party

Michael's - Hometalk Pinterest Party Monogram Project

Happy crafting and creating!! :)


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    1. Hi Paula,
      Yes, that’s what great about it…there are so many possibilities with letters, colors, papers, etc. I am looking forward to it! :)

  1. The wood frame, I have never seen anything like that before. What dept is it in? Is it technically considered a picture frame or more like an unfinished wood type of deal?

    1. Hi,
      It actually doesn’t have a frame (although you could put one on it!). It is a piece of burlap stretched over a wood frame. Sort of like a canvas. I am not sure what dept it is in. It was on the end cap at my store by the art supplies…so most likely with those and the other canvas type materials.


  2. Happy 29th Birthday! ;) You really do look 29 though! Love this! Love how your project came out. I have that black and white paper too, got it for another project I did. :) I wish I could clone myself and come to your party too! xo, Sharon

    1. Aww thanks friend!! :) Oh, yea, I was loving that black and white paper. I don’t have much in those colors around my house (well the turquoise yes, black, no) but I love the look of it all together!
      I would clone myself too if I could! ;)
      Have fun!! It is gonna be busy, crazy (in a good way!) with all of us bloggers jamming up the social media lines! ;)

  3. Nancy, your monogram is SO cute! I love monograms! And I love the colors you chose!

    I can’t tell you how much I wish I lived in the Hampton Roads area. I want to go to YOUR pinterest party at Michael’s. There’s not even a Hometalk blogger in my area doing the event. I will probably still run by there and see what’s happening. Although the last time I went to one of these type events (at a different store, not Michael’s), I was so disappointed. The projects they did were things one would do with a child. It wasn’t even remotely close to what was advertised on the website. :(

    Have fun at your party! xo

    1. Thanks Karen! :)
      I wish you did too!! It would be fun and I’d love to meet ya in real life! Oh yes, do stop by your Michael’s and see how it’s going. Too bad there isn’t another blogger close to you doing one though!
      Thanks!! Keep an eye out…we’ll all be posting about it on Sunday!

  4. Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to meeting you on Sunday at the Newport News Michael’s. That is my birthday and I am planning on spending part of it at Michael”s.

    1. Oh thank you so much Sheila! I saw that you were attending. I so look forward to meeting you there!! :) And it’s your birthday! (Happy Birthday February sister!) That is so sweet of you to spend time there on your special day….you’ll have to make something really special just for you!
      Looking forward to it!

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