OBX Thrift Shopping Trip

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Join me today for a little OBX thrift shopping trip. See the finds I found and see the ones I brought home!

Hello beautiful friends!

How is your week going? Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? It will surely look different this year but I’m trying to focus on all the things I have to be thankful for instead of all the crazy this world has seen in 2020. I know you are too!

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we were getting our floors installed last week and hard at work on our beach condo all weekend.
I hate for anyone to be out of the loop, so you can hop over here to catch up >>> Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

While we were getting our floors installed, I did manage to sneak out to do a little thrift shopping. I thought it would be fun to go shopping in a new place to see what I could find.

I didn’t end up finding a lot to bring home with me but I did find a couple of treasures. And even more treasures that sadly had to stay behind.

I’m going to share them all with you and I’ll be sharing a few sneak peeks of our new flooring later this week too. Stay tuned!

BUT…before we get started on the thrift shopping trip, I want to congratulate Susan L on winning my 8 year blogiversary giveaway.
If you didn’t win, don’t worry, I have more fun things planned for 2021!

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip

There are quite a few small thrift stores along the Outer Banks and probably more I have missed.

I went to several and found some really fun things at most of them. Even if I didn’t bring them home with me.
It’s still fun to see what’s out there, right?

I love these chairs and find them often. These were $10 each.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

And at the same store, I found this basket for $4…it came home with me.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

I love it and it would be perfect on a coffee table. I’m not sure what I will do with it yet. (paint it, stain it ??)

How about this palm tree lamp?? I mean we are at the beach. lol

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

And look what I found over here…the matching floor lamp.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

Maybe guitars and palm trees are more your thing?

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

As crazy as it sounds, I kinda love seeing all the old, crazy, retro stuff.

Like this table and chairs.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

I mean, how darn cute is this??? It had a “sold” on top, by the way.

And this.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

Love this old Hoosier cabinet.
If I had an old farmhouse out in the country, this would be mine.

These old doors were amazing.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

And looked like they were covered in at least 10 coats of paint. They are OLD.

Here’s another oldie…

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

I kinda love it and the hardware.
Although, it does remind me of furniture I had as a kid! ;)

I had all kinds of ideas running through my head about this one.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

Oh, the plans…but sadly I have no room or time to do something like this one right now.

These last few (and the next few) are all in one of my favorite shops, Class & Trash. (I’ve been to the one in Richmond too…also amazing!)
Before we get to the main attraction in this photo…do you see what I didn’t share? More old doors back there, and more chairs, old sleds…sigh!

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

Isn’t that buffet stunning? It was $150, I believe. And talk about plans…I would love to do something with this one.

But it stayed too.

This could be cute painted with a very coastal feel.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

Too bad it’s missing a handle. But you can always make one as I did for my Aubusson Blue dresser.
See how, here.

I had to include this one because although not old, it was pretty cool.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

See the different wood stains on each door? That’s so unique.

And the inside is fun too…

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

Next stop…more chairs.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

And my last find of the day…which I did bring home with me.

OBX Thrift Shopping Trip!! artsychicksrule.com #thriftshopping

I think it was $10 and half off of that. So not too bad for a day of thrifting.
I did end up with two things and they are two things that I really loved.
I can’t wait to pretty this sad little table up.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me in the Outer Banks of NC.
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can not wait to eat!! lol
Be sure to keep an eye out for our flooring sneak peek later this week too.

I’ll see you then!



  1. Bi Nancy! There was some pretty cool pieces. I would have snagged a sled to decorate with transfers for Christmas decor. That little table you grabbed is really cute. Thanks for sharing and a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Nancy and family!!
    What a fun thrifting trip! I see those beautiful doors and I think “lead paint” lol.
    Oh I adore that vintage table and chairs set!! SO many fun things and you took just the right pieces home with you.
    Be well and enjoy!!

    1. Thank you, Christina! Haha, yes, you and be both!! I wouldn’t even touch them but I do love the history of them! ;) xoxo

  3. So glad you found time to do a little thrifting. The table is going to be really cute when you’re finished with it. And, I agree I would have picked up a sled too. You could have put that on your front porch. Added a few pics and a pretty bow it would have been darling. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m also focusing on the things that I have to be thankful for this holiday season. Can’t wait to see the finished floor!

