Our New Raised Garden Beds (and other options)

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Hello sweet friends!

I have a different kind of project to share today.

Raised Garden Beds

I’m giving this garden thing a go again. We had a small garden, oh, probably 10+ years ago. For one season, haha!
I loved it but sadly we didn’t keep up with it.

But this time, I’m going to go with raised garden beds instead. I’m hoping I will love it and be able to keep up with it.
I know I’m a little late but hey, better late than never! I did get seeds that are supposed to able to plant in late summer in my region.
So we’ll see how this goes. ;)

My mom grew up on a big farm in NC, I should know all about this, right?! But I was never too interested.
It was just as easy to go buy what I need at the grocery store. But I have really been wanting to grow our own for a while now. I am very excited about it!
It will be fun trying different things each growing season too.

Since I’ve been searching these out, I’ll share a few I’ve found that have good reviews, etc.

These are the ones I got.

plastic black raised garden beds

You can find them, here.

And RUN to get them if they are in stock. When I first looked at them, they were around $125. Then by the time I was ready to buy, they had dropped to $89 and were out of stock in some places. Yikes! Well, now they are $69 if you can find them in stock. That’s a great deal.

Anyway, we bought 2, one of them was missing the watering feature thing. So we went to return it, they let up keep it and gave us a replacement.
So we have 3 (and we rigged up a “fix” for the one missing the watering feature thing… it won’t work like the other two but that’s ok)

For reference, this is the description from the website:

  • Watering system: The self-watering system helps ensure proper moisture levels
  • Drainage system: A built-in tap lets you remove excess water effortlessly

So, the extra box will just be done ‘the old-fashioned way’.

Anyway, here they are.

inside of raised garden bed

They are pretty sturdy and have a shelf underneath which is nice for storing things.
The strips are sort of like “dividers”.

black raised garden bed on patio

And the water feature here…

plastic green leaf floater feature

When raised like this you simply unplug and drain some of the water until it looks like this…

plastic green leaf floater in lower position

We bought this kind of potting mix.

bag of potting mix in bed

I’m planting 3 in each container so moved the strips like this…

filled garden bed with potting mix

This is what I planted…

seed packets on table

We’ll see how it goes! Wish me luck!! haha
AND if you have any pointers at all, please tell me in the comments. :)

I’ll let you know how it’s going and keep you up to date. (and when I see the little sprout babies come up!)
Keep an eye out over on Instagram, I’m sure I’ll share there about them regularly as they grow.

Now let’s check out some of the other ones I considered.

Raised Garden Beds Ideas

black plastic garden bed

This one is like the ones I got.
You can find it here.

brown vinyl garden bed

This one is similar to ours, just smaller.
You can find it here.

raised bed with green house cover

This one is kind of neat. Would be great for cooler temps down the road.
You can find it here.

wood raised garden beds

We thought about either buying or building something like these.
We decided against it. You can find these here.

metal farmhouse style garden beds

These are kind of fun, but a little pricey.
You can find them here.

small wood raised bed

If you are looking for this type, these are more reasonably priced.
You can find them here.

white vinyl raised bed

This is a good one if you want to stick with vinyl.
You can find it here.

I hope you got a bit of inspiration or help with your garden. And if not, I hope you can help me with mine! lol

Our new raised garden beds...and more ideas for getting your gardening on! artsychicksrule.com

Don’t forget, if you have any tips or pointers for me, tell me below! I want to do whatever I can to have a good crop in the fall. :)


  1. If you want some honest advise about growing, you NEED to go to theartofdoingstuff.com Karen has a huge garden. She walks you through EVERYTHING and all the ups and downs and things she has learned. And she is hilarious. I highly recommend.

  2. Oh how exciting!!! We are gardening for the first time in many years as well. I couldn’t get the link to work on the ones you purchased, however, they are super nice!

  3. Watch out for the summer squash(zucchini). It grows quickly and will be huge. It can take over the whole bed!

  4. Oh what fun! It’s really super fun starting a garden. It’s a bit late in the season though – so please don’t get too disappointed for this year. Also I am praying you don’t have too many deer and rabbits. They are the worst garden eaters of all time.

    Good luck! I liked all those finds you shared.

    1. Yes!! And yes, I’m late!! What’s new! ;) lol We have lots of deer and rabbits with the woods directly behind us. BUT we have the garden planters inside a small fenced area of our yard right by our house. The deer can’t get in there. :)

  5. Well here’s a pointer – my zucchini got Aphids all over them and then had ants -because apparently ants love the secretion from aphids! I tried spraying with a hose to knock down the aphids – forget it! The best thing pure castile soap – mix one tablespoon with one quart of water in a spray bottle and go to town spraying your plant leaves underneath or wherever you see them. Aphids gone! Plant now looks healthier and is starting to produce again!

    1. Oh awesome, thank you so much for this tip, Vicki!! Hoping I don’t have to but glad to know of a solution! xo

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