    1. I know, darn, I am reconsidering the sled now!! It’s so crazy, a couple of years ago I searched all over for a sled… no luck!! haha…and here are several. The story of my life! Thank you, Kathy, I’m excited to share it!! xoxo

  4. How fun! I have to say, you exercise great self-control while shopping…I probably would have needed a truck LOL! For one, the dresser with caning. (love that!) And I’ve been searching for an old Hoosier cabinet, but the ones in even semi=decent condition are usually way too expensive. Can’t wait to see how you revamp that table!! It’s really cute too and would have also been on my truck! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Yes!! That’s because I have no more room right now, Ann! If only I had a warehouse..and a few strapping young men to carrying all to and from. lol It’d all be mine!! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  5. I love thrifting in different places and OBX is one of my favorites. Our daughter lives there and I make sure to go the thrift shops when we visit. I love, love, love Class & Trash! Glad you had a fun trip. I hope you and family have a nice Thanksgiving.❤️

    1. Oh that’s so cool! Yes, it really is fun to see what other areas have. Class & Trash is amazing! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you! xo

  6. OMG OMG OMG!! That buffet!!! I wouldn’t have been able to leave that behind. I love all the scrolly details.
    As soon as I saw that buffet in my inbox, I literally gasped! Too bad I live thousands of miles away.

  7. What a terrific thrift store! If I lived closer that buffet-side board wold be mine! Fun outing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃

  8. Always fun to thrift when out of town. Can’t wait to see what you do with that interesting table. It definitely has possibilities!

  9. Wow! You have some really good thrift stores in your area!!!! All the doors and buffets and dressers are fantastic! The table you took home for $5(!!!!) is so cute; can’t wait to see what you do with it! And that guitar & palm tree lamp makes me want to go watch some Elvis movies! Blue Hawaii, anyone?

    1. Haha, they are perfect for that time and place! lol Yes, so much fun to go see what all the stores have there…I wanted to bring it all home! xo

  10. I am so jealous! I wish we had thrift stores like that here – every time I go I don’t see anything like what you are showing! You picked a cute side table and I have a basket similar to what you picked – looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh that stinks!! Well, it’s hit or miss at most of these too. So don’t feel too bad! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Vicki! xo

  11. The hunt is the best part of furniture redesign! That’s a great store. The buffet was gorgeous. It didn’t have the weird bulbous stumpy legs that most of them have. The little table (last pic) was a great find. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    1. Yes, so true, Lizzy! The buffet was hard to walk away from…if only I could take it all with me! (I would!! lol) xo

    1. I know!! It’s so hard!! But it’s hard bringing all home too. ;) It was hard to leave a few of those especially after looking for good finds for so long and then having to walk away. Boo! Happy Thanksgiving, Marcie! xoxo

  12. WOW! Those are some amazing treasures, Nancy. Doesn’t it make you want to rent out a huge warehouse so you can grab all you love and know can make perfectly awesome again????
    Can’t wait to see what you do with that adorable table.
    Congrats to Susan L on the win!!!!!

    Have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yay eating. : – )
    PS I have am artisan soap giveaway going on – pop on over if you want in! (post before last but links to it in last post!)

    1. Yes!! I need a warehouse…I’d buy it all! lol And oh, how fun, I love handmade soap!
      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Michele! xo

  13. Oh, I love, love, LOVE all your great finds! Other than Class and Trash, where else did you shop? Can’t wait to see what you do with all your goodies!

    1. Oh gosh, most were just small local shops, let me think… I think one was a CHKD, Hotline, and Mission Thrift. Don’t remember the names of the other one or two I visited. Just local ones. :) xo

  14. It is fun to see what is at different thrift stores across the land!!! I always think, “well I saved some money!!!” You have some great prices out there!!!
    May you and your love ones have a Blessed Thanksgiving…..it’s been a year!!!
    Addie xoxo

  15. I have been scouring social media for inspiration as I am fairly new to this world of furniture restoration as a business. I’ve done several pieces for myself and friends but decided to take it to the next step and study and do my research. I came across your IG account and started to follow you about a week ago. I opened up this email and as I scrolled through you photos it was so ironic – I literally just picked up two pieces today that I bought on OfferUp One was an exact replica of the dresser in you post and the second was a $150 buffet that was very similar to the one you posted! I would love to get your ideas on how you would finish these pieces. Any advice or suggestions you could share would be so much appreciated. I truly wish I could share photos of my two pieces – it is too coincidental.

    1. Oh that is so wild, Valerie! Could you send me an email and maybe tell me a little bit more about the room colors etc, it’s going to be in? nancy (at) artsychicksrule (dot) com

  16. Because of “you-know-why”, this is the first year we have not spent fall vacation on the OBX in decades You have given me so many ideas for good searches the next time. I usually go to a little “antique” store in Manteo that actually has lots of good stuff and good prices. Wishing you love-filled holidays and a great 2021.

    1. OH shoot! Well, that’s a bummer. Hope you get back soon. I will have to check out the antique store in Manteo. We are right around the corner from there. Thanks for the tip, Penney! xo

  17. I am so happy that I did not run across those fabulous fines, because I would have been scraping the bottom and sides of my purse looking for money, and praying I could scrape up enough to purchase most of those wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing

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